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totan1 Income Source of euask 5

What is tha income source of euask comunity?

asked by totan1 last answered by AceCed
totan1 How we get best reward from euask 5

How we get best reward from euask

asked by totan1
cyntax77 Hi guys... does anyone have been paid by Euask?? Reward $1

About being paid

asked by cyntax77 last answered by yanka457
kfreddyj Never got my id or key 5

Still no id or key sent to me in my whats goin on,I'm so confused fred

asked by kfreddyj last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
AshutoshAgrawal says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously." 10

After asking only one question, When I click on "I have a question", then says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously." I have a lot of questions but I am unable to ask on because says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously." What should I do? Where should I ask?

asked by AshutoshAgrawal last answered by nihal29
dagorski Getting BSOD with CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error Reward $2

After installing Wise Cleaner on this laptop and running the PC Scan and Fix, the W10 machine (Version 1607, OS Buikd 14393.695) is experiencing periodic Blue Screen of Death errors with the message CRITICAL PROCESS DIED. It's not clear from the Event Log what is triggering this failure but WiseCleaner was the only software that has been installed on this machine prior to this problem. The only way to recover is power cycling the machine. The problem has occurred at least three times in the last... [MORE]

asked by dagorski last answered by xilolee
freddyj I bought it and got nothing ,entered card number,and nothing? Reward $5

I clicked on upgrade to pro,buy and did,and filled all info and 2 times my credit card number and got nothing,we have cancer and little money please get this right,or do not charge us.Thanks

asked by freddyj last answered by Aravi
AshutoshAgrawal Wise Registry Cleaner Pro Official 5

Hello @WiseCleaner_admin I have downloaded "Wise Registry Cleaner Pro Official" from the official website and the official download link is The application file is of name "WRC9Setup.exe" and it is size of 2,727 KB After installation of "WRC9Setup.exe" it says that it is free version and it is not pro version. Though the official website says that it is pro version and it is free. Why? Downloads - Wise Registry ... [MORE]

asked by AshutoshAgrawal last answered by Aravi
selcinor Which of the wisecleaner prize you like to bid for answered Reward $2

What prize of the wisecleaner prize you like to bid for, and why you think that is the best of your choice?

asked by selcinor last answered by mazeal
Ablivious License key - WTH? answered Reward $2

I cannot find a link to apply the wisecare 365 product I just bought. (there is NO 'upgrade to PRO' button, as implied in the email instructions & key, sent to me when I purchased this a few minutes ago. This is simply ridiculous! Why make it so difficult to 'use' what I just paid for? I'm totally annoyed with the hoops I am required to jump through, to use what is supposedly mine!

asked by Ablivious last answered by musemCcain
Eliz Fixed invalid key question Reward $5

Dont know how to reply to all that answered my invalid key question. Dear user, The software on the picture is not Wise Care 365. Had to download link from support and now it is working. Thank you to all who responded

asked by Eliz last answered by acex
Meer_Muhammad2012 Updating of the Wise Registry Cleaner 5

In MUI Cache there persist 20 items and are not cleaned. Let the software be updated that may clean it. Or advise any other effective method.

asked by Meer_Muhammad2012 last answered by Aravi
Kermit How do I stop this? Reward $2

Even though I have wise memory cleaner and c/cleaner and even 10bit ASC wise keeps popping up all the time telling me to sort out my memory. WHY??? somebody PLEASER help

asked by Kermit last answered by Aravi
ChessKing Время загрузки системы зафиксированное wise answered Reward $4

Какое ваше время загрузки показывает wise в секундах?На практике оно часто не совпадает.

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
ChessKing Виснет компьютер при затирании диска Wise Reward $2

В чем может быть проблема?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Pamela
pustoi11 Change the mailbox. answered Reward $2

I want to delete the old mailbox, how to re-register a new one.

asked by pustoi11 last answered by brendaniel
valery11 Which program for is better Wise registry Cleaner or Advanced System care answered Reward $2

I have the following question which program for optimizing the computer is better Advanced system care or Wise registry cleaner?

asked by valery11 last answered by brendaniel
mylenny Wise Care365 Pro Reward $2

I lost my Licenciecode. Please send methe code. Thank you very much.

asked by mylenny last answered by warywolf
ChessKing AutoWise memory при возобновлении системы часто зависает answered 5

AutoWise memory(автоматическое сжатие оперативной памяти через каждые 5 мин) при возобновлении системы из сна часто зависает.Помогает перезагрузка компьютера.Какие другие способы есть?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
global16 My registry cleaner is in arabic answered Reward $2

Why is my registry cleaner in bloody arabic?

asked by global16 last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
tsoilihoi Malwarebytes sees wise registry checker entries as problems Reward $2

Malwarebytes found 89 unwanted program entries pup.optional.wiserc Is this a problem, should I delete them?

asked by tsoilihoi last answered by hiflyer
saurabhdua Malwarebytes-AntiMalware have found a BOUNTY with Wise Registry Cleaner. Reward $2

Hello Folks! Please refer to the enclosed URL, & help reason out the deluge of PUP being detected by Renowned application - Malwarebytes:::Anti-Malware with "Wise Registry Cleaner". Inputs will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Enclosed URL -

asked by saurabhdua last answered by saurabhdua
ChessKing 12 процессов svchost.exe answered 5

Почему такое большое количество одного процесса? Какие из них можно завершить?

asked by ChessKing last answered by Aravi
Herb Did not receive a registry key by email Reward $2

Hi, just purchased the registry cleaner pro and did not get the key because I didn't realize that my email is not supported. need the key to upgrade my program. is it possible to change my gmail address also?

asked by Herb last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
ChessKing Служба автозапуска BITS Reward $2

Эта служба занимает около 10 сек загрузки системы.Можно ли ее отключить если мне пока не надо обновления системы?

asked by ChessKing last answered by brendaniel
golfour Unlocking Wise Folder Holder Reward $2

I am unable to unlock the Wise Folder Holder (free version) and I KNOW the password. Please help

asked by golfour last answered by Aravi
verden 365 Pro renewal activation problems Reward $2

I renewed WISE 365 Pro early, and now I cannot use the software, as it seems to be corrupted, and I also cannot seem to install the new product registration key. I guess what I really need is understanding of how to reach the company technical assistance department. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

asked by verden last answered by Aravi
woodland1954 Time limited after defrag ?? Reward $3

I've used this Wise Cleaner for months now, but not sure about something. At the defrag spot, the left side says " shut down after defrag", right ? Well, does it matter how long you have the PC shut down in order to get the more you get cleaned up from it after turning it back on ? That is, - if I shut it down for a quick 5 seconds, would it matter if it was shut down either 5 seconds or 5 minutes, or an hour - then turn the PC back on to get more cleaned out from the cleaner and a better defrag... [MORE]

asked by woodland1954 last answered by woodland1954
aadil Wise folder hider Reward $2

Hello sir/mam, i have installed wise folder hider(wfh) which is magnificent product but there is a problem. though i can hide files in wise folder hider but it is easy to uninstall wfh and any body can do it and ultimately all my files will be deleted. So i want to request you that is there any remedy to stop the uninstallation of wfh by anybody. please help me out. THANKS

asked by aadil last answered by Aravi
rayhare Just want to know. Reward $2

How can you afford to ues for free. i just download dont know if it work but i am hope it will thank you

asked by rayhare last answered by chakramed
Wise_EPL WiseCare365 Issue W/ Saving Settings Reward $3 5

When I save WC365 settings, I get an Access Violation error. How do I fix that error so I can save w/out a problem?

asked by Wise_EPL last answered by WiseCleaner_admin
cooniebobby New computer transfer answered Reward $2

I need help with how to go about installing my paid up subscription for WiseCare Pro on my new computer. I have my license key.

asked by cooniebobby last answered by brendaniel
selcinor Did you like this place? answered Reward $2

Did you like this place and their products if you do then why?

asked by selcinor last answered by nuklin
Minhas44 Forgotten Password Reward $2

How to recover the password if I have forgotten the secondary password for wise folder hider free version

asked by Minhas44 last answered by gillray777
tomg449 Operational usage Reward $2

Does Wise Registry Cleaner remove browsing history from IE, Chrome and Firefox?

asked by tomg449 last answered by hyperfly
barsim Functionality difference answered Reward $2

Can someone explain the difference function-wise between the Wise Registry Cleaner free and the pro version? The vendor's website does not do so. Thank you barsim

asked by barsim
woodland1954 No Dear, wrong number 5

I am using " Wise Cleaner 9.31.649 " at the bottom, at the top it just says " Wise Cleaner 9 " - Someone told me I should use the middle selection ( where it says - recommended, select all - and another ) they said the select all. The big problem is, I don't think those work, there's tiny buttons to press that should turn blue when selecting, but won't - and those selection type sets are very dull, you can't read them. So I don't think I can even use them. Is this a very old version ? ( and it's... [MORE]

asked by woodland1954 last answered by Aravi
selcinor Can someone tell me if wisecleaner delete or clean some of my computer componect Reward $2

I think my PC system malfunction this days was done by the use of wisecleaner or something else.

asked by selcinor last answered by Aravi
pollo6366 Wise Folder Hider Pro Reward $2

Never received serial for giveaway of the day free Wise Folder Hider Pro

asked by pollo6366 last answered by glassy
JREED44 WISE CARE 365 PRO Reward $2


asked by JREED44 last answered by davidesp00
raza49712 Earning money through Reward $2

How to earn money through

asked by raza49712 last answered by luky88
arthuradan Que site é esse ? Reward $2

Eu baixei um aplicativo e entrei nesse site é o wisi

asked by arthuradan last answered by brendaniel
sinquefieldr Do the reward dollars have any true value? Reward $2

What is the purpose of the reward dollars and how do you spend them? What can be purchased?

asked by sinquefieldr last answered by JamezDoesGamez
woodland1954 Guide through settings ? Reward $2

Hi kid - I saw the little wrench in the upper corner, is that where you mean ? I keep pressing the " select all " mode, but it doesn't seem to work any better than the other modes below in the left side. I think I'm finally getting rid of most of the garbage in my PC, - I might not answer back this week. Starting Monday, I'm having movers & packers here to move on the 27th, so bare with me if I don't answer, OK ? Thanks kids Moving to other side of city with health issues ( getting old is a... [MORE]

asked by woodland1954 last answered by Aravi
RicMagne About your interface language answered Reward $4

Hello, Where can I change your web pages into french language ? Thank a lot for your answer, Best regards RicMagne

asked by RicMagne last answered by RicMagne
essentuki Why does little window pop-up? Reward $2

I have a question. Why does the little window pop-up over the main window each time I run Wisecare 365? It is VERY ANNOYING, I wish it wouldn't pop-up. The words are not just in English but foreign words as well.

asked by essentuki last answered by essentuki
kessili_rachid How to delete a question in this site Reward $2

How to delete a question in this site

asked by kessili_rachid last answered by JamezDoesGamez
Followe Systemwiederherstellung nicht möglich -->Fehler: -2147212529 Reward $2

Systemwiederherstellungspunkt erstellen nicht möglich -->Fehlermeldung: -2147212529 Wie kann ich das beheben? Danke für eine schnelle Antwort Sawadee kha an alle fleissigen Helfer! Ich habe WIN 10. WISE CARE 365 TRAY benutze ich seit ca. zwei Jahren und hatte noch niemals Probleme.

asked by Followe last answered by Aravi
woodland1954 1- In advanced cleaner, the 1st cleaning comes up with roughly 24 removals - Reward $2

1 - If the advanced cleaner only brings up about 24 to remove, the each time to clean again, why won't it bring up ALL the removal cleans at once ? Example - I might have 200 to clean out, but it only shows 24, then 7 per cleaning each time after cleaning the 24, OK ? Why won't it clean all 200 at 1 time ? ------------------------------------------------ 2 - Why can't the Disk defrag do a thorough cleaning the 1st time, I find I have to shut down, then start again -... [MORE]

asked by woodland1954 last answered by Aravi
arnettce Wise Care 365 Pro Reward $2

How do I remove about:blank?

asked by arnettce last answered by nihal29
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