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replied the topic Guys what to do if picked up bad Petya created by JulJameson 491 days ago

use avast antivirus

replied the topic Updating windows (windows 10 home) created by RTeo 491 days ago

Fix Windows Update errors

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter
Here’s how:

Download the Windows Update Troubleshooter, and then select Open or Save in the pop-up window.

replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11 1606 days ago

It's a toss up between Joan of Arc, Henry V, and Albert Einstein.

replied the topic Have you been mock before if you are how did you cope with the situation. created by selcinor 1606 days ago

I have been mocked before, but upon reflection coupled with experience, it's usually by a person with low self-esteem who may feel challenged by you.

Don't forget (if you are Christian) that Jesus was mocked, beaten, and crucified for His message, by people who didn't understand of felt threatened by His message.

replied the topic I hope such tragedy will never happen again created by sunrise 1619 days ago

Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.
Adam and Eve Disobeyed God, and the rest is history.

My prayers go out to you...

replied the topic What are the craziest thing you love to do, or you did created by selcinor 1619 days ago

A 3 way. 2 beautiful women and me. :)

replied the topic Hol kereshetek biztos munkát? created by Icuska 1621 days ago

PLEASE ask questions in English.
It is the universal language of trade and commerce, second only to French.

We all can't be multi-lingual!

replied the topic Who built pyramid human or Alien i created by selcinor 1621 days ago

The prevailing concensus is human.
There is little evidence of Alien contact (except for the Roswell Incident)

Don't forget the Egyptians (influenced by the Greeks) were the most advanced culture of the time.
Plus, they had tens of thousands of slaves to do their labor.

replied the topic It`s better program Wise Disk Cleaner then CCleaner? created by medfen4ik 1622 days ago

I use the Wise products alot, and they are consistently good. No crashing and robust updates.

replied the topic At what point do you realize your self awear and a conscience being? created by my_asylum 1622 days ago

I have a BA in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy.
One must consider the definition of "self-aware", and what that entails.
I generally agree that some rudimentary form of self awarness starts at around 1-2 years, and gets more advanced from there.

replied the topic Xbox or Playstation created by marko1 1622 days ago

I have one of the rare reverse compatible PS3's. It saved me from having to get rid of about 20 PS 2 games. There are more games for PS3.
Very stable platform and great graphics.
My son has XBox and all I can about it is "M'eh".

replied the topic How do you pronounce the name Ivan? created by BTW 1628 days ago

Typically here in the west it's something like "eye-ven".
Have a couple of friends by this name.

replied the topic What is virus? who can explain? created by eng19342 1629 days ago

A computer virus is similar in many respects to a human virus.

Wether it's a computer code, or living cells, when a system get infected the results are about the same. The idea is all about self-replication.

In humans it's at the cellular level, and in many cases goes away in time when white blood cells and antibodies eventually kill it.

In computers, the virus is a bit of self-replicating code that can cause problems at all levels, from the annoying to devestating.

So, just like when you get your flu shot every year, make sure you have a stong antivirus program, and keep it updated.

Good Luck.

Caplain the Capybara.

replied the topic The Americans chose Trump. Why? created by savram 1636 days ago

One of the main reasons is that Mr. Trump is PRO-LIFE, as well as a sucessful business man.
Here in the USA, over 57,000,000 unborn children have lost their lives to abortion since Roe. V. Wade in 1973.
Think of all of that lost potential

replied the topic What is the different between judgment and judgement, which one is universally correct. created by selcinor 1636 days ago

I am a school teacher.
My experience tells me that Judgement is the correct form.
This is kind of like "I say potato, you say pohtato."

replied the topic Champions of what? Song Champions From Queen created by Wise_EPL 1636 days ago

"We are the Champions, OF THE WORLD."

replied the topic In what country safer than all to be? created by savram 1643 days ago

Lowest per capita murder rate in the world.
Guns are strictly controlled, and Law Enforcement is strong.

replied the topic Roswell Incident created by capybara 1647 days ago

I beleive there is enough factual and eyewitness accounts to give it valid consideration.

replied the topic I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS created by SISTER_J0J0 1647 days ago

This is a high level Social Experiment where answers from all over the world are data-mined and analyzed by scientists'
Geographic meta-meta data are serached for significant thought trends by Region.
The use of this data can only be speculated upon.

Or maybe it's just a fun pastime. :)

replied the topic How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? created by Tadakii 1647 days ago

My Dad has his MA in Journalism, and as such I was always being corrected.
I learned my lessons well, and have since become a school teacher.

replied the topic Do Men truly have a Preference? created by chandois 1650 days ago

If you date a "biker chick", it's probably leather.
Sensual/Feminen's lace.

replied the topic How do you say wash, and why? created by alienflyer 1650 days ago

Try this..WAH/SH.

replied the topic Exe's will not open created by wheeler81 1650 days ago

Run a 'bot scan such as Spybot.exe
Also, run your antivirus, and then defragment your HD.
Hope this helps.

replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost 1653 days ago

Live, Love.

replied the topic What is currently your favorite song? created by notwise 1653 days ago

Free Bird. Lynrd Skyner

replied the topic Why do people start smoking? created by claire 1657 days ago

I believe it is large part due to HUGE advertising campaigns to all age groups and sectors.
Also, don't forget that in WWII, big tobacco companies supplied "free" cigs to troops as part of their rations.
They knew that they were breeding an entire generation of nicotine addicts, who found out upon their return that cigs were'nt free.

replied the topic What is your favorite dessert? created by July 1662 days ago

Chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven, with a glass of cold milk!

replied the topic Who are your Real Life Super Heroes ? created by WhitePhoenix 1662 days ago

1. Jesus Christ.
2. My son who is living with a horrible disease, but still says positive.

replied the topic What affect a lot of people? created by selcinor 1662 days ago

The old saying says "Life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react to it."
It's all about your attitude.

If you tend to be a negative person, not many people will want to be around you.
If you are a positive person, people will want to be around you.

For example: (-) "Life really sucks."
(+) "Life is hard, but I'll do my best to carry on."

replied the topic Special question created by capybara 1663 days ago

African or European?

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