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replied the topic Internet spyware created by sal630

What software are you using to scan for it?

1409 days ago
replied the topic What's license key created by alidaeh

A license key is basically a proof of purchase tag, Its a serial number that allows the company that sold the software to confirm you actually purchased it. hope that answers your question.

1409 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite Web browser and why? created by FaisalAl

I recommend Mozilla Firefox it has a simple UI, uses Gecko layout engine, and overall has the least bugs. As an added bonus the project is all open source.

1742 days ago
replied the topic Is it good to enable "unknown sources" on Android? created by bootup

Yes, you will not hurt anything leaving this setting on, despite common misconception if you leave this checked malware is not going to just pop up one day. Make sure you only download software from trusted sources and do not agree to install anything that you did not intend to and you will be perfectly fine. if you have questions about trusted sources send me a reply.

1755 days ago
replied the topic How to become a software tester? created by shawn

Try its not so much software testing as website testing but its easy to get setup and pays alright.

1755 days ago
replied the topic Computer fan not working created by sharath811

You may need to adjust your fan settings in your BIOS. You might find some use in this video

1755 days ago
replied the topic How can I get rid of FromDocGToPdf? created by edsays

You should be able to just uninstall it,
1. Open Programs and Features.
Right Click on start > Programs and Features
2. Locate the software you wish to uninstall.
3. Select Uninstall in the top button bar.
4. Follow the installation prompts as necessary

1755 days ago
replied the topic What are the must installed programs in your computer? created by CUPs

Our standard install list for windows includes,
Mozilla Firefox w/ AdGuard Browser Addon
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Reader
Adobe Shockwave Player
Apple Quick Time
VLC Media Player
Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7)
LibreOffice or Microsoft Office

1755 days ago
replied the topic Rise-up advertisement created by kamanalo

Try AdGuard I absolutely love them, they provide the best free solution I have found so far.

1755 days ago
replied the topic What is the best keyboard wireless or wired? created by Aravi

Depends on what your are looking for if you want something dirt cheap that is only ever going to sit at a desk a wired keyboard is going to work perfect for you if you want to pay a little more and have some freedom of where you place your keyboard wireless will also work great. It all depends on your preference and situation.

I personally recommend the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE if you want something really good quality.

1755 days ago
replied the topic How can I make money from the internet? created by Dellaco

There is a lot of ways to make money online depending on your skill-set one thing that I find almost anyone can do is review products they like or don't like so try they don't pay the best but it's a lot better than most online survey places. If you do have a more advanced computer skills you might try or other sites like it.

1755 days ago
replied the topic How often do you buy a new computer? created by bike

Depends on the quality and type of a computer if its a desktop I find it easier and a lot of the time cheaper to rebuild old computers than try and replace them and I normally do that ever 2-3 years or when ever I feel that I may need an upgrade. With laptops I find that they start to break down fast so normally ever 1.5-2 years.

1755 days ago
replied the topic What are the best free website makers? created by Elderwand8

If you are looking for place to host blog type website will be your best option, however if you are just looking for a simple website I recommend there simple interface makes building a site quick and easy.

1755 days ago
replied the topic Which music player have the best sound quality in Windows? created by nollore

Windows Media Player has the better interface an integrates with the windows indexing service which makes it easier to import your media from your librarys but if you are looking for quality you would want to use VLC Media Player, it has the highest quality out of any other free software you can get.

1940 days ago
replied the topic Why do some people still buy desktop computer? created by Amy

Most Businesses still use desktops for many of the following reasons
Desktops are cheaper,
In some cases they have more resources,
Most hardware problems can be repaired by the company's IT department instead of having to send them back to the manufacturer,
Desktop computers can be rebuilt instead of having to buy new computers every 2-3 years,
Theft protection, its hard for employees just to walk out the door with a desktop with out being noticed

The list goes on, all of these depending on the company.

You also still see a lot of desktops with gamers, web/software developers, etc. for some of the same reasons.

1948 days ago
replied the topic All in one or laptops created by ALI1300W

All in one PCs will usually have more resources but for those little bit of resources you give up the portability of the laptop. It really depends if you want something just for use in your home or if you want some thing to take along with you when needed. I personally would vote for the laptop but again it all depends what you are looking for.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Are these specs good for a gaming pc? created by BlazingFury

Yes this computer should do well in a gameing environment.

1955 days ago
replied the topic Make conection speed of light? created by slapshot173

We recommend Wise Care 365

1956 days ago
replied the topic best browser you recommend ? created by poorman

We recommend Mozilla Firefox

1956 days ago
replied the topic A macbook pro or a surface pro 4 for my nephew? created by Arther

Macboo Pro is the better choice

1956 days ago
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