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replied the topic Some laptop keyboard keys do not work created by ChessKing

So sorry but it can be anything, anyway I will try to help you. I think it can be a bug on the keyboard or something like that or most commonly it is a virus that you have after installing a program from the internet or maybe after receiving a virus mail on your e-mail. So you should reinstall your system and download a good antivirus. I had also the same problem but it was my keyboard, I just bought another one the Moko Universal Keyboard. I found info about it on

435 days ago
replied the topic Composite decking 3D! created by jogncartman

I have composite decking in the house and I am so grateful. It cleans so easily, all the spots disapear without using any chemical washers, I know how it can be difficult because I had earlier wooden floor and to tell you the truth it was terrible, if you leave the spot on the kitchen floor without cleaning it up, then be ready to wash it like a mad man cause it absorbes... Well I can speak about the disadvantages of a wooden floor timeless (scratches etc.). So I choose plastic decking boards, composite decking in other words . I finally got rid of all the problems)) Good luck!

473 days ago
replied the topic How can I tell if my modem has a built-in wireless router? created by rfe4585

jongcartman is right, I had similar situation and I simply couldn't remember my own password and couldn't look for it after I changed window on my computer. I was searching how to solve this problem for a really long time. My provider doesn't have access to password to, because I have changed it. It is such a system f this provider, only owner know the password. Then I decided to use hashing on and it helped a lot.

475 days ago
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