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replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna

@nanna ,

Of course! There are many practical situations where cooking skills would do the trick. If your parents have sickness, if your wife is pregnant and needs bed rest, if you camp a lot, if you travel, if you engage on a fieldwork, etc.

A man who knows how to cook can serve sumptuous dishes to his mother, wife and children. A man who knows how to cook can serve meals to the homeless and less fortunate. A male chef can serve meals to customers from the most ordinary to the high-profiled.

I don't actually see why men should shy away from cooking.

1743 days ago
replied the topic Do you believe in karma? created by Tadakii

Nope, the concept of "karma" is only a make-believe concept meant to satisfy one's ego.

You see, if karma were true, then we'd all be dead by now. The many injustices we had commit against one another and the world itself would demand too much of a retribution if karma were true.

1743 days ago
replied the topic How would you answer the common interview question? created by thelivewire

If I were to answer that, I'd say:
"I can answer you 1, I can answer you 10. You didn't specify which number corresponds to the highest rating."

I think this answer reflects enough how good of a listener are you, and how peculiar are you to details. The interview question missed one thing, and that is the quality on which the number range corresponds. Being able to point that out reflects intelligence as well.

1743 days ago
replied the topic Traditional or homeschool? created by airyl

Traditional seems to work fine for me. If you want to grow your network and be able to study Graduate and Postgraduate Programs, you need to go to a traditional institution after all. No home schooling will be able to provide that.

In a traditional school, a student gets learning not only from textbooks but from the experiences of a professor.

But for a junoir high school and lower levels of education, if your homeschooling can assure you competency against outside standards of a traditional school, then it's a better choice.

1744 days ago
replied the topic I am a Repairer and I need softwares that works on flashing ,Decoding,unlocking (Sp flash tool,Odin and LGUP are not working). created by Dellaco

If you want to unlock a portable wifi modem, use DC UNLOCKER. This comes with a fee (about $2 per unlock).

If you want to flash a smartphone, your best choice is XDA FORUMS. I visit there to flash Samsung phones.

1744 days ago
replied the topic Where is the safest place to store important files? created by moonlight

Probably an offline HDD. The only thing you have to worry is physical access to your drives, by family, friends or strangers.

1744 days ago
replied the topic How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow? created by Pravy

Thanks @Pravy

1744 days ago
replied the topic Why do you use recreational drugs? created by MpandA

Why would I use such? I don't need to rely on chemicals to entertain me.

I am already addicted to the dopamine of my brain, so no need for external chemicals. LOL

You're too cheap and sort of a loser if you think that some drugs would provide you happiness. Reform and Refine yourself, then you will be happy.

1745 days ago
replied the topic How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow? created by Pravy

How to live?

You need a reason and a purpose to live.

Some reasons could be:
- At least someone will be happy when he / she sees you tomorrow
- You've got a great destiny ahead of you, it's up to you to reach there faster
- You've got a ton of problems, but everyone does too -- it's a testament of your strength to be able to solve them as time marches on
- There are many places you haven't been yet, at least die when you've got to them

Some purposes could be:
- Your people needs you to alleviate their suffering by inventing a revolutionary tech stuff, by establishing a charitable foundation, etc.
- Your family needs you so that you could help them reach their dreams and aspirations
- Since you are unique, some problems of this world would only be solved by you
- There is a noble task you must do before you die

Why you wouldn't want to die now or tomorrow:
- Dying by drowning, freak accident or crime would be senseless and would not leave footprints in history so that people will continue to remember you
- Your loved ones would surely be filled with grief, since they loved you so much. You wouldn't want to hurt them
- You haven't realized your full potential:
* Have you tried a great challenge, like jumping on the middle of a sea, or skydiving?
* Have you conquered your fears?
* or something along those lines
- This world is wide, there's so much to do

I won't force down your throat specific religious ideas since I don't believe that you would obtain a good reason from living from those. Lines like "I exist to serve God" is just a pipedream, knowing full well that you will in your entire life never perceive or have a presentable evidence of your perception of a God. Besides, what good will it do you to "obey and serve" an incarnate God who shrugs in indifference to many suffering people of this world?

Don't get convinced that having the concept of "God" will maximize your potential. Wrong - you study in a school, you work to gain experience, you set up a startup business, you grow your network, you build up your finances so that you get ahead in life. No God will do that for you, only yourself.

Please look positively for tomorrow and see it with brand new eyes. You aren't meant to rot in a casket without even leaving a part of yourself to this world that will linger indefinitely.

1745 days ago
replied the topic Make your fb account safer created by samadahri

Thanks for the tip!

1745 days ago
replied the topic Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, Which one is your favorite? created by NEW_Day

I have Playstation, but now that the anticipated August 2 update of windows 10 is coming, I'm eager to try xbox. Microsoft promises more integration between the two, so the games i/ve bought on either the PC or the Xbox can be played on the other device as well. Cool way of enjoying a game while saving money on buying duplicate titles.

1745 days ago
replied the topic Who is the best candidate in the U.S. presidential election? created by Elderwand8

Donald Trump as president is for those who are already tired of politics.

Most presidents nowadays focus on their personal enrichment and power-growth, that they often neglect the masses, looking at them as mere ants whom they would gladly step over for their personal missions.

Donald Trump do not need to commit any more corruption, for he has already the riches one could only dream of.

Governance needs intelligence and common sense, and a man like Trump who built his own empire from scratch can definitely make bigger of an already superpower empire.

1745 days ago
replied the topic Who is the most accurate prophet? created by pustoi11

It probably is Jesus Christ, who, after 2,000 years of documented existence from a remote place in a remote town, now is the most popular and most adhered figure of all time.

Even in the Quran, Jesus was shown to be greater than Muhammad, that in the end days, Jesus, not Muhammad, will be returning to Earth.

Jesus, in the Bible, kept inspiring people from all walks of life from all corners of the world as the representative of a very refined moral teacher, with a very forgiving and a very big heart for everyone, with a very loving personality that would make an adult after 2,000 years cry and beg for His mercy and love.


1745 days ago
replied the topic Is it safe for a single woman to travel alone in Europe? created by ruby

Nope, Europe has already been islamized, and you might just be a victim of sex offenders.

1747 days ago
replied the topic Financial Influence created by distinctagency

Nope, Loyalty is an expensive commodity and it usually comes with a price.

1747 days ago
replied the topic What are some rules you've made for yourself? created by BTW

If I can do it, I will do it NOW.

1749 days ago
replied the topic Where can i learn the best computer programing or theological courses online? created by Dellaco

Well, go to , I've tried it there, and it's fine.

Although, since I am not really the type to go on an online schooling program, I am instead taking my graduate degree in a physical university.


1749 days ago
replied the topic Do you read books? created by braz68

Well, I have some hundred books with regards to technical stuff, some about history, some about world religions. The advantages in having physical books is ..... being able to physically turn pages! LOL

Of course, if you have physical books, you can open one or many simultaneously. Unlike the electronic format, you have to close or minimize an e-book to read another book, or split the screen to accommodate two books at best --- but with reduced font size thus straining your eyes.

Ebooks require your battery to be always charged. The only convenient means of reading an ebook is thru the tablet, which of course requires you to purchase one for maybe a hundred bucks.

The only advantage of purchasing ebooks is the very wide range of selection. On hardbound copies, you are limited to the choices in your locality. If you really need a title not available to your area, you might need to order from another country and have it delivered thru courier service, which of course takes some time. Ebooks can be downloaded at will, but many good titles require you to pay some bucks, although at least you can purchase whatever you want from children's stories to space station theory and design.

Another advantage of ebooks is having a wide range of historical writings to be read. Google makes an effort to digitize old books, like the 1611 KJV Bible, or the Babylonian Talmud, which cannot be purchased anymore --- save the reproduced copies which could be very very expensive. Google Books, can, however, provide you some historical books in digital form FOR FREE!

In conclusion, you should have both books, the hard bound and the ebook. It will depend upon your choice on what topics or titles you choose to be in hard bound, and what topics or titles you choose in soft copy form.


1749 days ago
replied the topic What are some rules you've made for yourself? created by BTW

Well, there's only one rule for me --- Live free and have no regrets.

Trust who you like, reject those you don't. Believe what is true, reject falsity (truth will set you free). Love freely. Learn even those things that they don't want you to. Travel to different places. Free your mind, free your heart, free your soul, free your body.

1757 days ago
replied the topic What should i do ??? :( created by jammmol

Well, the most practical tip I could give you is to not become picky in pursuing a job opportunity. My job right now is different from my specialization, but I am living a modest life. I am now pursuing a graduate degree (master's degree) in my real specialization, already have a house, and an expecting father to boot. My job, though not my specialization, allows me to live a better life. It allows me to enjoy family time and extracurricular activities (like studies).

The doors may be closed, but windows are still open. You just have to keep on trying. There are jobs everywhere, so don't lose hope.

Or, maybe you aren't the salary-man type, but a businessman-type. Maybe, try to build a startup company and start with zero cash. You can go to gofundme or kickstarter to ask for a capital.

God bless.

1757 days ago
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