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replied the topic How to install hp printer without cd created by henerynicz

Which printer is it? Just go to HP's website and download the drivers or just google your model + Driver

1014 days ago
replied the topic How to recover content entered on the website? created by ultiecc

Don't edit online! If you have MS word use that otherwise get wordpad since it is a free software and click on auto save and choose the time interval. Once you have written the content then simply copy and paste it wherever you wanted to post it.

1028 days ago
replied the topic How to get rid of someone else's apple id on iphone created by kathreenhopper

Go here and you can easily solve your issue or if you are using an iPhone.

1028 days ago
replied the topic Online trading advice created by termezo

Why not go for directly? I have read pretty good stuff about them and their security.

1038 days ago
replied the topic Restarting why ? created by dutadorel1976

If you have an older restore point then get it to roll back, if you don't have that then uninstall all programs you have installed that might raise suspicion!

1038 days ago
replied the topic Need an fb2 editor created by ChessKing

Can you provide more details please?

1041 days ago
replied the topic Toshiba laptop sound issue created by layls1071

Go to device manager by click on the left corner, windows flag or the windows key and search for device manager, check if you need to repair any driver or otherwise check if other earphone is working or not.

1041 days ago
replied the topic Found a weird file name anyone know what it is? created by mbeli

Where was the file location, if it's in a location that you don't remember using then delete it no issues!

1054 days ago
replied the topic How often should you clean Registry created by Steves_64

It is good to clean it once a month or twice a month. I personally use CCleaner, it has both the free version and the paid version, I have used the free version and it seems to be working pretty good. Makes the computer a lot snappier than before.

1074 days ago
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