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replied the topic Problems with my WMP 12 player created by snickers

K-Lite codecs pack is free, and so is Windows 7 codecs pack.
I don’t know what exactly are you clicking, but the codecs are free.
The solution ti your problem is a very sinple one: download and install the right codecs.

1234 days ago
replied the topic Turning 18 years old and want to get into the IT field need help created by blackcats

You can do a lot of things with your knowledge:

1.) QA ( quality assurance ) for software companies. You don't need to know programming, you just need to have a tech mind and be able to understand some problems that the software has, and report them to your colleagues
2.) Game tester. Similar to the QA position, but mostly dedicated to games. The QA will be a better paid position than game tester
3.) Hardware / software tech support. You will need to reserch into this, but in some tech support posisions you can work from home as well. SSSSame with QA and game tester also.
4.) PC service
5.) After you have worked for companies for several years, start your own business
6.) Grow rich
7.) Appear in Forbes

Good luck, my friend! The world of IT is a marvelous one, and I truly hope that you will find your bliss and make a killing with it!

Best of wishes,

1234 days ago
replied the topic Best free course to learn MySQL created by pleaseAnswerMe

Why not use video tutorials?
I find them to be the most useful:

1234 days ago
replied the topic Black Screen after login created by MelSmeaton

You will need to remove and reinstall your display drivers.

You will need to have your Windows 10 installation media ( DVD, USB stick, etc) and make it into safe mode from the installation ( you will not be installing Windows - you just want to go into safe mode, to be clear ), then remove your display driver.

Please read the following article starting at 5. Use a Windows 10 installation drive and the Command Prompt

1234 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 security created by baladox

For ecommerce and internet navigation, Windows Defender will suffice. Windows 10 is really much more solid that previous versions of Windows.
My advice would be to always keep your Windows up to date and also to manually run Windows Defender once in a while, just to make sure. Although it is not really needed.
And, word of caution: do not click any "suspicious" popups, like: You have won the lottery! make your computer faster now! etc. Basically things that just appear out of nowhere, for no good reason.
Also, do not open any suspicious emails. Sometimes, your spam might make it into your inbox. Rule of thum: unless the email is from a publication/website that you know for sure you have subscribed to, or unless that email is from a friend, do not open it and simply delete it.

That should be sufficient.
Good luck, and have a great day!

1234 days ago
replied the topic How To Add More Memory to My Hard Disk? created by manizunis

1.) Run the included "Disk cleanup" utility inside Windows. Go to the partition that is full, right click it and select Properties. On the Properties page, somply click Disk Cleanup, select all possible files in that list, click OK. Done.

2.) Use free cleaning softwaare, like:

Install all of them, they work complementary to each other, they are all good for keeping your HDD clean and they delete useless files.

2.) Run the DISM utility.

I will summarize the useful commands for you:
dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase
dism /online /Cleanup-Image /SPSuperseded

These commands above work both in Command Prompt and also in Windows Powershell. Pay attention because you will need to run CMD or Powershell with Admin privileges.

Do all of the above and you should be able to save a lot of good storage space.

3.) Buy a cheap external USB hard disk drive.

Good luck!

1234 days ago
replied the topic Traveling to paris created by TrevorKith

You must see the Louvre museum, the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland and Buddha Bar Paris:

Regarding accomoation, why not use airbnb?
Save money & have fun. Plus you will have your a bonus: your hosts can be your tour giuded.

Have a blast!

1234 days ago
replied the topic What are some of the coolest computer tricks with which you can amaze your friends? created by chamine


Have fun!

1234 days ago
replied the topic What are some good templates for architects you can recommend me? created by grems


1234 days ago
replied the topic Do you use some corporate gifts? created by Casetes

You can use these as a starting point:

Good luck!

1234 days ago
replied the topic WiseCare: Price difference on POP Up Form created by OneParaProfessional

That is no mistake, it is their way of advertising their products to people who already have installed the product.
Many companies use this form of selling/advertising.
Some of them give discounts to existing customers, and you can only offer this discount if the person already has the software installed on their machine. Makes sense?

1234 days ago
replied the topic How to wipe/erase hard drive from CMD prompt? created by chamine

format C:
format d:
format e:
Until you are done with all of your partitions
that is all

1234 days ago
replied the topic Recommend me some online slots games, please! created by grems

Check this out:

1234 days ago
replied the topic Retrievable Windows 10 installed years ago? created by Joseph100

Yes, it is retrievable. You can format / wipe clean your hard drive, and the footprint will stilll be there.
Simply install Windows 10, select "I don't have an activation key", next>next>next, finish, it will activate by itself when you will have an Internet connection. (If it was previously installed&activated on that particular computer, you will still be able to activate it late on again on that same hardware configuration)

1234 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite Internet speed test? created by Volikes

Speedtest is really the best option out there.
You might need to change the server that the test is using, in order to achieve better results. Look on the website for an option called "change server" and, when changing your server, take the following factors into account:
- your location
- your ISP


1234 days ago
replied the topic Fifa 15 cpu usage .. created by AAA1992

The main problem is that FIFA 15 is a new and intense game on both your CPU and your GPU.
Since you are running on a laptop, the CPU is limiting("bottlenecking") the rest of your system configuration.
It is normal to see 100% CPU usage during a game, if that game has been created on much more powerful hardware than what you have at home.

Does your game run smoothly? Or do you have hiccups, slowdowns, etc.

If your game runs fine, I wouldn't worry too much about 100% CPU usage.

1234 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 update screwed my computer created by hphillpotts

The best thing to do if you are unsure and if you are unfamiliar with regedit, etc, would be to run the instalation again.

When you do run the installation, make sure to format the system partition.

Clean install always works best.
Also, when asked about updates / etc, it is best to install all of them.

If you have the option to skip the updates during installation, do that and install them later. It will save you time.

1234 days ago
replied the topic NO Audio Output Device installed created by sweetjenny13

1.) Run Windows Update once again, let it do its thing, restart as many times as necessary. The purpose of this is to make sure that you have everything up to date from Windows' perspective.

2.) Go to Device Manager in your Control Panel.

Alternatively, you can right click "Computer" or "My Computer"(depending on your Windows version), and then click on Manage. That will also take you to Device Manager.

In the new window, click Device Manager. double click "Sound, video and game controllers". There should be an icon of a speaker.

Also, in the menu bar, go to the View Menu, open it and select "Show hidden devices"

Once you have followed all of the steps above, go to each and every single device that is listed under "Sound, video and game controllers" and manually remove/uninstall all of them.
To achieve that, go to the device that you want removed, right click on it, and select "Uninstall device". If the window that pops will have an option saying "remove software associated with this device", make sure to also tick and select that box.
Basically, you want to remove all of the possible sound devices from your computer.

Once you have uninstalled all of the sound drivers from your computer, you will need to tell your computer to scan for new devices.
In order to achieve that, you will need to click a button on top of your window thta shows a blue icon, as below:

Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved by going into the "Action" menu, and clicking "Scan for hardware changes".


Download the free version of this software and install of the drivers it finds one by one:

Either of the steps above might do the tricks above. For best results, follow all three in the precise order that I have listed them for you.

Best regards,

1234 days ago
replied the topic Problems with my WMP 12 player created by snickers

Try these two codec packs. Open the links and follow the instructions to the letter:

To make sure, my advise would be to install both.

1234 days ago
replied the topic Is Defragging even needed? created by bmadore

Yes, it is.
I would recommend you do a total deframentation of your HDD first, which will probably take a bit longer than the following defragmentation cycles. The first one will take the longest time.
It is a best practice to run several cycles. Meaning that: you start the defragmentation cycle, you allow it to finish, and once it is finished you start it once again, and again. Maybe 4-5 times in total.
After that, your future defragmentation cycles will be much shorter and you can do them maybe once a week for best performance. I recommend you leave the PC do its thing while you are doing chores around the house. Also, please remember: for best results, run the defragmentation at least 2-3 times in a row, and then you are done. You will notice that the second and the third defrag will take much shorter time than the ffirst one.

I have been using computers for almost 20 years, and I have been owning various types of devices: laptops, desktops, etc.
I always defragment my HDD's and I always optimize my SSD's(although optimization on an SSD is less needed than defragmentation on an HDD, it is still required if you want to keep peek performance).

The explanation would be that the data will get fragmented with time, which means that a file will be split between different areas of the HDD, thus the reading head of the HDD will have to move a lot in order to read a simple file. In order to achieve the advertised read speed of an HDD, the data must be contiguous(not fragmented).

1234 days ago
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