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replied the topic DIRT Showdown - STEAM GAME created by zekman 1588 days ago

Thanks @chakramed
But i think i was late, even if they were working someone used them before i saw -.-

replied the topic Weekend problem created by Jhony18 1588 days ago

***Cool Runnings*** :D it is the best for winter time hahhaa

replied the topic How to kill a great white shark with your bare hands? created by BattlePants 1590 days ago

Hit the shark in its soft spots. Though they make look scary, sharks have just as many vulnerabilities as any human. A properly timed and placed hit with the right pressure on one of those spots will send the shark away quickly, without having to kill it. Make short, quick jabs at the eyes and the gills of the shark to cause the most damage and make yourself seem less desirable as a snack.


replied the topic Video indirme programlarında 15 DEC created by Tuna 1590 days ago

Sanırım bu sadece bir reklam.
Bulabileceğiniz yeni bir yazılım istiyorsanız

bu en iyisi

replied the topic Which do you use of music player in windows? created by AAA1992 1590 days ago

I like gom audio player, same as their gom video player.
also bs player isnt bad

replied the topic What shall I cook? created by Jhony18 1591 days ago

replied the topic Which of the wisecleaner prize you like to bid for created by selcinor 1604 days ago

I will choose bucks as soon as i get there

replied the topic ATTENCTION EVERYONE, WE HAVE A SCAMMER ON THIS SITE (INFO BELOW) created by my_asylum 1604 days ago


replied the topic Xbox or Playstation created by marko1 1604 days ago

PLAYSTATION Definitivno!

replied the topic What will be the Perfect version for this PC ? created by Masum 1608 days ago


replied the topic International Honeymoon Packages from India created by ankush843 1610 days ago

Amazing, it looks magic!

replied the topic Website transaction time handling technics. created by Aravi 1610 days ago

replied the topic Best Anime to watch 2017 created by ZezuZaza 1619 days ago

CAPETA is good story and not too long anime

replied the topic Best Anime to watch 2017 created by ZezuZaza 1620 days ago

ONE PIECE, always the best

replied the topic I hope such tragedy will never happen again created by sunrise 1622 days ago

***GOD Bless us all***

replied the topic Who is the leading role in New Mutants? created by sunrise 1623 days ago


replied the topic What if I have answer to my question can I earn created by selcinor 1623 days ago

If it was that simple we would all have infinite amounts of money :D

replied the topic Did you want to sell your used laptop, used phone created by selcinor 1623 days ago

Yes, I do.
I think it is shame to throw it away in trash.
It is better to give it to someone for free rather than throw away.
It is worth something and it is made to be used, not replaced and thrown away-

replied the topic How can I earn money with online working account created by selcinor 1632 days ago

You can earn money with, there you can find lots of simple tasks which gives you the points.
Points you can exchange for real money or gift cards.
There is more similar sites, with similar tasks for earning some pocket money.
You can also work as freelancer or post things you are willing to do on fiverr.

replied the topic One thank created by rayhare 1632 days ago

It is so nice from you to post your graditude here publicly!

replied the topic What different between Notebook and ipod touch created by selcinor 1643 days ago

If you need it only for fun, watching movies, listening music, ipod touch is much better and easier for carrying around.
If not, if you are looking for something for work, for typing, doing some programming or whatever, notebook is better.

replied the topic What is your favourites animate cartoon series,?? created by aira_2016 1644 days ago

I would suggest ***Capeta*** anime about kart racing.
It is 52 episodes long show, amazing story, very interesting characters.... Totally worth watching, you wont regret it!

replied the topic Why cant i reach the places that itch the most? created by markallen 1644 days ago

***Murphy's law*** XD

replied the topic What is currently your favorite song? created by notwise 1644 days ago

replied the topic Which better to listen ? Man singer or Woman Singer?? created by only_god 1644 days ago

It is best when man and woman sing together, when their voices match... it is most perfect sound, full...

replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp 1644 days ago

here is my favorite song at the moment, it is cover... Those guys are amazing, it is worth listening all their covers

replied the topic What game is trending horror right now? created by tonidemis 1645 days ago

I would recommend ***We Happy Few***, good art, interesting story.

replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost 1646 days ago

***Challenging and unpredictable***

replied the topic Dateien übertragen created by Kater 1647 days ago

Der einfachste und beste Weg wäre, sie auf eine DVD oder ein paar CDs zu brennen. Dann würden Sie eine gute zusätzliche Backup von ihnen haben Sie in einer Schublade und speichern können. Oder verwenden Sie ein Flash-Laufwerk. Flash-Laufwerke sind sehr billig und immer größer werden die ganze Zeit. Sie sind sehr handlich, um zu haben. Ich habe eine Kiste voll von ihnen Ich regelmäßig wechseln meine Backup-ups. Wann immer ich einen neuen Computer Ich kopiere meine Dokumente, etc. über ein Flash-Laufwerk, Ordner nach Ordner.

replied the topic Dateien übertragen created by Kater 1647 days ago

Google "Data Transfer Cable" oder so gibt Ihnen alle Informationen die Sie benötigen ..

Natürlich, wenn Sie nur die Übertragung einiger Dateien ONCE von einem Computer zum anderen, mit einem USB-Flash-Laufwerk ist wahrscheinlich einfacher.

Hoffe das hilft.

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