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replied the topic The Americans chose Trump. Why? created by savram

My question is why everyone is questioning the voters who elected Trump to be the next President of the United States of America? To me I am getting the feeling everywhere I turn that the people who voted for him are wrong or somehow sub-Americans or diseased or whatever you want to call it. I don't think it's the people that elected him that have the problems proclaimed all over the place. It is the people who are questioning the free voting the US has. If you can't deal with it why keep slinging the mud and HATRED against the voters who voted for him? Anything you say about a Trump voter is exactly what you don't want to said to you otherwise if it happens you go run off into the corner and cry like a baby. He is not the President until Jan 20th, 2017. The negative people are the ones who can't even say, let's see what this guy can do. Maybe he will surprise us all. You people have such hate for another human being being elected by the people of this country and you won't even stop calling Trump's voters names or accusing them of being idiots or whatever. Think about it. If I called you something I'd be classified as a racist, bigoted and whatever else you can think of. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw the first stone? Oh and what's this I hear, the 1st Amendment still allows Freedom of Speech but it's not Republicans or Conservatives that want to change it. Liberals want to change it so nobody can say anything even remotely off color. Hate speech? I see only one place it is coming from take a look at yourselves. By the way, Mass changing the Constitution which is the liberal theme because it is old and outdated. Is that not changing the Country in what in times past would be considered a takeover? I may not think Trump can do a lot of the things he says he can do. However, I would like to give him a chance to see what he can do. In an American Pie movie Kevin's brother says at the end of the summer you will see the "Big Picture". Liberals never see the big picture because they are told what to think and believe me I see it every day. They don't read the Constitution, they are just told it's crap. They never read the history of this country because their leaders don't want them to know the real truth. This country has had some very dark moments in its history, by the same token it has been a vibrant, caring and leader among the (oh no) FREE WORLD. Lots of people don't want to see the good the USA has done for the world only the negative. So sad....

1677 days ago
replied the topic How do we know is it new SETI signal from HD 164595 real? created by marvel211

There have been a couple of stories lately about possible signals and it involved SETI. Yet the two I read, one of the people at SETI basically dismissed both signals saying it was probably something else and not intelligent aliens from another world. One of those stories was about the Russian pickup of a signal. Now, the headlines were fascinating and all that but the stories were barely an article. The one who spoke who was from SETI wasn't excited about the possible signals and said as much. Headlines grab the attention of people. Most see that and fail to read the article itself. So when SETI puts out its hands for donations? You be the judge. I have seen people mention that the only reason SETI still exists is to keep the employed people there employed. Hence sensational headlines when the till gets low? Tidbits here and there to let the people know they are making progress but in fact have not ever had a clean signal or confirmed one. And don't forget all of the possibilities that it could be Earth or other natural things causing bogus signals. Way too much junk out there to really tell if in fact there is an Alien Intelligence out there. Everything about the Universe is theory or conjecture. NOTHING has ever been proven. Yet we have so-called experts slipping in "theory" when answering a question. If they answer with theory they are NOT answering a question (as/with fact) are they? lol

1681 days ago
replied the topic How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? created by Tadakii

If you are talking specifically the good old USA? Look at what people have done to the American English language. There has not been much correcting going for quite some time. The excuses are far and wide. Different parts of the country have their own "dialect". What may be correct in Maine, may be laughed at in Texas. Everyone wants to be different. Problem is, most of the time it is far below a standard we used to hold high and very dear to what this Country was. Yes, I am old but damn learn to speak properly. lol

1707 days ago
replied the topic Reg cleaner is bossy created by shelly

Must be in settings to not have it auto defrag. I haven't used a defrag program in a long time. If I do check it with a software, it says it doesn't need it to be done. If using Windows later OS's they seem to get a handle on not fragging up the hard drive.. My opinion. lol

1723 days ago
replied the topic How to keep marriage fresh? created by colin

People read way too much into what marriage is "supposed" to be. There have been lots of cliches about things like "finding the one" and really that is what it comes down to. It's not about money, status and the like, it is about two people finding each other in pure love for one another.

It starts ever so slow, yes sometimes you decide a great restaurant and spending lots of money on the other person is going to impress them, it might, but what you do, how you act, opening your heart to another is the most important thing. It's about what is inside that matters the most.

Forget about trying to impress the outside things and make the internal impression that the other is really looking for. It works. My marriage I thought would last many years ended in 3 years. Then I met "her" and although not married (because technically my wife never filed for divorce, she walked out and left me with absolutely nothing) we connected on the inside, not what the outside was about, that came much much later.

1727 days ago
replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen

Seems strange that a lot of the answers include other peoples opinions. This is my answer. Yes he would make a good President. Why you ask? Because he shows one thing that most Americans want. Determination and true grit. He projects the need for this country to get back to its core belief system whereby enhancing us globally in all aspects of being a country united, not divided. His business ventures, what made him great is contagious, if only the people would realize they have it inside themselves to be good. He is looking for positive results no matter what task is at hand. He wants America to succeed. He wants to end the crap that has been going on in this country. He may project himself to some as being aloof or not in touch. Let me ask you this? Is he a billionaire because he apologizes? No he is cold and calculating to get himself the best deal available. Is that not who we running this country? Are we so scared that he will embarrass us? There are a helluva lot more people/politicians that embarrass us every day. He doesn't want to embarrass us, he wants to help us.

1731 days ago
replied the topic Updates for windows 7 created by barry777

An article about what things mean regarding Windows 7.

1743 days ago
replied the topic What is good Customer Service? created by cina


You know that is a good question. My only example is Comcast/Xfinity. They upgraded their website and I had trouble getting to the Voice section where you can listen to voicemail, look at who you called, who called you and the like. I tried every browser as they said that could be the problem. So, nothing worked and THEY gave up. I still can't access Voice, been like that since the upgrade of the site 6-8 months ago. Then I had connection issues, then I had another issue, then another. Out of all that, me being in computers since 1984, they tell me it is MY computer that's the problem. Okay, so I didn't touch a thing, didn't add any programs, working just fine and THEY change something and it stops working on my computer. Uh? It's all MY FAULT. I must have did something or downloaded a program that took control of my computer. Never EVER is it their fault. It is always the customers fault or the customer's computer that's at fault. LOL Now is that what you call good customer service? You can barely start talking about a problem to them without them interrupting and saying it's probably on your end, not ours. The commercials say they are moving toward customer service. Yea right! They charge way too much for everything and then when there is a problem it's always the customers fault. In reality with the dish-type TV companies and phone companies, Comcast is still a monopoly. Slightly off topic, but thought someone might smile/laugh about this.

1745 days ago
replied the topic Making new friends created by charlesakinney

I guess I am too old for most people when I asked the original question. Many years ago in popular magazines there were ads for Pen-Pals, make new friends around the world etc. You had to use, yea something you forgot(or never knew about), a STAMP and an ENVELOPE. So today's technology of emails and websites has decimated such old style ways of making new friends? lol Many keep harping on dating sites and that kind of thing. I NEVER asked about dating sites people. I asked if there were any websites that were like the old "write a letter, lick a stamp and mail a letter off to some exotic place to make new friends". Where are people coming up with dating sites? I guess it is on their mind, NOT mine. lol I am attached at the hip to someone I have been with for 11 years. There's nothing boring with that. Maybe I am looking back and decided to look for new friends, whether male or female to learn new things. Back in those days I made lots of friends, the how I did it eludes me. Again, I have went to some so-called "make a new friend" websites only to be met with short emails about wanting to find someone for life. It is NOT me who is looking for that kind of thing. Yet the site entertains the notion of making new friends. Friends, NOT lovers, potential partners, marriages and the like. That is NOT what I originally asked. People seem to sway right into I shouldn't be on dating sites? What? Seriously? Is that what I asked about? NO, HELL NO. Mediums like social media has not worked because it is more set up to find already known people, people you already know. Could I be the next internet billionaire? LOL I mean, I imagine there are a lot of people looking just like me. Wanting to make contact to learn new things, make a new friend, get a much different opinion on something. Is that all the internet is, is a sex machine? Because I want to make new friends from around the world it means I'm looking to find sex? Come on people smarten up a bit. You totally missed the point of my question and include things that have nothing to do with my question. You think I am looking for something YOU must be looking for. lol Sigh, it was such a simple damn question and most of the answers are negatively charged. I'm kinda disappointed really. Have to close this question down. It's not worth asking questions on here if people don't read the damn question. LOL

1745 days ago
replied the topic Sweepstakes Winners created by Pamela0525

I have never known anyone who has. However, I do know that people need to read the fine fine print about buying from them. I bought about $200.00 of stuff from them and was paying monthly. I almost had it paid off, was going to send a final payment but got their bill first and it went from about $110.00 to over $300.00. I didn't pay and they turned it over to a collection agency here in PA and I had to pay it. So I ended up paying around $550.00 for $200.00 worth of stuff and most of that stuff was cheesy, crappy product that either didn't work or broke. They bank on people literally bank on people to not pay in full even though they say take 3 months. Interest rate is enormous. To me they are scam artists and that is just the products end of it. Could it be the same for the Sweeps they have? It's a private company so all their finances are hidden but I would say they make lots of money through deception practices. People really should stay away from them, period.

1750 days ago
replied the topic My computer is really running slow created by nonejw

You might want to head over to and use their TCP/IP Analyzer and see if that shows anything. They also have a good forum to ask questions. Free to get an account and ask away. I hesitate to offer any kind of checks or look at things. It depends on your level of computer experience. Restart the computer is my only recommendation. I hesitate because if the restart doesn't work it's better to peruse the forums where experts lay out detailed plans of attack for such problems. -Chuck

1752 days ago
replied the topic Making new friends created by charlesakinney

I suppose my question is bringing out simple answers? I should have mentioned that I am not a beginner. I have googled, dogpiled etc etc. Once in a great while I will find something very deep in searching as a chance encounter, however, they say make friends and I end up putting a profile up and asking ONLY for friends even using the profile selection and all I get in response are people who think I am looking for a partner or something like that. LOL Seriously, you would think there are some platonic sites, yes there is one and I have messaged many people with no responses. Do I smell that bad? LOL Guess I have to go back to IRC or something. Where I live it is nearly impossible to meet new friends.

1764 days ago
replied the topic Making new friends created by charlesakinney

Sorry wrong answer. I am talking about PC NOT phone. I don't have a smartphone. lol

1764 days ago
replied the topic Making new friends created by charlesakinney

Been on those for years and it doesn't work for me. Just people who are already friends.

1764 days ago
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