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replied the topic do you like windows 7 or 10 better created by 123345

Absolut wrong ... windows 10 is not better for normal users!!!!

1852 days ago
replied the topic What are some of the most beautiful places on earth? created by au52

I would say............JAMAICA.....a island with fantstic Negril, Ocho Rios,..and Blue Mountains..

1853 days ago
replied the topic Which one would you like to take for travelling, by air, train, or bus? created by hellen

There are 3 possibility.
1 - When you go by reaching fast and easy your destination.....but you dont see much from the countryside.. and you produce
plenty CO².
2 - When you travel by bus, need more time,...but you see more from the countryside....maybe meet som intresting people have internet
/mobil access and produce less CO² as by plane.
3 - When you travel by Train.. mostly you faster as by bus, can move arround, see som of the countryside,. ...have mobile/internet
access...and produce less CO² as by plane and bus.

1853 days ago
replied the topic What kind of person would you like to choose to get married? created by Lisaly

I found my right partner 3 years ago,....not boaring,.....attractiv to me,.....intelligent and with open mind ...... sharing many interests togeter ,..but not in all , there is also space to develop the partnership and learning t new things from each other.

1853 days ago
replied the topic What's the best Italian dish? created by moonlight

to David T,..........With few drops oliv oil the spagetti will not stick together,..also the spagetti will have a better taste,..Lol

1869 days ago
replied the topic What's the best Italian dish? created by moonlight

The Best traditonal Italien dish is Spagetti Bolognese,...autentic Italiy.
Spagetti in light boiled salted water with few drops Oliv oil. 12-14min,..they still must have bite.
Tomatosauce with fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion,herbs de provence,oregano and minse beef to cook for 15 min.
Drain Spagetti, rins with cold water and served on a large plate and cover with the Hot Tomatosauce. Springled Parmesean how You like it .
+++ Vino Tinto....Bon apetitio.

1870 days ago
replied the topic What is true love ? created by aqeel23304

You feel happy with your partner,.....respect him how he is,......whatever happend you both will make it together....
thats TRUE LOVE.

1880 days ago
replied the topic Should I give up on a cheater created by Nuttela

YES you should,....if it happens TWICE, will happen again.............coze the person dont love you really, can forgive her,... and forgive her,..and forgive her,...until to find the right person. Respect.............

1880 days ago
replied the topic Best anti virus software? created by baladox

I prefer AVAST,..its FREE,..give you very good protection,..and always new updates,.inform you immediately when you open a bug page.. and it dont speed down your PC / Smart Phone by internet activities. If you buy then you have full protection in all kind of internet activities.

1885 days ago
replied the topic What do you do when you feel tired? created by AF

When I feel thired in the morning I take a cold shower,..then hot,..then cold. It helps to wake up your bloodcirculation. Coffee is not a good idea, helps.. but after a while the body get use to it and soon you feel thired again. Sometimes your body need iron and magnesium when you always feel thired.

1887 days ago
replied the topic How Do I Lose Weigh Fast created by Nac

Change your habites what was making you fat and be on moveing,......cycle,...jogging,..walking,..swimming,...climbing stairs. And sure,..reduce.. sugar,..fat,....flour.....unhealthy food. You will see it works...

1887 days ago
replied the topic Need nice place to Travel created by senkoediu

Take a trip to Germany..BERLIN. A Multikulti Green City. Lots of activities Day & Night...Night & Day,....24hours a day..!!! Easy to go around by Bus , Train & Bike...........or jus walk. Meet the people in Parks , air concerts,.cafe,..and 1000 of Beerbars.!!! Taste great German / Berlin Food.. like Currywurst, Schnitzel, Schweinshaxe/ Porkleg, and more ,....or thousends international restaurants..for small or big money....Easy to find Hostels or private rooms / aptm. From Berlin you can travel easy by Bus or Train... to Hamburg...Muinch,..Stuttgart,...Frankfurt.... jus start and enjoy.

1887 days ago
replied the topic Have you ever been to Thailand for traveling? Any suggestions? created by kimi

My suggestion 4You....a piecefull coutry with friendly people. Respect the thai and they will respect you. Travelling is easy and not expensive by bus or train. In Bangkok you will find all possibillities to making day or 1/2 day trips. ThaiFood is easy to get and always fresh prepared. Be carefull with the chilly. If you like it HOT,..itsss really HOT. Bottled water is cheap..and easy to get. Be carefull with the its cheap... then you will need for a 20min drive 1 1/2...coze they bring you in minm. 3 touristshops. Places of Intrest.. Puket,..Chang Mai,..and plenty islands... enjoy ...your trip.

1887 days ago
replied the topic I want to take my mom to Europe on vacation, Where should we go? created by hellen

Take her to BERLIN,...a wonderfull green city,..multiculti,....plenty historical and new places. Great restaurants,..plenty activities,...parks, museum,
opera, concert,..walking tours,..or by bus,..or by bike. And not expensive like Rom , London , Paris, or others.....I live there and the best time to go.. end of may... or middle of august to octobre... enjoy

1887 days ago
replied the topic Are there special holidays only in your country ? created by bike

In Germany we have 1th of Mai , Labour Day, 3th of Oct. when east and west got united and pentecost / pfingsten mostly end of May.

1887 days ago
replied the topic What attracts you to see a film? created by walker16

The beginning from the movie should be jus intresting..... to watch the next follow the make it exciting to see what will happend next....and when you belive you know what will happen......then the story will change....... surprise....a movie what ends with full satisfaction.

1887 days ago
replied the topic the infomations about Viet Nam, I will travel there next week created by Keyerier

You need a Visa for Vietnam, travel by train ( to meet locals) from Ho chi minh city (Saigon) to the north is easy and not expensive. Best is sleeping wagon II class, booking in advance. U$ cash is better as traveller cheque or Euro. Severall tours you can book for less money in Ho chi minh city, culture , historical places, temple..+ more.....enjoy your trip.

1887 days ago
replied the topic What is the best and true advice your mother ever gave you? created by colin

Dont touch the hot cooking pot, learning from manage your life.

1887 days ago
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