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replied the topic My laptoo my android created by abiodun


check if your phone is connected as storage???
Plug the device into your computer, pull down the notification shade, and select the “USB” option.

Step 1. Go to Start> Control Panel.
Step 2. Click “System and Security”, then “System”.
Step 3. Click “Device Manager” on the left list.
Step 4. Locate and expand “Other devices” or “Portable devices” and find the driver. If there is a problem with the driver, it should be labelled with a yellow exclamation mark.
Step 5. Right click on the driver and choose “Update Driver Software…”.
Step 6. Successively choose “Browse my computer for driver software”> “Let me pick a list of device drivers on my computer”, then hit “MTP USB Device” and click Next. Once the driver is updated, connect your device again.

428 days ago
replied the topic No WiFi network taskbar icon created by BrianCa


Fix Wi-Fi connection issues in Windows

Method 1:
1- Right click on Taskbar
2- Properties
3- Notification area: customize
4- Turn system icons ON or OFF
5- Turn ON Network
6- Go one step back
7- select which icons appear on the taskbar
8- turn Network icon ON

1) Right click This PC, and click Manage.
2) In the left pane, under System Tools, click Device Manager.
3) Scroll down and go to the Network Adapters list.
4) Right click my existing 'Ethernet Controller' and Scan for hardware change and Wireless Network Adaptor reappeared.

431 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 updating created by RTeo


Troubleshoot problems updating Windows 10

1)Open the Control Panel.
2)Switch to Icons
3)Click on Troubleshooting.
4)Click on View all in the left pane.
5)Click on Windows Update.
6)Click on Next, and then proceed with the troubleshooter...

455 days ago
replied the topic Can You please find me this symbol (drawing) on the internet? created by phalliwell


check here

469 days ago
replied the topic How to fix ms outlook ost file converter error ? created by rechardtaker


Try to create a new Profile
Method 1: Create a new Outlook Profile and then change the location of the .ost file

or maybe consider to transfert to thunderbird
Importing from Outlook
maybe you can save the outlook messages

476 days ago
replied the topic Guys what to do if picked up bad Petya created by JulJameson


well if your files are encrypted ot got extension chenged to .WCRY

use live cd with antimalware on it, and scan
ESET SysRescue Live disc


492 days ago
replied the topic How to distinguish an original laptop battery from a fake created by ChessKing


Check the serial number on the battery with the laptops website . check the weight of the battery, original logo, texts...

498 days ago
replied the topic Too long to shut down system created by ramonford


1) Open Command Prompt. To do so, go to Start > Run and type cmd and click OK.
2)Type sfc /scannow and hit enter, wait the scan to finish

uninstall unwanted applications

scan for malwares

500 days ago
replied the topic Microsoft store not working created by matio


Microsoft Store doesn't launch
Reset the Microsoft Store cache: Press the Windows Logo Key + R to open the Run dialog box, type wsreset.exe, and then select OK.

503 days ago
replied the topic Why can't I install Adobe Acrobat Reader on my PC? created by pyromania


which windows you have???

try to download manually and install it manually

Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed

505 days ago
replied the topic AutoPlay options missing in registry created by Maxbrady


1).Press Windows Key + R then type regedit and hit Enter to open Registry Editor.
2).Navigate to the following Registry Key:
3).Make sure Explorer is highlighted in the left window pane then click NoDriveTypeAutoRun in the right window pane.
4).If the above value does not exit then you need to create one. Right-click in the empty area in the right window pane then select New > DWORD (32-bit) value.
5)Name this newly create key as NoDriveTypeAutoRun and then double-click on it to change its value.
6).Make sure hexadecimal is selected and in Value data field enter 91 then click OK.

522 days ago
replied the topic While booting there is a CPU Fan Error created by Owasisjim


1) Enter the BIOS, switch it to Advanced Mode and navigate to the Monitor tab.

2) On the Monitor tab, set the CPU Fan Speed from N/A (Not available) to IGNORE. Press F10 to save changes and exit.

This will disable the sensor and allow you to boot normally.

or you need to reset the minimum fan speed maybe to 550 rpm.
some coolers run very quiet because they do not need high rpm fans.

544 days ago
replied the topic Canon EOS 80D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark-II/What digital camera to chose? created by nicki1991


---The 80D does strike back however when it comes to bursts mode as it can fire up to 7 frames per second while the 6D MkII serves up 6.5 frames per second
---The 6D MkII’s video features mirror the 80Ds, although it doesn’t have a port for headphones, so audio can’t be monitored unless you have an external accessory that enables sound monitoring.
---The 6D MkII does have an in-built 5-axis stabilisation mode that activates when filming movie footage
---The 80D has a built-in pop-up flash with a decent Guide Number of 12. This will provide more than enough illumination to light close up subjects in dim conditions but, like the original 6D, the MkII has to rely on external flashguns for artificial lighting.

544 days ago
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replied the topic Cannot stop indexing in Windows 10 created by AnPeter90


How to Enable or Disable Search Indexing in Windows

How to Turn On or Off Enhanced Mode for Search Indexer in Windows 10

550 days ago
replied the topic Cannot open Windows 95 game settings on Windows 10 created by AnPeter90


check this

555 days ago
replied the topic Virus scan failed created by Talking_Melody


is it chrome browser?

569 days ago
replied the topic Windows cannot finish installing after reset created by Maxbrady


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replied the topic Downloading problem from Youtube created by deenamin

When I open sites in Chrome IDM starts many unwanted downloads. How to stop this?
When I try to download any video from Youtube IDM shows 403 Forbidden error. What should I do
These problems were solved in latest version. Please read here how to update IDM to the latest version.Also verify that "IDM integration module" extension is installed in enabled in Chrome browser.


576 days ago
replied the topic How to make a computer fast created by lorein0688


repair/reinstall windows

update drivers like graphic card driver

scan for virus

584 days ago
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