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replied the topic What would you buy if you want to make yourself happy? created by finefin

Board or card game. Stimulates favorable social interaction with friends &/or family, which is the best cure for the blues.

1902 days ago
replied the topic How to delete ask toolbar created by mary

I use Revo uninstaller freeware:

1909 days ago
replied the topic Should i upgrade to windows 10 ? created by V

I upgraded for free from Windows 7 64bit and it's working great for me. Just took a little while to get used to new interface.

1965 days ago
replied the topic Is Windows 10 stable enough to upgrade now? created by Cent

I haven't had any problems and I don't know anyone who has, but then my peers & I are what you'd call casual users. I usually live by the motto: If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but upgrading is inevitable as Microsoft stops supporting old OS's. So, be as cautious as you need to be, but don't miss it while it's still free.

2098 days ago
replied the topic Public or private school, which is better? created by kimi

Impossible to generalize. Must evaluate each school individually on its own merits. Look at factors like standardized test scores, graduation rate, where do graduates go from there, teachers' backgrounds, ranking in sources like US News & World Report's Best Schools, etc.

2098 days ago
replied the topic Is it worth upgrading my RAM to 16gb from 8, I have 2 free slots. created by AddisonLee

RAM is so freakin' cheap now. By all means do it.

2098 days ago
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