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replied the topic How to increase internet speed ? created by Daniyal19

Change your net package to higher speed one :). Guaranteed to work.

1907 days ago
replied the topic Will it damage the phone if the phone gets very hot? created by moonlight

If its get too high it will reduce the life of some components. But now many smartphones have security feature that will turn off your phone if it gets too hot

1908 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite foreign food? created by 1633

My favorite food is shawarma :)

1908 days ago
replied the topic Which one is best site to earn money free not fake ? created by aneel23304

Bitlanders is a great site that gives you money for your content. If you know how to write blogs u will earn easy money.

You can go directly and register

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1908 days ago
replied the topic How did you spend your Valentine's Day? created by larry2

I spent all day with my laptop :)

1908 days ago
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