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Windows 10 significantly slowed down my laptop until I moved large files off C:\√ answeredREWARD $25
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replied the topic How to treat Rheumatism? created by alvindgreat

i have the same problem. the best solution is to get a wrist brace from walgreens or CVS or any pharmacy-like store, and it will help 100%

it totally worked for me, and once they start feeling better and may not need it during the day, sometimes its still a good idea to wear it at night when you sleep to give it that extra support and let the tendons in your hands/wrist/fingers rest and heal. i'm a web developer/graphic designer and type 144 words per minute and have basically lived on the computer, so i know all about arthritis in your hands, and it isn't fun to deal with lol.

1969 days ago
replied the topic How can I control my temper? created by beatrix

i have the same issue, so i totally know where you're coming from. the best solution i have found is remove yourself from the situation, just walk off, do whatever you have to do to get out of the position you are in and then give it some time (15-30 minutes at least) and you will calm down. then you will think more clear headed and be able to make a better decision on whatever the issue may be, but it is never a good idea to make an important decision when your emotions are all crazy, so remember that. just walk away man.

1969 days ago
replied the topic The icon of software was lost. how to fix? created by pastaway

all you have to do is right click on the shortcut and go to the properties and then you will be able to select whatever icon you would like to use for the shortcut.

1969 days ago
replied the topic How do I access an already estabished website and add content created by fieldson

first, you're going to have to find out who is hosting your website. if you do not know, you can do a "whois" lookup and search to see who or what company the domain name is registered to. just search "website who is lookup" and you should find a site you can do it on, it should be free. it will return the information and just read thru and search for "GoDaddy" or any familiar hosting company names. Once you get where the website is hosted, you're going to have to call them and explain the situation, because someone has to be paying the bill to keep the website hosted. After you expliain the situation, you need to ask them what is the best way to transfer ownership of the website over. Then, you will be able to login and have access to everything on the website and you will be able to edit anything you would like.

1971 days ago
replied the topic What things do you want to be invented? created by nollore

if we're talking realistically and shouldn't be too difficult and should be possible to do, i would say a cream that would permanently remove any unwanted hair you have. that is a problem that everyone has, it shouldn't be too expensive to produce nor purchase, and i believe it is a needed product for the consumer. as for non-realistic, of course it would be some sort of time machine to go into the future or into the past, however if that was actually invented and go into the wrong hands its could cause some major problems, which we would have no idea of knowing what the repercussions would be lol.

1973 days ago
replied the topic Where to download iPhone wallpapers? created by nanna

i just use g00gle image search for "free tech iphone wallpapers" and you will have more than you need, but obviously would would replace "tech" with whichever style you are looking for.

1973 days ago
replied the topic Which free VPN is fastest? created by jins

nice list put together, however i would never trust a 'free' vpn. you have no idea if they actually delete logs, who owns the servers they are using, all kinds of opsec questions, which makes them unsafe.

if you're looking for something free and safe, just use Tor webbrowser, not a free vpn only. however, your best bet is to pay for a vpn like ghostvpn or torguard, or even (hide my ass), who are all good and also have user-friendly software so you can easily select which servers/locations you want to use, etc.

also, remember there are different levels of proxies. some say they mask your ip, which they do, but you can still be traced thru the headers when the connection is originally made. to prevent that, you need to be using "elite" proxies only, which hide everything and make you totally anonymous. most don't explain this to you.

1973 days ago
replied the topic Which kind of smartphone display is best? created by hollis

iPhones will always have the best screen due to the patents they have with Gorilla Glass, which prevents cracking or breaking (as best as possible) and also the Retina Display patent, which is an invention they created that makes gives the illusion there are no pixels on the screen itself and it is just one solid image. Apple will always have the best screens for mobile phones for now and maybe for the future too if (which i know they will) they start using this new 4k high definition technology that is beginning to known.

1973 days ago
replied the topic Any tips for taking teens to Disney World? created by hellen

I'm 30 years old, but when i was younger my parents took my brother and I to disney every single year during the summer as our vacation. we did this literally every single year until i got to high school. here's my best tips and tricks to save money, not wait in long lines, and make the overall trip more enjoyable:

1. they dont sell alcohol at any of the shops, so bring your own if you would like you have a beverage during lunch of dinner because trust me, this will be an all day event. plus, the fireworks are cool to see at night.

2. do not buy the mickey/mini ears hats. i know its tempting, but its just a waste of money. you will never ever wear or use them again and it is wasting money that could be spent on better souvenirs.

3. never ever pay for ride pictures. they are around $20 for a picture, and as cool it would be to have a picture of you and the family riding some ride, $20 could be spent somewhere else on something much more memorable.

4. you will be totally worn out by the end of the day, and when leaving the park, walt disney was such a genius he made the main street buildings look smaller as you are exiting so that it feels like you are walking a lot faster than you really are.

5. if you're staying in a walt disney hotel, use the monorail as much as possible. it can get you just about anywhere you need to go, and if not, it will get you pretty close. this is where pre-planning comes in to place. if you plan out each day, it will prevent a lot of unnecessary stress.

6. don't rush. always being in a hurry to try to make everything on time just ends up making everyone stressed out and you're supposed to be avoiding stress (the whole point of a vacation lol). everything always works itself out, so don't stress about anything. the employees at the park and hotels are there for you to handle your problems for you, so don't be afraid to ask.

7. if you are visiting during a time where there is a large crowd, it can be worth paying for the fast lane pass so that you can skip waiting in the long lines and jump right up front. you may get some funny looks when you do this, but just remember everyone standing in that line had the same option as you lol.

8. DO NOT forget sunscreen, especially if you have kids. standing in those long lines can fry your skin, so be safe and make sure you brought sunscreen.

9. If it does happen to begin to rain, ask for a disney poncho. you'll be suprised how well made they are, and they are made much more thick and in one solid piece, instead of the ones you get from Wal-Mart or any other similar chain stores that are multiple piece of plastic stitched together. Also, there may be construction going on due to the new Star Wars area they are planning on adding to the park.


1973 days ago
replied the topic Why an Instagram Model With a Perfect Life Decided to Sign Off? created by walker

unfortunately it was probably a fake account and someone was stealing a model's photos and posting them in order to get a ton of followers, as you can make a lot of money from instagram if you have a lot of followers thru affiliate marketing.

1979 days ago
replied the topic Can I do it with a sole proprietorship? created by kings60

don't listen to him @kings60. there are companies out there that will open up a "virtual business" for you in other states. however, your address would be a PO Box, so you couldnt ever have UPS or Fed-ex deliver there, but yes this is fully possibly and not that very expensive. just google "virtual business address"

1980 days ago
replied the topic Best site for downloading games created by Danny

no, DO NOT go to any urls you've been provided. just use

1980 days ago
replied the topic Are there any good apps for sending and receiving SMS? created by nanna they will provide you with a free phone number to use and it basically acts as an email address when you receive a text in.

1980 days ago
replied the topic How to use computer to provide WiFi? created by NickPinkman

unless your phone is equipped to do it, you're going to need to buy a wireless router.

1980 days ago
replied the topic Can't connect to Spotify web player created by ileana

you cant play because you are not logging into any spotify account. you at least have to login under some sort of credentials. therefore, you're going to have to create a new account, or i will give you a pandora lifetime premium account for free to use if you'd like.

1980 days ago
replied the topic What do you think of lenovo laptop? Is it good? created by claire

i've worked in the tech industry for over 20 years, and for the average user, yes Lenovo's are priced very well and have good parts inside them. However, no customer support exists with them. So, if it crashes or anything, you're screwed unless you know someone. Sometimes its worth paying an extra 50 or 100 bucks because you will save money in the long run. however, just my opinion though :) hope it helps

1980 days ago
replied the topic Which free email service is safe? created by Tadakii

all of you are actually wrong. the two safest out there are ghostmail (@SecureGhostMail) on twitter, and then signaint. you need to use Tor to access signaint to create an account, which adds another layer of security, but you can educate yourself about how they work by visiting

1980 days ago
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