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365 Pro renewal activation problemsREWARD $2
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Is there any legitimate way to capture streaming video, strictly for my own use?√ answeredREWARD $3
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replied the topic Is it me am I just stupid? created by markallen

Whoa there... Please don't assume that you are stupid when a computer doesn't do what you expect it to do. That does NOT mean you are stupid! (Please be kind to yourself.) Sure, there may be an issue that you are not familiar with, or things may have been changed since you were informed how they worked, but that is not a reflection on you! It simply shows a need to find out why things are working as anticipated. There could be many simple reasons for that, or some that are not so simple.

BTW, You have been given some great specific advice here by brendaniel.

Going a step further, I would be interested in knowing what type of site you are wanting to stay signed into. Some issues sound good, but could be a disadvantage to you. For example, frequently when I purchase something using PayPal, the merchant I'm buying from tirggers a screen which offers to keep me signed in to PayPal "to save time on future purchases." That does work, and sounds enticing, but in reality it also makes it extremely easy for that merchant to sell me additional products as repeating shipments, or subscriptions, which can be easily approved without my actually realizing what's happening until I get the bill. Just be aware that it is not always to your advantage to stay signed into a site.

Another cause of being signed out without meaning to is using cleaning software that removes temporary files, or by just simply rebooting your computer (such as after an update.) In those instances you will be signed out of any site that you have not given your browser specific instructions to keep it available. Some examples of that might be online banking. Specifically credit unions will often request that you register your personal device with them if you want to speed up the signing in process.

But... if you then run a spyware program or reboot your system, that information will be gone, UNLESS you talk to the technical folks at the specific site you are using, and find out exactly what phrase you need to put in your browser as an exception to the cleaning process when your temporary files are being deleted. (Your browser will give you a place to list exceptions to the cleaning process.) You will need to talk to their IT department, as the regular representatives will not know the specific phrases that you need to use.

Most of all, do not despair. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, answers do exist. Simply keep asking until you find what you need.

Happy Computing!

1600 days ago
replied the topic Problem installing created by vistaboy

Have you reached out to Lenovo directly to see whether there is something different in the application on their equipment? Their technicians just might have a specific and simple solution that applies to their equipment on that specific update.

1600 days ago
replied the topic Did you have any idea if empowr pay or they just scam created by selcinor

Hi selcinor,
I believe that 19mitch65 is doing everything possible to collect the money that is owed, and will let us know when something definite happens either positively or negatively. However, the way the program is structured, there has to be a specific time period go past before the accounts are settled and payments made. There are also a number of things that could change the amount owed during that time, so we'll need to be patient to get that response.

I have worked with several different organizations like this one over the years. My experience has been that generally they are technically legal, and can be profitable, but I have yet to find one that was actually as simple and easy to make money with, as they would like us to believe. In my experience, it is possible to make money with these kinds of entities, but ONLY if you are willing to put it a lot of time and effort and often also a certain amount of cash investment as well before you begin to reap any profits. Even then, the profits are limited to the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest.

Frequently it is easy to lose much of what you gain to technicalities unless you spent a lot of time getting familiar with every aspect of the offering, and make certain that you are in compliance with every little rule and requirement that are part of the operation. Unfortunately some of these companies make it difficult to fully understand everything that is expected of you, and unless you know all the details, you can find out too late that your efforts have been wasted because of some little thing that wasn't made clear to you.

My advice would be to stay away from it unless you are really ready to put in all the time and effort that may be required to get the desired results. That includes being willing to put in the neccesary time and effort to learn all the details of the entire operation so that there are no surprises. When you are willing to do more than the average person is willing to do, you can often reap greater rewards, but only after spending the extra time and effort as well as paying close attention to be certain that all that you do is in compliance with the rules they set forth, including the ones that may be almost hidden, or at best sometimes difficult to determine. So... if you really feel like you are willing to do whatever it might take (not knowing in advance how involved that may be) then by all means, go for it. It could be worth quite a bit - IF you are willing to stick with it long enough to actually EARN the rewards, no matter what it takes.

In short, I guess the simplest way to put it would be: "Evaluate carefully what you are willing to put up with, and then make a firm decision to either (A) Stay away and leave it alone, OR... (B) Go for it, giving it all you've got and refusing to give up until you succeed at it, no matter what it takes!"

Best of luck to you! BTW, If you choose B, please report back to us after you've reached the goal and let us know how you are doing! (And whether YOU feel it was worth it.)

1600 days ago
replied the topic How did you react when you are disappointed created by selcinor

Wow. That's a tough one. I'll be the first to admit that there have been times when I have reacted very poorly to disappointment by relatives. In looking back, I see that I have often caused an immense amount of pain to relatives myself, by reacting badly. That continues the cycle and the pain goes on and on! I've learned that my best move in those situations is to immediately let everyone "off the hook" by saying one simple phrase:

"You could be right."

I say it as calmly as I can, and it generally diffuses the situation. I am not agreeing with them. I'm simply stating a fact which takes the pressure off the situation. That generally catches them off guard, and they immediately shut up. After all, I'm not likely to change their opinion. (Remember the adage: "If we convince a person against their will; they are of the same opinion still!")

When I know what another's opinion is I can more skillfully avoid the issue in the future, or at least minimize the direct contact about it. When someone causes me to feel disappointment, I find it is best not to discuss it while the pain is fresh. If I think if over by considering alternatives I generally feel better. I must be careful however not to simply repeat it over and over in my mind. That is not thinking about it, that is simply making myself miserable! They have already hurt me, and I refuse to allow them to cause me to continue to hurt myself by repeating it. And having given them permission to have their opinion also lessens the likelihood that they push it again.

It's hard to be the "bigger person" but worth it. Good Luck!

1603 days ago
replied the topic Blood (I was wondering) ties created by markallen

In my decades on this planet, the difference in blood lines has not appeared to me to be nearly as important in bonding as the time spent with a mother or father. Shared experience forms a greater bond than shared DNA. By far, at least in my experience, and I have spent decades counseling people from all walks of life and in all types of experiences. Even the phrase "blood is thicker than water" appears stronger predominantly from shared experience with parents, siblings, and others than shared "blood" does.

1604 days ago
replied the topic Getting a hold of the people in here created by woodland1954

I believe your communication issue has been addressed. I'm impressed with the extent of the family history work you have completed and gathered.
It sounds like you have done a great deal of valuable research, yet you are concerned about losing it with a simple mistake. If that is a correct understanding of your post, simply make sure that you have a full backup of the information on your system, preferably in a separate place, such as an external hard drive. If you do that, then if something happens to your computer (ie: hard drive fails) or its contents (ie: data gets deleted accidentally,) the data you have collected will be safely stored and could be easily restored to your own or another's computer should the time come that you need to do so. It is inexpensive to do that, and it lets you sleep at night, knowing that your work will not be wasted in case of an error, either human or mechanical. (Keep in mind that all mechanical devices are subject to failure (wearing out or breaking down) at some point during their useful life.

Also, congratulations on your magnificent accomplishment tracking your roots. You deserve a medal of honor!

1610 days ago
replied the topic What if I have answer to my question can I earn created by selcinor

It appears to me from some of the answers that your questions seems a bit ambiguous. It is unclear to me whether you are
(A) asking if you can provide the answer to your own question (as some have interpreted it) or whether you are
(B) simply asking whether you can earn points by getting a satisfactory answer to your question.
If you mean (A)... then the previous posts correctly point out that you don't really have a question if you also have the answer.
However, if you mean (B)... then the person who provides you with the answer that you find to be satisfactory will be rewarded, and you will gain points for participating in the forum.

If you are looking for rewards, you need to help others by answering their questions and they select your answer as the best one given.
If you are looking for points, all legitimate activity on the site will help you gain them, whether you get a "best" answer to your question or not. Sometimes in a forum like this, it is easy to sometimes misunderstand your actual question due to "interpreting" your words differently from how another "interprets" them. Language can be complex and sometimes thought to mean different things to different people even though the same words are used. This is because each of us ultimately has experiences that cause us to each have slightly different perceptions of the meaning of any individual word, which is frequently compounded when the words are combined. The intended thought presented by a person writing is not always the same as the thought that enters the mind of the reader.

This happens more in written form than it does in person where the person's tone of voice, pitch, and speed of speaking help to clarify the meaning. Even body language would also help to clarify. So when we reduce language to written form, we must be very careful to be as simple, yet as specific as possible so that others will be less likely to misunderstand our intended meaning.

I don't mean to ramble on, I'm simply concerned that you might be incorrectly judged to be cheating, depending on how your question is received, and what the person answering believes to have been your actual intent with the words you have used. I'd hate to see answers unjustly accuse you simply because the question they are answering may not be the one that you intended to imply. I hope that makes sense. There is certainly no offense intended here, simply a desire to clarify.

I wish you the very best, and welcome to the community!

1610 days ago
replied the topic Which program for is better Wise registry Cleaner or Advanced System care created by valery11

I have personally had better results with Wise. There are some others that I won't mention (because it may have been user-error) which caused my system to have errors and problems that weren't there before. No such problems have happened to my system from using Wise.

1610 days ago
replied the topic What books would you read twice or more times? created by seac

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. I read it cover to cover daily to get it absorbed into action.

1635 days ago
replied the topic What is the different between judgment and judgement, which one is universally correct. created by selcinor

Neither one is universally accepted because usage depends on what the reader is used to using. That is generally determined by the part of the world they are in.

1635 days ago
replied the topic Is there any legitimate way to capture streaming video, strictly for my own use? created by verden

Thank you for the detailed options! You covered all the bases for me!

1647 days ago
replied the topic Google http ?? What should be used? created by Aldac

Since Google bases their business primarily on their search engine, it is pretty much the default for Google. You should be able in most cases to just list "" and that should automatically open to the page with the Google search bar in the center. If for some reason that will not work, you may have picked up some malware somehow and it is re-directing you to another search engine so they can advertise to you. If that is happening, try Malwarebytes (free download) from Good luck! I hope it is a simple solution for you.

1647 days ago
replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost

keep breathing

1653 days ago
replied the topic A little question about humans and machines created by Meow

If I were choosing whether to judged by a human or a machine, I would choose the human. The machine may be less likely to make mistakes, but the machine is also incapable of showing compassion. As humans, we all make mistakes, and the understanding of another human would be more likely to allow us the opportunity to change course after we've made a bad decision. If we had to forgo compassion, our judgments would nearly always be too harsh for us to really recover from even after we've changed directions. Many times our mistakes are simply learning opportunities which a human would understand. A machine (in judgment) would not, resulting in a situation where even though we've learned, we couldn't really progress after learning because the price of our mistake may be too high without the application of compassion.

1654 days ago
replied the topic Why does many people slam the door? created by karan

Why Thank you! It is so nice to be right once in a while - and even nicer to hear about it... ;-)

1654 days ago
replied the topic Why does many people slam the door? created by karan

The most likely reason would be simple selfishness. They are simply not really aware that other people share their world and have needs as well as they do. Once they being to understand and accept themselves fully, and others, their behavior around others will modify. But they need to reach the point that they understand they are not the center of the universe and that other people have similar personal needs and rights. Then perhaps they will be willing to share their space in a more hospitable manner. In simple terms, they still need to "grow up!"

1659 days ago
replied the topic Drug addiction and its effects created by raza49712

The most important thing is to accept them on their own terms. Unless you do this, nothing else you do will have any positive effect. They must know that you unconditionally allow them to be themselves and that you still value them as a person, regardless of any other issues. To be effective, it is important to just be a friend to them, or if family, the same applies. Do NOT bring up the subject. ONLY discuss it if and when THEY bring it up! Until they are ready to face their situation honestly and objectively, there is nothing you can do that will help. Nada, nothing. Don't even try!!!

It is only when they know they can trust you to be there for them no matter what that they will begin to trust you. Until then, your hands are tied. I know that sounds sort of hopeless, but it is actually the only hope you have if you truly want to help. Anything else will drive them away, cause them to distrust everyone more, and their addiction will become more severe. You don't really want to be part of the problem, do you? If not, they, you must simply accept, befriend (on their terms only), and patiently wait. It is the patiently waiting that will speed the process. Nothing else will take the place of that or give you the ability to influence them. First and most importantly, they must KNOW they can trust your acceptance of them to be unwavering. That means that you must really examine yourself and evaluate whether you are willing to do the waiting and then eventually being there whenever they need you. And that means exactly that: WHENEVER they need you. (Including the middle of the night or any other time they might reach out.)

If you are not ready to put forth that major of a commitment, you will only do more harm than good by getting involved. (Even if your circumstance is such that you are already involuntarily involved.) You must be ready to accept whatever comes and the burden that will place on you when they are ready, is a heavy commitment, so be sure that you are willing to put in the time and effort when that time comes. Otherwise, your efforts will not only be in vain, they will likely intensify the problem.

Under no circumstances should you try to "fix" them! Believe what I've said here, it is borne of experience, both personal and that of others I have known well who have traveled that path. If you truly want to help, simply be the best friend you can possibly be. Trust them with the time to begin to trust you, and wait for them to invite you into their very personal torment. (However long that takes, and then make certain that when they do turn to you, that you never let them down. They will only turn to you when they are truly in need, and it is crucial that you be available to them at that time, whenever it is, and that you give them your time, no matter what the cost may be to you. If you are willing and able to do that, then and only then you will be in the right place at the right time to assist them in their own ability and desire to overcome the addiction.

1659 days ago
replied the topic How can we live longer? created by Donna

Never stop breathing...

1659 days ago
replied the topic How to become millionare? created by raza49712

Believe that you are doing it! Invest a couple of bucks in a little tiny paperback booklet (at any major bookstore) called: "It Works" Then spend a few minutes reading it, and follow the instructions daily. if you DO it, IT will WORK! Most people don't do it because it sounds too simple and they don't believe it will work. Simply summarized, it gives you a practical plan to live out the SIMPLE FACT that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! Lots of people have made millions selling their version of courses to people, all just repackaged ways of convincing people that their thoughts really do become things! And very few people actually succeed at it, because they simply do not believe it. But I can tell you from experience that it is indeed FACT. Thoughts have energy and cause changes in every aspect of life. Need more? Read a little bigger booklet by James Allen - "As A Man Thinketh." Another simple example of the same teaching. If you really want something enough to think about it enough, you will have it! The thought-results process cannot fail. So be very careful what you continually think about! --- Because it WILL definitely appear in your life, and much sooner than you would expect! You have nothing to lose by using your mind to THINK! Just try it, and keep it up. It DOES work!

1659 days ago
replied the topic Weight lose and ways to help motivate myself to go through with it created by Shelf_1981

Get the book "The 8 Hour Diet" by the former editor of Men's Health Magazine. (He makes it extremely simple!) OR...just search the web for information on "Intermittent Fasting." The concept is as simple as skipping one meal a day. (Such as skipping breakfast) Yeah, I know that sounds just wrong, but check the medical data that has been collected in the past several years. No other changes are necessary! The process is astounding and exceptionally simple. You don't even feel like you are trying to lose weight, plus you will be getting healthier in many other ways as well. It is MUCH easier than it sounds! There have been hundreds of reputable studies done that show massive health benefits.

KEY: If you spend a FEW MINUTES READING something about it EVERY DAY, you'll be able to easily follow it for that day. One day at a time, and you'll be amazed at how little will-power is needed. You can even stop looking for that drill sergeant because you won't need him (or her!)

1659 days ago
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