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replied the topic travelling to phillipin next week created by Taizane

Hey! There's a lot of good places here in the Philippines. But first, where exact land would you fall? Is it in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao?

If in Mindanao, Cebu is the best place while in Luzon you could go to boracay, bohol or even in Manila there's a lot of beautiful places to enjoy.
And I can tour you LOL hahaha.

2090 days ago
replied the topic I wonder that can i make money from this site created by Yolohie

Just give your best answer to question. Always logged in, everyday.

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replied the topic How to make dollar easily? created by AlimaZold

u play then u earn.

2096 days ago
replied the topic Swollen battery? created by fy591381

nope. its swollen cause of the temperature. buy another one and try not to let it heat.

2098 days ago
replied the topic Quiz with money earn created by maeumin


I am getting addicted on this. It's kinda hard to earn but yeah there's a possibility. When you get the certain point all you have to do is maintain it.

2099 days ago
replied the topic Which Pokemon is your favorite? created by Lekhraj

I like charmander and squirtle. When I was a kid I used to tell that my nephews look like charmander and squirtle. LOL

2099 days ago
replied the topic What makes us human & how do we beat bacteria? created by abidderl2

Do you mean internally or externally?

Well, externally, all you have to do is to take a bath everyday.always brought an alcohol with you or hand sanitizer.
Internally, well, there is a bad and good bacteria, all you have to do is balance those two. If you are a girl, this is very important. Eat yogurt twice a week for maintaining your good and bad bacteria.

2099 days ago
replied the topic Is 12 old enough to cook for himself? created by hellen

BIG YES. Just teach him how to be more careful in gas, make sure that he is comfortable in cooking equipment for safety purposes and clean his area to avoid accident.

You see it is not advisable due to safety hazard but with right discipline, he can do it.

2099 days ago
replied the topic Public or private school, which is better? created by kimi

I prefer public schools.

Just choose a better public schools.

2099 days ago
replied the topic Do you still remember your primary schoolmates names? created by nancy

Yes, I did. But not all. The best attitude when it happens again, tell him/her the truth, that you did not remember her/him. Then be interested enough to ask him/her whereabouts. Maybe, You can finally remember,., if not, well, your nice enough to sort of try to remember or kind enough to ask her/him.

2099 days ago
replied the topic Control of Metabolism? created by wase60

The perfect control is water... Drink 3 liters of water a day. You will feel you are always full.
You will not feel you are dieting at all. Your poop will be regular.

I bought a water tumbler on office. I didn't intend it but I always put a water on it and everytime I saw it I feel that I want to drink it.
Before I knew it, I feel like I am always full therefore I just eat whenever I am really hungry.

Sometimes we thought we are hungry but the truth is we are just thirsty. Plus water makes you look younger and As I already said, your poop will be regular.

2100 days ago
replied the topic project created by amish

It depends on what plant you will use in your experiment. I suggested mung bean. You can easily get the results for 1 to 2 days. 3 to 5 days if you want fully developed.
You can also used three kinds of method of environment: 1 put the seed on soil, 2 put the seed in wet cotton, put the seed on water.

2100 days ago
replied the topic What is beauty? created by wase60

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2101 days ago
replied the topic which exercise is best for girls? created by aneserl

Running... Cardio.

2106 days ago
replied the topic Chess created by Veer

204 squares. 8^2+ 7^2 +6^2 + 5^2 + 4^2 + 3^2 + 2^2 + 1^1=204

2107 days ago
replied the topic DRINK BEER created by doger

I guess you are asking how to stay sober in drinking session? My sister always told me not to drink without eating. I tried once and yeah there's a difference. It can also help if you do the 'mind over matter' thing.

2108 days ago
replied the topic If you only get 5 likes on a facebook photo, does that mean your ugly? created by kungleeg

Of course not! Sometimes, It just go down in their news feed because there are so many post, so they did not see it.

2108 days ago
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