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replied the topic Invisible dog toy created by HatsuneMiku

As an Ebay seller myself, I would never put indestructible in a title. Everything can be destroyed, but as for people telling you to sue them, or to even set up a claim on ebay. I would suggest simply asking the seller to first just make things right by giving you a full refund. Every time someone makes a claim on a seller it hurts that persons business, you have to put yourself in the sellers place how would you feel if someone wanted to sue you or hurt your business before they even asked you to make things right? I am not saying that's what you're trying to do, I am simply addressing some of the other answers. Like I said, personally I would just message the seller through ebay and tell them what happened and ask for a full refund. If the seller is a good one, then they will simply give you a refund, and it's a done deal. If they decide to be a bad seller and tell you to pound sand, then get ebay involved and ask them to get the seller to give you a refund, which of course ebay will do. This is a pretty simple thing to get taken care of.
As for a toy for your pup, Staffs are pretty hard on just about everything, my wife and I own a pet grooming salon, and those dogs have jaws of steel and can chew up pretty much anything. Whatever you do, don't get them those rawhide bones, they can kill a dog because they chew them up and they can plug up their intestines, I would also not get them any leather goods. With a pup like you have, I think your going to be stuck just accepting that it's going to destroy just about any toy you get it. I honestly cannot think of any toy that it won't be able to simply chew up in a week, that type of dog needs a lot of attention from you to wear it out everyday. maybe teach it to go after a ball, don't use tennis balls though because the felt on the outside will wear down it's teeth. They sell a rubber ball that my dog loves called a "Chuck It" ball it's orange and blue they make different sizes and is the only thing my dog has not been able to chew up in a couple day's, and is not hard on his teeth. If you need any advice on your dog or toy's that might hold up longer feel free to message me, and I will give you my direct email address. I love dog's and will help anyone I can to keep their dog safe and happy.
Good luck with getting your refund, I am sure the seller will do the right thing by you. Remember if they are good to you, make sure you give them positive feedback, sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers anymore on ebay, so it's not a really fare system for a seller, and buyers can pretty much get away with anything they want, I have had things stolen from me or returned an empty box or one with a rock in it and ebay gives their money back, and as the seller I have nothing I can do. I am not saying your doing anything wrong, simply just try and look at it from both sides. I bet this will work out just fine for you. If you need help with the ebay transaction I am happy to help with advice on that as well. Good luck, post up a picture of that pup and the destroyed toy, I would be interested to see what it was so I can be sure to tell customers not to get one. Take care.

1689 days ago
replied the topic What is the biggest animal rights group? created by AManswers

@pustoi11 I guess that's why you see Muslims all over the world murdering innocent people for no reason other than their crazy belief in Allah the pedophile.
As for groups that really care for animals I would guess it's PITA, People eating tasty Animals, I kid of course. They do, do good work in helping Dogs and Cats, they go a bit far when it comes to some other things in my opinion. I am not a vegan, but I do have respect for all living creatures, and if an animal is killed for food it should be done as humanly as possible, and every part of that animal should be used and not wasted. Every animal has a personality, just watch a pair of rabbits or chickens, they all act differently. I have struggled with eating meat in the past, but I own an organic farm, and decided if I was going to eat meat then I should raise and kill my own food so I know it was treated with respect and dignity. Anyone who harms an animal for fun, or a trophy is a low life piece of garbage.

1689 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

Cougars worry me the most, because they will actively hunt a human down to kill you. They are very sneaky, and will jump on you from behind and rip out your throat. They are strong enough to drag a 200lb man up into a tree to eat you later on. That is terrifying to think that you could be walking down a trail and have something hunting you. I have been stalked a couple of times by cougars out in Montana, and in Washington state. I was walking in the snow, and on the way back the cougar tracks had been in my own tracks, so it was stalking me the whole time, and I had no idea. The same thing happened both times in the snow, it makes me wonder how many times I have been stalked with no knowledge of it because I couldn't see any tracks on the dry surfaces. Other than that I would have to say human's because we are unpredictable, humans kill one another for simple stupid reasons all the time, I guess that's why I have a concealed weapons permit and carry a gun everyday. I pray that I never need to use it, and in the 20 years that I have carried a gun I have never had to pull it out.
As for insects, spiders scare the crap out of me lol, I don't like things that make no noise and can kill you with one bite, snakes are another thing that I am not to fond of. Have a great night all.

1689 days ago
replied the topic Politics - Hillary Clinton created by Hambone531

A better question would be why would anyone with a thought of their own like her? She is a horrible person, just for starters look up the Clinton death list, a couple people could be a coincidence, but dozens upon dozens shows a pattern. I honestly don't know how she has gotten away with everything she has, I guess when you have power and money you can get away with anything. I am not saying she killed anyone with her own hands, but she certainly made the call to have it done. The most recent was the guy that leaked the info on the DNC rigging the election for her, and to stop Sanders. I am not a Bernie fan either, but he would have been better than her even though they are both socialists. There has never been a socialist country that has not failed, do we really want to be the next one? I sure don't, America is one of the greatest countries in the world, and to me it is the greatest, but that's because I am an American and love my country.
Not liking her has nothing to do with her gender for me, I don't care who our President is as long as they can do the job honestly, and with integrity something that I know Hillary cannot do, simply look at her track record. I knew people that got killed in Benghazi, she basically spit in the families faces through that whole mess. She could have sent people into save them, but chose not to so their deaths are on her hands. Having a Woman president would be a good thing for our nation, but it has to be the right Woman, not just a Woman. If you vote for someone for no other reason except for their race or gender that makes you a bigot, if I said the only reason I was going to vote for Trump was because he is a white Man I would rightfully be called a racist bigot, why is it any different if you vote for Hillary simply because she is a Woman? And what about Obama? How many people voted for him for no other reason except his race, millions of people admit they voted for him because he is a black man, they are all bigots by definition.
Hillary if elected will put the final nail in our nations coffin, we are in a bad place financially and ethically. If she were to win, I don't think we could pull back out of the hole that Obama, and Bush put us in. We have to tighten down our belt, and bring jobs back to this country. There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin that say's "“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” That's exactly what we are seeing, people need to work for what they have, and not just get a hand out, but rather should be given a hand UP. We can leave our children a great country again, but it's going to take a lot of work on our part. Please do you own research before voting this election, this might be one of the most important elections of our nations history. All that said, I am not a fan of Trump either, but he is our best bet out of the two turds we have been given to vote for. Maybe at some point we will have a 3 party system, but we are not there yet so if you vote that way you're just giving Hillary the white house to pilfer the china once again. It's a fact that the Clinton's stole things from the White house when they left. Many books have been written on the corruption of the Clinton's, and dozens more could be written, and still not have all the truth out there about the horrible things they have done. Take care, and God Bless the US.

1690 days ago
replied the topic How did you meet your best friend? created by bootup

I met my wife and best friend at a party 20 years ago, we have only spent a couple day's apart in the last 20 years. We have other people we hang out with, but we are lucky enough to enjoy one another's company so much that we do everything together, even work. We are very blessed to have found one another, I wouldn't want to live without her. We both just turned 40 so I hope we get another 40 years together, and can be that old couple that has a 60 year anniversary. Having your spouse as a best friend is the best thing in the world, it's great to always have someone to hang out with and enjoy the same things. We don't party much anymore, but still go out and have fun.
What are everyone's favorite things to do with your best friend? We enjoy going for road trips and finding new cool places, I have to say that's probably one of our favorite things to do, we also like to hike and gold prospect.

1690 days ago
replied the topic Atheism problema created by adolfhuhu

Without a doubt I do believe in God, what is there to lose? The New Testament bible tells us to do all things good to others. If you believe and there is nothing, which I don't believe to be the case, or you don't believe and live all of eternity in Hell eternity is a long time. So what harm are you doing by believing in the Lord? Do good to others and love thy neighbor. What would life be worth if it was just lights out when you die? Sit back and think about all of your thoughts and beautiful things you have seen just being gone, your nothing more than worm food. I just can't fathom that, there is more to this world than we can see, there are far to many things that happen to think there is no God.

1730 days ago
replied the topic What can you do to promote World Peace? created by Flad123

It's sad to say, but there will never be world peace. It's just not possible, one group will always want what another group has and they will fight over it. It's stupid and childish, but humans for the most part not the smartest group when it comes to treating others with respect and love. The only thing you can do is control yourself and how you act towards others. I try to treat others the way I would like to be treated, always do nice things for people, say please and thank you, respect my elders and everyone else, say yes sir no mam. But I also find that the nicer you are to people around you the more you give them of yourself the more they will take of you. It's really sad, but it seems humans will prey on those of us who enjoy helping others by taking and never giving back. Bottom line is you can only control yourself and your own little world around you, love the people that love you back, and treat everyone with kindness, and just hope that they will see your example and pay it forward to the next person. Be the person you hope others will emulate. Good luck my friend I wish you the best, if we meet one day I will be the one holding the door and telling you to have a wonderful day.

1737 days ago
replied the topic I want to learn french and italian online created by marklander

Rosetta Stone is the best hands down. I have learned many different languages with their programs, it takes half the time and you will speak the language with ease rather than trying to learn from a book. It's far more expensive, but well worth the expense. If your in another country and don't speak like a tourist you will enjoy the place far more. Think of how you talk to people who don't speak your native language, do you enjoy trying to figure out what they are saying? Do you want to get snails instead of a nice steak? Bottom line is invest in the best up front or you will be spending money twice. The military uses Rosetta Stone for a reason. Enjoy your trip, I hope it's all you expected and more. Be safe.

1737 days ago
replied the topic How to understand the mind of man ? created by DaoThanh

Treat them how you would want to be treated, we are no different than any other human. Be kind and loving, nobody will ever understand exactly what's going on in anyone's mind, the mind is the only true place that you own and nobody can take from you. If a man or a woman want's you to know what they are thinking about they will tell you if you ask. But don't be the kind of person who simply asks all the time "What are you thinking about" we know the answer you want to hear is that we are thinking about you all the time and how amazing you are, when in fact we might be thinking of work, or how we want to have nasty dirty sex with you right that second which is always true. If you have a good relationship then you will know what he is thinking of a situation you are both in when you ask him about it. Bottom line is we don't think that much differently about things than you do, other than for the most part we want much more sex than you will ever give us. We want to try new things constantly, it's like climbing a mountain or hiking a different trail we want to see what's around the next corner so if you want to keep us interested then try and keep things interesting in your relationship, and I don't only mean with sex. You know that many men feel just like you do and wish they knew what made a Woman's mind work. If we would simply talk to one another and be 100% honest with one another then you will have a great relationship that will last forever. You should always allow a man to be a man, and don't try to take away his manhood or he will find someone who doesn't do that. I don't know if anything I wrote makes sense to you. But the bottom line is we think like you do just much more graphic and sexually, we also want the same things you might want, like a nice home and a decent life with a Woman who loves him no matter what. We want to be loved just as much as you do, we like to hear that you still think we are attractive after 20 years. And we will love you like no other if you show us how much you love us by keeping the flame hot and trying new things. This all is on the assumption that your in a long term relationship, and didn't just meet one another a week ago. Get to know one another by asking questions, but if you don't want the answer to something then don't ask because many of us are very honest. So if you know your ass looks fat in a pair of jeans don't ask us to lie to you, because we see the same thing you do in the mirror. Good luck

1738 days ago
replied the topic What would you do if someone jump the queue? created by hanabi

Well, I guess that depends on many things really. One how much is this going to effect you? If it's simply going to take you an extra minute to get into whatever your doing, while it would make me mad I might not say anything, because if you do say something you better be ready to back up your words should they decide they want a fight about it. If them cutting in line meant you were not going to get into the place at all then you almost have to say something. You can try to be somewhat polite about it, by saying excuse me but if you don't know there is a line and you should take your place at the back of it. Or you can simply tell them, hey asshole you just cut in line what makes you think your better than every civilized person here, that you don't have to wait your turn like everyone else? Sometimes it's better to be far more aggressive right up front rather than passive because they won't feel like your a push over and try to take advantage of that situation by thinking your going to back down. But remember you are putting yourself out there for a possible fight, if your not up for that or cannot handle yourself in a fight, then you might want to try a more subtle tactic, like asking them politely if they knew there was a line they just cut in. If they say yeah I don't care, you can either handle it yourself which could get you in trouble with the law if you get in a fight or kicked out of the venue. You can also have someone hold your place and go ask the management or door bouncer to ask these people to take their proper place at the end of the line, this might be the best way to handle it honestly. Getting into a fight with another person should always be a last resort, you never know when someone may have a knife or something that could hurt you very fast. I personally carry a gun every day, but I would never use it in a situation like this. I would first go to the door manager and tell them what happened, if they didn't do anything I would ask a couple people in line it they will watch your back should the person get out of control then confront them about their not caring about any other person who had waited in that line. I personally would be very upset, but sense I do carry a gun legally I have to be more responsible about how I handle things, because I cannot afford for something to get physical while carrying a gun, it's to dangerous. I hope this gives you some idea's on how you might handle things, but until you are in the situation and know all the details it's hard to say what you can do, because there might be 10 of these people who did it as a group or just one crazy jerk. Another thing to keep in mind is maybe they had someone holding their place while you were not there, and they just got back in line that the other person was holding for them. I have had old ladies do this to me at the grocery store many times, and I just chuckle and figure if they are in that big of a rush then it's not worth me saying anything. But if it was at a place that I would lose something that I had waited a long time for I would be sure to get to the bottom of it somehow. Good luck, and I am sorry that we all have to deal with rude people that don't seem to care about anyone but themselves sometimes. This world is full of all kinds of people, which means there are good and a small number of bad people with no manners. Take care my friend and be safe whatever you do, nothing is worth getting yourself hurt or killed over. Let us know what the story was and what happened, or how you handled it.

1738 days ago
replied the topic Is Canada a good place to live? created by Gomem

If you like taxes and having the government do everything for you, you will love it. If you are more independent and can take care of yourself, not so much. It is very beautiful though, personally I would live in Alaska before Canada any day of the year.

1753 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite thing about America? created by shawn

Freedom, although it's going away very rapidly. If Hillary is elected you can expect to see our country change very dramatically for the worse IMO. I have lived in this great nation my entire 40 years and have been all over the world, there is no place better if you enjoy freedom to do as you please. But many places have given up those freedoms for a little false security, and by doing so don't deserve them. If you don't live here or haven't been, I highly recommend it it's a very safe country, don't watch the news all they show are the negatives. By and large it's one of the safest places I have ever been. Get out of the cities and see the great nation that is out on the open road, it's one of the most beautiful places I have ever been as well, and the beauty is very diverse. In parts of the country you can be on the coast and in 2 hours or less be in the mountains. I like the west coast the most, but everyplace has it's own charms. We welcome everyone, just come in the right way and don't try and change us to the place you came from, we are fine the way we are or were.

1753 days ago
replied the topic How to forgive others? created by scipio

Go with God's words, we must forgive one another. We all sin daily, nobody is perfect, and we have to forgive in order to go on with our daily lives, if we don't then we will simply be angry and bitter forever which isn't healthy for anyone. You have to forgive when your ready, but you don't have to forget. You should always remember what a person has done to you, and not allow yourself to be a victim again. It's easier said than done, but there are many verses in the bible about forgiving another person which have helped me many times. You might try Google and forgiving bible verses it might help you understand it better than anything else. Good luck my friend.

1767 days ago
replied the topic How to be stronger? created by larry2

To each their own, but personally I go to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week. And my number one is prayer and reading the bible, my favorite verse is this, Psalms 27:1 The Lord is my light and My salvation; I will fear no one. The Lord protects me from all danger; I will never be afraid. Learn that verse and when you become frightened say that over and over in your head and you will calm down and be able to handle any situation better, and by saying it a few times it will give your mind a couple seconds to calm down enough to make a rational decision. This is my way of doing things, I understand that not everyone is a believer in Christ dying for our sins, but for me it's the basis for my life. You might give it a try, what do you have to lose? Your not believing in anything bad, the bible tells us to be good to one another, not to harm one another accept in self defense. The new testament is full of wonderful things that can help you day to day, not everyone know that the new testament is the word of God after Jesus died for our sins, so it replaces the old testament, which was much more hard core and violent. Christians are supposed to be loving, and honest people who care for their fellow man/woman and respecting one another as you would wish to be treated. You cannot be strong without a strong foundation, and for me God is my foundation that keeps me rooted firmly to the ground. I wish you good luck in your goals, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Take care my friend.

1767 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most important thing for you in a relationship?have Beautiful Face Or Pure & merciful heart. created by only_god

Is that not what I said? I said if your lucky enough to find both a beautiful woman with a pure heart like I have been blessed to have found then you will be happy forever. But finding the most beautiful person on earth means nothing if they have a black heart of a demon. A person has to be loving and gracious, no amount of beauty of sex appeal can make up for someone with an evil heart. When you fall in love with someone with a beautiful sprit and soul, they are the most beautiful person on the face of the earth. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's only skin deep. A person only needs a loving heart, honesty, integrity and pure love to have a perfect relationship. Looks will go away with time, we all get old and saggy at some point. When that happens you better be sure you have someone that you enjoy spending time with and not just looking at them, because this person will be your one and only true friend in the world. Like I mentioned I have been blessed with a beautiful woman both on the outside and the inside, she makes me whole. I would not want to live without her, and would give my life for her in a second. I hope that clears up what I was trying to say. take care.

1772 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most important thing for you in a relationship?have Beautiful Face Or Pure & merciful heart. created by only_god

Pure and merciful heart is by far the most important, don't get me wrong I don't want to be with a dog faced nasty thing. So looks are important as well, but there are so many beautiful people that have both a beautiful heart and soul, and a beautiful body and face. I am blessed to be married to a unbelievable sexy woman, that is the most trusting, honest, loyal person I have ever met in my life. She has changed me from a wild and crazy Man that loved to party and go home with a different moronic beautiful woman nightly, and now I have been married for 21 years next week. She is still the sexiest woman that I see everyday, and hasn't stopped trying to look good for me and herself, but is still as pure as the fresh snow. She keeps me honest and faithful, which is something I didn't ever think I would be, well the one Woman man part, I have always been honest, but I liked to play. But once you find the "one" you will never long for the old single playing days again. My life now revolves around, how much time I can spend with my best friend in the world, I don't care what we are doing as long as it's together. I don't think that I could have found a more compatible person, which has strengthened my faith in God. How else could two people have found one another that complete one another so magically? So their is no real answer to your question, a person has to be the whole package, no one thing can keep a persons attention. Find someone that you can't spend enough time with and you will never be lonely again. I wish you the best in finding that one amazing person for you to grow old with sitting in your rocking chair watching the sunset holding hands, I can't think of anything better. For me this is the meaning of life, which is simply true love.

1774 days ago
replied the topic Should I get rid of Facebook from my life? created by listen

The Girl has no name. Joking.
Facebook can be addicting and of course a huge time waster for the most part. But it can also be a good place to talk to old friends that might not have otherwise been able to find or talk to.

1778 days ago
replied the topic Which is difficult for you? Telling the truth or telling a lie.. created by only_god

All humans lie, those who say they have never told one are liars. It's impossible for a human to always tell the truth 100% of the time. There are times that lying to a person saves them from a lot of pain. For instance telling a child that Santa clause is real happens everyday on this planet, it's a fun game to play with children because they get to believe in a fantasy, it teaches them imagination. I am not saying you should lye to your spouse or family about things that really matter. There is a huge gray area when it comes to telling the truth all the time.

1778 days ago
replied the topic Requests women in marriage of mens???? created by only_god

While I agree you should dote over your wife or GF, it needs to be a two way street. People need to meet in the middle instead of insisting the other person do things their way all the time. It should be fare for both people involved. I am very blessed with a wife that only wants to make me happy, and I feel and do the same for her. I see so many friends that are miserable because their wife or GF is unreasonable and always has to have things only her way. I could not live my life that way.

1778 days ago
replied the topic Have you ever argued with others on the Internet? created by tears

Yes I do, but I am going to stop. It's a foolish thing to do, we should try and build one another up rather than beat one another down. Just think you could make someone's horrible day better by being nice to them. It seems there are so many people that go online just to bring people down, I have done it and I am not proud of it. Although it can be very funny at times to see how mad people get at someone they have never met.

1778 days ago
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