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replied the topic BDSM relationship created by Nur_iffah

First off, there are various facets to a bdsm relationship. .. some genres are quite healthy while others are not for the beginner or the faint of heart or mind. I suggest that you do some authoritative research on the subject and farbeit from me to disagree with other's valid assistance, in this case I have to say that 50 Shades does not lend itself to authority inasmuch as it's one person's (perhaps fictional ) life. You can get as much information from "The Story Of O" by Pauline Reage, or check out some of the internet sites on BDSM. Talk to those on the forums, ask questions by email, and get to know for yourself exactly what BDSM is all about. Generally speaking, if 2 people (or in the case of BDSM, possibly more) in a relationship that is based on mutual communication, and intelligent insight, can be healthy. On the other hand, inexperience in this type of relationship can be quite psychologically damaging in the long run. Hense, MUCH research should be sought and digested thoroughly before passing judgment for yourself or another, and any such advice must be based upon wise, knowledge, insightful, and honest discussion and open-minded consideration. Don't make any hurried or rash, spur of the moment decisions here.

I hope that you really take my answer seriously as this is a very deep and serious subject! Again, something not to be taken lightly.

Peace, and I hope that I've helped you.

1846 days ago
replied the topic Cheater on the Prowl created by Conikay

Sweetheart, if he (or anyone) cheats there is a 95% probability it will happen again. It's just in their chemistry and the way they're wired. A relationship has to have communication, honesty, trust, respect, dignity, and compassion for it to work. Once any of these are lost, the relationship is generally doomed to failure. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it sounds to me like he wanted to get back with you after the diagnosis in the hope of collecting insurance after the unfortunate end. I, too, was at one time pronounced as terminal. .. it brings out the best in the people around you, or the worst in them.

Advice : leave him once and for all and don't look back! Stay away from his lies as its shown his inability to be honest and faithful. Move ahead with your life with your true friends and family, and cherish each new day that you're given. You're a winner! Don't allow someone such as he to make you feel otherwise, nor allow him to share in your life. He won't share, he will cheat, lie, and steal until therevis nothing left, then do the same to everyone that will allow it.

I wish you all the best. Chin up, smile, move ahead, and Peace!


1851 days ago
replied the topic IMac is uncharted territory for me, Is upgrading the Ram or adding more memory in an IMac the same as upgrading it on a windows machine? created by Zemeto

Yes actually it's very much like a Windows machine. Go to your manufacturers we bsite, go to their Drivers and Support page, and rhere you will enter the details of your specific machine. After that, you can either get step by step instructions fot the procedure or conversely you can chat with a live technical support person who will be happy to assist you.

Good luck with your operation!

1856 days ago
replied the topic Why Are People On This So Mean created by Nac

Some people just cannot get their mind around the fact that there are other personality types other than their own. When people are mean to you back off, smile, and understand that people tend to show their stupidity, ignorance, and other negative traits by trying to belittle you. And, some people believe that they are quite invincible when they can hide behind an icon and an assumed name. Take no notice of ill manners, especially from those who have no concept of what humanity is all about in the first place. Remember : God made them, so allow them to pass as human beings, especially when they are less mentality, emotionally, and intellectually less than you.

Peace, and keep smiling! Stay strong!

1865 days ago
replied the topic How can I find the License Key created by Len

There is a program called Belarc Advisor. It's free. Download it, run it, and it will give you a complete profile of your pc/laptop including all of your software and rhe respective keys, codes, oem information, etc. It's the first thing that I do for a new pc because you rarely get this information from the dealer. It will also tell you the condition of your pc, processors info... well, everything!

Peace, and good luck!

1867 days ago
replied the topic How to block ads on chrome ? created by otman1989

Adblockplus is the only thing you need and you can grab it here :

If you add a lot of other stuff to block ads etc, you stand the chance of bogging down your browser, slowing down other stuff as well. Also, if you "over-block" your browser, certain pages that you want to see might get blocked.

One more thing : be careful of where you download software from on the internet! Some sites will automatically add in their custom home pages, search engines, toolbars, etc and even spyware, trojans, and other virusrs. Tucows is good, Cnet is awesome, but stay away from the site with ...tonic in it! (I learned that the hard way!)

Good luck and safe browsing!

1867 days ago
replied the topic Do i have to pay the reward? created by hnesa

I would say that it would be the honorable thing to do. Anytime you offer a reward, or assistance, or anything at all actually, you're also offering your integrity, your honesty, and your own morals and ethics. Let your conscience be your guide and your best friend, and put yourself in the place of the ones to who you have offered the reward in the first place. Essentially you should do the right thing, not because you have to, but because it's just the honest thing to do.


1876 days ago
replied the topic Choosing an antivirus software created by vick

I rarely use a preinstalled system because they're usually there just for a trial period and then you have to start paying for them. The first thing that I do with a new pc is to uninstall everything that I'm not likely to use or that I just don't want, and then I download Avast Free Antivirus (the operative word is free and you can get it here: ). The next thing I do is install a firewall from CheckPoint called ZoneAlarm (also free, and you can pick it up here: ) I found that the best things in life generally CAN be free if you choose wisely!

Windows defender I generally leave there as an afterthought. I also Malewarebytes anti malware and run it in the deep scan mode every few days because no matter what anti-virus system that you use, there is always the possibility that something will get past it(them).

Another tip for you: turn off everything from the start-up menu except what the machine actually needs to boot-up and run. This will vastly decrease your boot time. When you get ready to turn the machine off, it's better to just put it into hibernation rather than to turn it off. When you cold boot the machine (boot it after having turned it off) it takes longer and over time will actually slow your machine down a bit. Hibernation keeps everything nice and cozy, just as it was when you put it in hibernation. Many experts will tell you the same, that this is the best option.

Anyway, there it is. Hope your day is all groovy.

1878 days ago
replied the topic Writing articles created by fuadmehrali

Greetings! You're in luck! There are a couple of sites that I personally recommend as a professional writer and this isn't by blogging!

Note that I will NEVER intentionally send you to a site that is a scam or one that charges you money for joining or creating accounts. Writers should be paid for their experience, and not have to pay others to publish their stuff. That being said, check these sites out!

-The first one is GhostBloggers ( ) This site allows you to sell custom content online and you don't have to have experience!
- Strongwhispers (although the site is down momentarily) is something that you want to keep an eye on! They pay welll for beginners and you can make a pretty good chunk of change here.
-College Humor is another pretty good site. Check them out! is a really great site for writing humor. And, you can make a little money here as well!
-What Culture ( )

---interjection- some of these sites are not necessarily based in the USA but will allow people world-wide to write for them!
-If you know how to write code or how to aid in the development of software, go here for some extra cash - is a place that pays REALLY WELL for articles about crafts... a site worth checking out for good money -
-Textbroker... you can make some money here as well.
-Blue Mountain Arts - buys poetry, but you have to be good, and be patient!
-IWrite pays around $15 usd per article.

All of these sites are free to join, currently accept writers from beginners, and pay through PayPal. All of this being said, in order to make money writing, you have to learn to be professional, check out all submission and writing guidelines BEFORE submitting anything, do exactly as the agencies/sites tell you, and don't keep sending them emails asking about your story, article, etc. You will be told all of the details of each assignment upfront.

Ya lknow, being a writer is fun, you learn a LOT, but you have to do your research, be patient, and don't take rejections personal. They're a fact of life for ALL writers! So good luck to you all and I hope that you can use this information to make it big!


1880 days ago
replied the topic Which Mobile Browser do you prefer and why? created by BTW

I use FireFox as my mobile browser because of its stability, privacy, and lightweight. It's customizable, takes up less space than the others, and in MY opinion it out-does all the other browsers INCLUDING Chrome! You can also get free addins for it! You can pick this up FREE on GooglePlay Store.

There is another app that is for security minded people and it's called Orbot. (Also available on GooglePlay Store.) This browser is known for its security and privacy ratings, it's free, and easy to install. I keep this as an alternative browser when I'm a little more security conscious.

One more thing: I know that you just asked for suggestions on browsers but I'm going to toss in an extra point here. If you want privacy, there are 3 search engins that you really need to check out: StartPage Search, IxQuick (StartPage's Sister Site), and DuckDuckGo. The first 2 are touted as being the worlds MOST PRIVATE BROWSING experience. Searches aren't logged, you can keep your history and cookies cleaned a lot easier, they're all customizable, they all allow you to search for images, and you can go to their settings tab and customize adult block, privacy, skins, and so many other things! I use StartPage but the other 2 are just as good!

So there you go! I hope that this at least somewhat answers your question and like always, I like to give a little more than just the basic information!


1880 days ago
replied the topic How to chat without Internet? created by listen

Actually it is possible! (Lucky you!) There are several apps for your iPhone, Smartphone, etc that will allow you to send messages and chat with your device.

-Whatsapp is the first one and probably the best! Millions are using Whatsapp these days and if you don't have it, you should get it! Get it on GooglePlay Store!
- I hear Firechat is a really good chat apparatus as well for chatting without the internet.
-Messenger- this is primarily an app to allow you to chat with Facebook friends but it goes further, in that it allows you to chat with those in your phone's contact list ( )
-I hear that Windows OneDrive is a pretty fair app but I haven't used it so I won't vouche for it. Others have, though, and they say its good. Check it out and see what you think!
-Skype, of course, is another pretty good app but I still prefer Whatsapp. Just my opinion of course. Get it from GooglePlay Store.
-Yahoo Messenger (also available from GooglePlay Store). This is a new variation of the old Yahoo Messenger App on your pc.
-ICQ has been around since, well, forever! Now they've gone Android and have an app that allows you to make video calls and regular chat!

Ya know, I'm sure that there are other ChatApps out there that allow you to chat (either video or just text) with your family and friends but the ones that I've listed have the highest ratings that you're going to find. Be aware that a lot of the other chat thingies may open your device to viruses, trojans, overloading, and may also actually cost you money without you knowing about it until you get your cellphone bill, or you find that you lost a LOT of minutes on your prepaid package. So whatever app you choose, choose wisely and know what you're getting!

My final rating... Whatsapp by a mile! You can send and receive messages, files, videos, voice recordings, texts, make app to app FREE phone calls, and so many other features! If you're going to be chatting, this is the app that I would recommend!

Happy Chatting! And as always... Peace!

1880 days ago
replied the topic How does education improve our lives? created by AF

I'm a great pusher of education! To me, education is like a drug that's addicting and I constantly am looking for new pushers and places where I can find it. When I can't find it, I get mental withdrawal symptoms. I'm wondering when and where I'll eventually overdose. But education doesn't just come in the form that gets us that diploma on the wall! While this is a necessary thing to have these days, to secure a job, to move to higher education, etc, there are still other forms of education that we need in our lives.

Education allows each person to express his/her knowledge in so many different ways... it allows us to communicate effectively with others and allows others to communicate with us. It let's us reach out to teach, to learn, to grow, to build lasting ties with our next-door neighbors as well as people from around the world. Education allows us to learn of other cultures, other social situations, and other languages. It allows us to better ourselves not just as indivuals but also as a great society. It allows us to help others in so many different ways, and also teaches us the value of passing on knowledge to others.

But there is another type of education that so many people overlook and that's the education that we get from birth within our own respective families. We learn the social skills to interact with others while we're still at home; as children, adolescents. It is where we (are supposed) to learn the basics in life: dignity, pride, communication, love, integrity, respect, tolerance, as well as inner strength, honesty, and compassion. These things are, in my opinion, the most important things in life because without these elemental foundations, what we learn in more formal settings have no solid foundations. We learn at home how to talk, communicate, and the essence of right and wrong. At home we learn the value of respect of others and learn to tolerate the shortfalls of others as well as our own. We learn to overlook petty issues and instead to focus on things that more affect us not just as individuals, but as families; the basis for societal interactions. We learn how to express our emotions and how to help others when they need emotional support.

There is knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom in the classes of education. Knowledge is what you get by observing, listening, and interacting with others. Intelligence is what you get from schools, books, experimenting, etc. Wisdom is the ability to know when, and when NOT to, use our knowledge and intelligence. Wisdom is the ability to how to use what we have, where to use it, as well as when to use it. (Or NOT to use it.) Socrates said that "The more that I know, the more I know that I don't know!" And there is the fact that innocense is the opposite of wisdom and once you achieve wisdom, you can't go back to innocense. Hence the question: if you knew then what you know now, would you learn more or just stay innocent?

In short, a full well-rounded education gives us that which separates us from other creatures that walk the earth. It lets us learn from our mistakes, learn from the mistakes of others, and to survive in the face of adversity and challenge. And not just survive, but to grow and to expand our self-esteem, self-reliance, and inner strength. It's something that all to often is taken for granted by some, sought dilligently by others, and escapes those who cannot grasp the meaning and the essence of what education really is. Ut allows us to teach individuals with learning difficulties and impairments which keeps them from achieving what others take for granted all to often.

So no matter from what sources, or where we gain our intelligence, no matter if we learn from our parents, peers, or our children, education in any form is necessary to improve our lives as well as the lives of others around us.


1880 days ago
replied the topic What is the funniest thing a child has said to you? created by kimi

My ex-girlfriend was decidedly younger than I and had a 6 year old, really cool son who liked to listen to others' conversations and then recount them at various and sundry times. One day after overhearing a discussion by his grandmother about the age difference between his mother and myself, he came into the room where I was sitting and with a straight-face asked, "Granma and Mommy were talking and I was wondering if you really were God's babysitter?"

Of course, the other thing that he used to tell others about me was that I was alive when the Dead Sea was just sick!

Kids... gotta love 'em!

Smiles always!

1880 days ago
replied the topic wanted: relible free* DUPLICATE FILE FINDER created by martiandon

While Wise is the obvious choice, I think that the fastest that I have tried is Ccleaner. Go here ( ) to check out what they have... it's free, quick, efficient, and has a lot of other options to it as well... but for everything else with cleaning up the pc... Wise is wise!

Happy un-duplicating!

1880 days ago
replied the topic Do you always choose fast food as your meal? created by jackyjacky

Fast food has it's time and place... a quick cure when you know that you're going to have a late dinner, or you just don't have time to stop and cook something (most generally at the office or while driving... very inconvenient!) That being said, there are so many things that you can prepare at home that are quick, healthy, tasty, and don't cost an arm an a leg!

On YouTube, you can find so many quick and easy things to prepare such as mug brownies, homemade butter or ricotta cheese, quick and easy 6 ingredient lasagna, baked steak and other meats... all that you have to add are a few ingredients from the pantry or the spice-rack and voila (or is it voice)... in either case... you can make homemade hamburgers and you know what meat you're using... fresh condiments (pickles, onions, mustard, ketchup... etc) and unless you have senile dementia (like me) you generally are going to get your order right! (and less likely to get into a spat with the cook if you prepare it yourself... on the other hand....)

Fresh fruits are available that you can carry with you when you go to work that you can snack on during the day. You can make your own chocolate chip cookies (okay, use the frozen dough if you want to... but they're still baked to your liking!) or other such frivoloties (or necessities!) There are so many things that you can find semi-prepared either frozen or in the cans and all that you have to do, again, is add a little of your own cooking magic and you have something that is healthy, tastes good, and is inexpensive.

Get the family involved in helping with the meal once a week... this teaches the kids how to cook, keeps everyone doing something together, and generally everyone gets to take pride in what they prepared, even if it's bacon-wrapped hot-dogs that are seared on a grill, or hamburgers with bacon and cheese mixed in with the meat... salmon balls take 7 minutes to prepare: a can of salmon, an egg, some onions, crushed saltines, perhaps a little tobasco sauce or other spices, let them sit in hot olive (or vegetable oil ) for a minute or two on each side... a really tasty, healthy, inexpensive, and quick home prepared food. Frozen french fries... you can either bake them in the over (which is very healty) or deep frie them.

In short, the choice is yours... but its so much more awesome knowing that you have the ability to prepare meals for yourself, and this is impressive to others as well (especially if you're a guy! Make a quick, no-bake cheese-cake guys... a quick lasagna... and well... you will be the rock star!) Eat out from time to time, enjoy treating yourself to a night letting McD's doing the cookng for you, or grab a pizza (or have it delivered)... whatever. But don't discount the ability to cook for yourself, what it means to you and others, and the money it will save in the long run.

Happy Cooking, Bon Apetit, and Peace!

1880 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite section of Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

Actually I like them all, but if I had to choose a favorite I would have to say "All." I love the questions that others pose, I love to read the responses of others as well. I like to think that I contribute a certain something to the mix of things, truth, a little humor, knowledge, and a dash of reality. This is one of the only such "forums" that I've joined that didn't have a lot of politics, drama, pettiness, etc... all in all... it's a really groovy place to hang out, share, learn, and grow. So, I would certainly have to say that my favorite category is certainly "All."

Peace, and happy moderating!

1880 days ago
replied the topic What is the most precious things you have lost? created by kathy

Kathy, I think that the most precious thing that I have lost is time. As we get older, we find that time sort of tops the list in this category. If I had it to do over again, I would have loved more passionately, smiled and laughed more sincerely, and taken extra time to look into the eyes of someone that I cared for, or listened more intently, and cared more deeply. I would have noticed more the sunsets, the stars in the skies and the ones that twinkled in the eyes of the one that I loved, I would have climbed higher mountains, ran further, and taught more about life, love, philosophy. I would have given more readily, accepted with pride and dignity, accepted losses with more of an element of winning rather than defeat (losing is actually part of winning... its called learning.) I would have held my love longer and more tightly, watched her more intently while she slept, and paid more attention to her when she was awake. Time, and all that it encompasses, is the most precious thing that I've lost.


1880 days ago
replied the topic How to encourage children to be confidence and brave? created by July

Teach by example. Being brave and confident entails other things such as self-esteem, pride, and self-reliance. They learn this by example of watching the parents interact with others. You have to show the child that you trust him/her, that they are strong, intelligent, and that you will support them always. You have to teach them that being strong, brave, and confident also means that sometimes they make mistakes, but they also have to take ownership of those mistakes and make things right. Dignity, honesty, communication, tolerance of others, all of these things go into teaching a child to be brave and confident! You should teach them, again by example, that you have their back and that learning these things is a part of growing up. They should also learn about courage, respect for the feelings of others... all of this goes into teaching about being brave and confident. Only through these things, and the ability to share their emotions with you, knowing that you will never be judgemental, will they learn to be brave, confident, and ability to pass this own to others.

Good luck!

1880 days ago
replied the topic Which type phone you have now ? created by omarwa79

I currently have something of a hybrid- DelMonte can on one side, Libby's Corn can on the other with a 10foot string in between... although I'm thinking of switching to open copper wire soon. I hear the sound is better and while I'm waiting for someone to answer on the other end, I might be able to pick up some music on the crystal radio type antenna!

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Currently, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Android with a KitKat operating system. Great phone after I disabled a lot of the stuff that I will never use. I also have (for work) an Asus PhonePad Mini-X... the one that is a tablet and you can remove the cellular from it and actually have a smaller smartphone. The Asus has a few issues but right now, it's what I have, and it works. I actually use it with a VPN tunnel to my laptop so that I can access my 2tb laptop hard drive from anywhere I have a connection! This saves from having to download a lot of files and/or carry the laptop with me. Great setup actually.

And in 1844 with Alexander Graham Bell nervously holding the telephone aparatus he had wired in his bedroom, his assistant, Watson, waited nervously in the living room. The phone rang and Watson answered it. And in the immortal first words, shaking with emotion, Bell whispered into the speaker "Watson, come into my bedroom. I... I need you!" And all else was history.

This trivia is brought to you by a somewhat deranged mind and really morbid character. Still:

Peace... and don't forget to deposit a dime for the next ten minutes!

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replied the topic Using DC directly at home lighting created by adham

Personally, with the prices of LED lighting so inexpensive these days, unless you just want to build it, I would certainly check with your local WalMart or home improvement center and find exactly what you need. If you want to build your own then I suggest talking to your home improvement store associate (electrical and lighting) and explain your project to him/her and let them advise you, guided by your project requirements! This is the simplest and most economical way to get the light that you need, a price you can afford, and you might pick up other advice on your other projects as well.

It sounds as though you're very intelligent and I commend you for your building efforts!

Peace and Happy Lighting!

(PS... do you know how many psychologists it takes to change a light bulb? Only 1, but the lightbuld has to WANT to change! And another piece of trivia... Edison didn't invent the lghtbulb, it was Nicoli Tesla! Sorry, I couldn't help passing that along! Something just... I don't know... came over me... like a light or something! just flashing on in my feeble brain!!)

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