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How can i reach a moderator on this site ?REWARD $25
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replied the topic In what country safer than all to be? created by savram

Slovenia is the country you are looking for, because it won't be affected even if europe, russia and the US become politically instable or become war zones

1674 days ago
replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost

Grind More

1674 days ago
replied the topic Which artist, or band, has influenced music the most? created by TonyW50

I think the Beetles and Michael Jackson Heavily influenced the pop culture and steered it towards that thing it is today . Because not only they were very popular, but they also brought new things (relative to their time) to the table.

1705 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong

I vote for the green one , it looks dope , plus it's the one that doesn't get chosen as much, and thus it is a unique and distinct color :D ;)

1706 days ago
replied the topic Which country would you like to travel most? created by AF

I think that Finland is amongst the safer countries due to the high level of education there and the low crime rate. Not only that, but they also have little to no political disputes in their land.

1708 days ago
replied the topic How to become more socially acceptable? created by summersummer

Quite simply,make people interested in spending time with you, there is a lot of ways you can do that, you can be funny, or charismatic etc it is up to you and your imagination :D

1709 days ago
replied the topic Which country would you like to travel most? created by AF

Finland because it had great landscapes and the quality of life there is quite high, plus it's a very safe place to be relative to the world events.

1709 days ago
replied the topic How to make money in your spare time? created by heaven

the easiest way is working extra hours, try giving lessons to kids from middle school. A lot of people do that in Europe and it pays pretty good relative to how easy the work is. Or you can just start a blog, a youtube channel or even start learning coding and making an app or learning SEO and investing in that. so yeah if you want the easy way, try working extra hours in something like babysitting or giving lessons to kids or some other part time job, and if you want the long term investment it's pretty much up to how motivated you are and how patient you are, because the long term methods require you to keep working for the first few years without making any money before starting to pay off.

1720 days ago
replied the topic How Much Should I Spend On Rent? created by sunrise

Try to get the cheapest house that is also as close to your workplace/school as possible. Avoid renting a place that is far from work because even if you have a car the time you spend on the commute everyday is wasted and makes you lose money in the long run.

1721 days ago
replied the topic Is it easy to learn foreign songs? created by BTW

As long as you have the syllables spelles in your language it should nit be too hard to memorize the song. For example if you are a native american and you are trying to learn a song in korean you wknt be able to memorize it if it is written in korean. But you can memorize it if the pronunciation of the korean words is written in english

1726 days ago
replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi

Find something that keeps you busy. If you are focused on your work , or a hobby that you really like, you will be spending all your time thinking about it and you wont find time to think about the little things that would get under your skin otherwise.

1726 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

Crooked hillary and donald crap

1726 days ago
replied the topic How do you control your anger? created by Lisaly

Anger is often due to personnal problems. For example of you get too angry at your friend because he was a bit late, the source of anger has probably nothing to do with him being late, but rather has to do with a test you failed earlier that wekk, or a fight you had with your friend 2 weeks ago. And thus, to end the anger you just have to deal with whatever it is that's bothering you and admit that the reason you are angry is the fight that happened two weeks ago and not him being late (in the example).

1727 days ago
replied the topic What kind of person do you want to marry? created by Prince_

Someone whos sincere about feelings, doesnt matter if rich or not. Just needs to be funny, and kind.

1727 days ago
replied the topic How did you meet your best friend? created by bootup

I met this guy once in my school, he told me he had just started playing a video game that i has been playing for years. I offered to play with him that night over the internet. We had fun and i taught him a couple of things about the video game and i jokingly said. I am your father, as if i was darthvader from starwars. Little did i know, his father had jusy died a few months ago. Now we are best friends, the end.

1727 days ago
replied the topic What do you prefer to eat as snacks? created by au52

Personally , i like to eat an apple and drink some water.because i prefer to avoid eating while in office, since digesting bothers me and makes ne less focused on the tasks at hand.

1727 days ago
replied the topic What are some bad social habits we should avoid? created by hellen

@hellen of course we cant consider that they are being impolite. They just have a hard time fitting in. And we should help them by including them in conversations :D

1728 days ago
replied the topic Most hilarious sitcom. created by pustoi11

The last man on Earth - It is a new sitcom, and it is funny :D

1729 days ago
replied the topic Politics - Hillary Clinton created by Hambone531

I Believe that Hillary Clinton can make a great President, especially since she's going to be the first women to rule a country as big as the U.S.
And i think that the reason people mistakenly hate her, is because she is not actively trying to show her human side, and thus people wronlgy believe that she's a bureaucratic monster that has no feelings , and knows nothing but Stict rules that should apply Everyday.

1729 days ago
replied the topic Why did Apple remove headphone jack? created by realtrain

Simply because the phonejack takes way too much space in the Iphone , Relative to what they could put in that space that was taken by the phonejack. Now they have more space for battery life, and they can make the phone thinner. Which is something that apple always tried to do.

1729 days ago
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