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replied the topic Hdd error solve it get it created by irfanhakim

Use a hard drive docking station or a hard drive to USB adapter to access files or to copy files from your damaged hard drive. You will need to physically remove the damaged hard drive no matter which you choose (dock vs. adapter) and access to a second but working PC is required. Plug and play will allow you to open a file explorer window, and, from there, copy important files onto storage media like flash drives or SD cards for access on most PCs.

1189 days ago
replied the topic Blue Screen of Death created by BuddyStud

I'd try to use the free rescue disc program you can download from It never fails me.
You should search the website for rescue disc. You can burn it to a disc or use a flash drive to install. It should boot your PC even though it's not booting now, without issues and it will repair problems it finds. They even provide instructions at Kaspersky. It's free.

1195 days ago
replied the topic How many times per day is it safe to Clean my Registry? created by 99701

You should not run any registry defrag more than once per month. There really should be no need to defrag your registry as often as you have been doing so.

Even in instances where one is regularly downloading and installing applications, and then quickly or soon after removing these applications, it's not necessary to clean the registry anywhere near as often as you have. While it shouldn't cause problems, depending on what you're using to clean it, overdoing it could create a problem that causes your system not to start up.

If you're scanning for viruses and malware that often, that is not necessary either. Running scans too often is just a waste of time, processor capacity, and it consumes RAM. These limit your PCs ability to perform at it's best because it's having to dedicate resources to this activity when it could be better used by something you're doing. Besides, running scans for malware and viruses is tedious, and while it is helpful to check regularly, for example, once per week, no virus and malware protection is full proof. There's always going to be a way around whatever your system is running.

You might consider upping your PCs RAM, since that seems really, really low. My 5 PCs all have at least 6 to 7 GB of RAM.

1195 days ago
replied the topic In pricing an eBook, what is the best price to sell it on Amazon? created by Teresita

Price it at what you want. Give it some time to sell at your price. If it isn't selling enough, lower your price somewhat. as if offering it at a sale price. If at the sale price for a while still doesn't generate enough sales, lower your price even more. Or, do some research into the prices of other authors" ebooks with a similar topic as yours, find their prices, and add these together to get a sum. Then divide the sum by the number of author's boo prices that made up the sum. Set your price at one which considers this as a sort of average value, and one which aso considers how your book is different from that of other authors who are offering their ebooks for sale wherever you are seeing.

1320 days ago
replied the topic How can i earned good money on line created by ronnadeau

Sign up for an online web store and sell goods to customers that visit online shops such as,,, etc. If you do, you can sell whatever you want to sell, but try to select the items you sell based on your shopper's interests and current shopping trends... If you can provide quality items at low, yet reasonable prices, you may develop a return customer base that sends referrals to your store to make new purchases. Provide excellent service to your customers, and offer them quality merchandise and related products that you inspect personally before sending to your customers all over the world. Perhaps you might choose to open accounts at each of the websites I mentioned. You might even try, to name another website on which you could sell goods online. You'll have profits and losses,l and it may be that you make more profits by prudent management of your online stores and operating policies.

1320 days ago
replied the topic How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? created by Tadakii

As a former public school teacher of a foreign language in two courses, I think you have asked a great question. Its answers are sure to prove interesting.

While teaching a foreign language to students in my classes, I always considered that corrections of students' grammatical errors were part of my duties. To improve student usage of vocabulary, grammar and syntax, opportunities to correct mistakes are important. Often, mistakes in grammar result due to uncertainty about usage rules. Sometimes, these errors are due to regional differences in usage by native speakers, and occasionally, mistakes happen outside informal communications. In formal communications, one must exercise greater care. Consider this story.

Years ago, I was speaking a foreign language to a customer in a grocery store who I had overheard saying she had forgotten the eggs she needed to purchase. I asked her, in her language, if she wished for me to have the eggs brought to her where I was ringing up her groceries. She began laughing at me immediately. When she quit laughing, she explained that I made a mistake in asking my question. She explained that "eggs" in her language have to be described as "white eggs" since not describing the color with the word for eggs means that I had not said 'eggs' at all. It said something entirely different. That is, the word I used for eggs in my question to her referred not to eggs at all, rather, without also describing the eggs' color, the word for 'eggs', means 'testicles.' You can imagine my embarrassment! But, if she had not explained my mistake, I could have spent a lifetime saying 'testicles' when I meant to say 'eggs'. So, sometimes, corrections of others' grammar is helpful. Therefore, try to be gracious and thankful rather than to feel offended if this happens to you.

1671 days ago
replied the topic Hair Fall Stoper created by rakib0163

Consider this one truth: very few things can actually prevent, slow or stop your hair loss. While you may be experiencing a medical condition. For example, you might have one of the forms of alopecia, or you might have an endocrine problem with your thyroid gland. Or, you could just be expriencing so much stress that you begin to lose your hair. Some medical treatments you may be receiving could also cause hair loss. However, it stands to reason you may be losing your hair because of a genetic predisposition, especially if any of your family members have experienced hair loss as they matured.

Topical medicines such as Rogaine, which contain the active ingredient minoxidil, may help regrow your lost hair. Another medicine called Propecia may help regrow your hair, too, but it is usually taken internally in pill form. These medicines have been shown effective for nearly 60 percent or so of a generalized population, but you might be among those who do not respond to either of one medicine or the other... that happens, too. Really, these two medicines are about the only things that could really fix your problem hair loss. Putting castor oil on is a folk remedy, although castor oil has been shown to be efrective in resolving some skin problems unrelated to hair loss. Taking biotin is unnecessary, whether or not using thsi supplement supports new hair growth.

Hair is overrated, really. At least, I think so. Being bald headed or even shaving your hair off to be bald-looking are not such terrible things. For those Bosley commercials, where they remove follicles from one area to implant them into another area, where the guy says going was among the best decisoons he has ever made in his life, i just want to laugh at that trivial decision and suggest he get real.

Man up, and work with what you've got, even if you're losing it. Learn to embrace change, even if it means learning to let go of your hair. What purpose does hair really serve anyway?

1674 days ago
replied the topic Pc cannot be started created by 9060311530

Sometimes, PCs do crazy things. In a couple of older versions of Windows, this same problem was not uncommon. Windows is designed to continually attempt to reboot. You might simply try to restart the PC, for example. If bootup fails, power off and retry bootup by powering on and off. Be willing to power on and off about 5 times to see if Windows can repair its own boot image. If by the sixth attempt, Windows still has not successfully rebooted, then proceed with the next suggestions.

If the above attempts fail, download a program called Rescue Disc by Kapersky Labs from another PC. You can download it at
Copy it to a flash drive or make an ISO image disc with a CD-RW burner. Use this disc to boot your Windows system when it is i an inoperable state. This program is available free of charge, and it is designed to repair your operating system even when your OS will not boot up your PC. If this should fail to repair your boot image, your options are more limited. You could attempt to enter recovery mode (such as by pressing F6, F8, or F11 on your keyboard repdatedly as soon as you power on the PC), but without a retreivable boot image on your hard drive, you may not have any luck getting to this point at all. Your next options involve obtaining another copy of Windows (at least the same vesion or higher) from Microsoft or your PC's manufacturer, but getting replacement discs will likely cost you some expense, even if the expenses are only for shipping new discs to your address. If you happen to have a friend who has a copy of Windows, just like the version yours ran before it crashed, you might could borrow the disc to repair your pc, but by entering your own product key (which might be marked on a Windows label located somewhere on your desktop's exterior surfaces.

1675 days ago
replied the topic How to obtain and shelter a capybara? created by capybara

Capybara are neat animals, indeed. I, too, think them fascinating creatures. They look like gentle giants of a sorts.

Are you familiar with an animal called the nutria? We have nutria here in East Texas, and they're common enough in the southern US, but I have found many people who live elsewhere are unfamilar with them. To me, nutria look very much like what might be a miniaturized capybara.

I mention this not just because of the capybara's resemblance to the nutria, but also to make a point about the problems with bringing non-native species into any new habitats. For example, the nutria's US introduction has caused a number of environmental problems.

Nutria dig burrows into the banks of bodies of water like ponds, bogs and marshes. These burrows create dangers to people and farm animals (falling into a borrow can cause a broken leg, for instance), but burrows also destroy land. The impact the nutria has had on native species may be even more problematic, whether in terms of diminished resources to native animaIs (less available food choices, diminished habitat, etc.) or in terms of its impact on numbers of predators, such as aligators, bobcats, owls, eagles, and other creatures (booming predator populations from years of extra nutria to eat, then suddenly too many predators and too few nutria remaining to serve as their food sources). These are just a few examples of some considerations you might make in thinking more about your interests in procuring an exotic animal to keep as a pet.

If you really want capybara to be healthy, then surely you'll consider how and why removing any from its natural habitat is wrong, and, further, you might think at length about how keeping one as a pet will impose a number of other challenges. At least one challenge you would be forced to handle regularly would certainly be providing a capybara with the nutritional intake (such as wild plants) and other nutrients to which they were accustomed in their former life in the wild. You should then have to ask yourself where in NH will you regularly be able to find the particular variety of plants from the Amazon river basin that these animals use as primary sources of food?

And, God forbid, what if your captive capybara falls ill? Are there any veterinarians in your area who are knowledgeable about diseases and disorders common to capybara? If so, will this veterinarian make services available to you, could you even afford these charges (vet care is so expensive, even for cats and dogs these days), or would you need to worry about being turned in to local authorities for harboring an exotic animal--one which you obtained perhaps illegally or one which you illegally imported?

In many areas, exotic animals are prohibited by law, and in other areas, only certain exotics are allowed and only when authorized by special permit. Illegally imported animals can result in fines to their importers, for example.

Can capybara readily tolerate the occasional freezing cold temperatures that seasonally affect your geography in NH? Should one even have to try to tolerate such cold? I cannot say, my friend.

However, in the interests of teaching your son important lessons about wildlife, exotics, and US laws, and in keeping with any good parent's determination to set a better example, I can only recommend reconsidering your interests in ownership of a capybara, at least in so much as to find a respect for these creatures that holds the best place for them is their native environment.

I understand they interest both you and I, and I think this is the perfect place to start thinking differently about wildlife and exotic animals. Perhaps, instead, you will find a nearby zoo with captive capybara so that you and your impressionable son may visit these animals (and others, too) frequently enough to appease the desire for ownership. Perhaps, you could see and enjoy capybara in a zoo almost as similarly to ownership.

Whatever you do, please do continue to encourage your son's interests in and respect for animals. It just might be the very inspiration you provide now that results later in your son's choice of careers... as say a veterinarian, or maybe a wildlife photographer for NatGeo, or possibly even a scientific researcher studying capybara in their native environments to learn about their habits... Then maybe your adult son would also then share what he sees, photographs or learns with the rest of the world.

Wouldn't that be awesome?!?! (Yes. It definitely would.)

1676 days ago
replied the topic Which is the best OS for my old laptop created by HatsuneMiku

Actually, you might should use its original operating system, however, Windows 7 is still supported by Microsoft and Windows XP is not. You may also need to download manufacturer-specific driver files for your laptop's hardware, usually available from the manufacturer of your laptop's website. There is also Ubuntu, which is Lennox based rather than Windows based. Interestingly, there is also a chance you could download and install an Android based operaring system and run it on your laptop.

1679 days ago
replied the topic How to quiet noisy computer fan? created by claire

Turn off your computer. Unplug the power cord. Open your desktop PC. Use a can of compressed air to blow out dirt and dust that accumulates over time, paying particular attention to the fans on the motherboard, the case vent and perhaps the fan inside the tower's ATX power supply. Close your PC. Plug in power cord. Power up your PC to test fans' volume levels. If cleaning has done the trick and reduced the noise, then your problem is resolved.

If not, you may have a damaged fan... perhaps the bearings have worn out... or maybe something came into contact with a fan blade which caused the blade to be misshapen and resulting in an imbalance... It can be hard to tell what exactly is wrong with your PC's fans, but if cleaning the PC and fans doesn't fix it, just replace the fan(s).

Normally, system fans will rev up and down based on temperature readings as monitored by the system. Unusually loud fan noise can indicate a failing piece of replaceable hardware (such as the fan), but unusually loud noise from a system fan can be the result of the system trying futilely to cool the CPU on the motherboard; this may happen when the CPU is being strained with too many ongoing operations.

Consult your PC manufacturer's website for desktop model-specific fan specs, including the fan's wired connection to the motherboard (2 wire, 3 wire, etc.), and note all the fan's dimensional measurements to ensure that a replacement fits perfectly and is wholly compatible.

There are any number of places online (,,,, etc.) to purchase a new fan, so you might want to shop around for the best price for the fan model you need.

If you have to order a new fan, replacing the old one is relatively easy. In some cases, you are likely to only need a basic Phillips screwdriver. Be sure you power your PC down, and remove the power cord from the electrical outlet before opening the case of your tower. There may be four screws to remove (one at each corner of the fan), or there may also be a spring clamp that locks the fan down to the motherboard. That aside, there is likely one other thing to remove, and that is the fan's wire leads (and its connector) to where it connects onto the motherboard. Of all the things to repair, a fan's replacement is only normally no more difficult than installing RAM cards.

1682 days ago
replied the topic What are some bad social habits we should avoid? created by hellen

Here are a few thoughts on social habits to avoid:

Talking while others are talking.
Talking on your speaker phone in public places.
Talking about others
Talking about your private life in social media.
Talking about others' private lives on social media.
Lying to others to gain any advantage.
Disrespecting others.
Staying in others' ways when in public, such as when grocery shopping.
Acting foolish in public places
Talking on cell phones in public via your speakerphone.
Texting your friends and family while driving.
Sharing text messages sent to you with anyone else.
Sharing adult images with others, especially if the images you share are not yours to share
Jumping in any lines ahead of someone else.
Taking your time while driving such as it takes away time from someone else.
Arriving late to any agreed appointment
Ignoring messages from anyone because you don't wish to be bothered with having to reply.
Ignoring direct questions.
Avoiding responsibility for your own actions and words.
Thinking you are any more important than the next person.
Going to work with any illness that causes fever and could be communicated to others.
Group messaging people who may not be such a part of the group as to have every member's phone number already in their contact list.
Forgetting to say thank you, no thank you, you're welcome.
Cursing aloud when others you dont know might hear you.
Using racial slurs in groups where that a member of that race is absent or where you intend racism elsewhere.
Ignoring others' rights to favor your own.
Mistreating people you love.
Ignoring any other's experience of heartache.
Choosing to allow the door to shut when you could hold it open for another.
Tailgating when on the roads.
Cutting off other drivers
Hitting another's vehicle so as to cause damage and then leaving without so much as a note of apology and a means to be contacted for restitution.
Cheating on your partner.
Stealing from work
Being unreliable when you should be dependable.
Forgetting anyone's hospitalities when shown to you.
Choosing not to make a difference whenever you could.
Taking anger out on others.
Bullying anyone.
Hating anyone.
Ending any life belonging to another human being.
Running from problems you cause yourself or others.
Ignoring an obligation to another.
Abandoning your values for life in the moment.
Doing only something that is right for you alone whenever others ought be considered.
Making judgements about anyone or anything you know little to nothing about
Blowing up anyone's phone.
Destroying any other persons relationships.
Coughing without covering your mouth.
Talking with your mouth full.
Popping your chewing gum.
Sneezing without efforts to direct the sneeze away from someone else.
Passing gas in public places where others might have to hear or smell it
Wearing too much cologne or perfume.
Forgetting the importances of personal hygiene.
Demanding others meet your needs.
Causing dissention.
Trampling on others beliefs, values, rights, or ideas.
Being self centered or self absorbed.
Being deceitful or unfair.

Should I keep going? Probably could but might let someone else get on their soapbox

1690 days ago
replied the topic Need To Move Folders & Files From OneDrive 2 GoogleDrive! created by Wise_EPL

Simply download all of your existing files at your cloud provider's website to a newly created folder on your computer. Then, using the Chrome browser, sign into your Gmail account, select apps, choose Google Drive to open another tab in Chrome, and then add a new folder by selecting the desktop folder in which you placed the downloaded files from your former cloud provider.

1691 days ago

I think what you are asking is how best to remove all variations of a virus from your PC. That can be challenging and might require you to use one or more software programs that you could download for free on the Internet. I had a tech who worked for Microsoft use Malwarebytes AntiMalware Free Edition to eradicate a rootkit virus once, when all other applications the tech tried failed. Since then, I've used this free program with a lot of success.

You might also want to download Kaspersky's Virus Removal Tool, 2015 version, a.k.a. Kaspersky Anti Virus Tool, or, if the infection is severe and you cannot boot your PC, download and run Kasperky's Rescue Disc.Rescue Disk works to boot damaged systems and remove exploits. Kaspersky Labs also offers for free download, a number of exploit-specific removal applications. If you know the infection's specific name, you could download the corresponding .exe file and run it on your system to remove the specific exploit.

1691 days ago
replied the topic Is it easy to learn foreign songs? created by BTW

I cannot say if learning a song in another language will be easy for you. While I imagine it would prove difficult for anyone to answer a question about someone else's ability to learn, your answer might depend on many factors. For example, some factors that might be relevant to anyone learning a song in a foreign language are a fondness for music in general, one's interests in learning the song, one's abilities to reproduce a language's sounds, one's motivations for learning the music, one's need or purpose for learning such a song, one's enjoyment of a foreign language and/ or its culture, one's capacity for memorization, and one's familarity and/or capacity with (or for) pronunciation and/or phonetics.

I enjoy a variety of music, and I have a natural interest in foreign languages, so I have learned a lot of songs in languages other than English. I seem to learn many foreign language songs rather easily. While English is my first language, I also know Spanish, so learning, for example, Shakira's songs Gitana and Loca came easily enough.

It took me a little longer to learn the national anthem song of Africa God Bless Africa, (in Swahili, it is called N'kosi Sikeleli Africa), but that may have been because its sounds are so different from sounds I already knew. Madonna's Shanti Ashtangi was fun to learn. I learned Janet Jackson's song Again in French fairly easily, though, and I actually prefer the French version to the English one. Josh Groban's song Alla Luce Del Sole was fairly easy to learn, too. Thaiyya Thaiyya from Dil Se was a little challenging, though.

While I do not speak Swahili, Sanskrit, French, Italian or Urudu, I do enjoy learning songs in foreign languages, and, for the most part, I have found learning these songs is an enjoyable and rewarding experience regardless of how easily or not it was to learn them.

1691 days ago
replied the topic How did you meet your best friend? created by bootup


It's probably more common these days than it was 10 years ago. I am not sure why we talked in that chat room or why we happened to hit it off once we did. It might've been that our encounterthere was meant to be, or maybe it wasn't. Regardless, I think both of us would agree with the statement that we are both thankful for the other's friendship and that we also enjoy our unusual affinities.

1693 days ago
replied the topic What is the most powerful malware removal too and anti virus tool you have ever used? created by Aravi

Kaspersky handsdown offers the most impressive suite of virus and malware specific removal tools, plus the support is unparallleled. Free downloads specific to a given infection type are also available, but their virus removal tool and rescue disc free programs kick butt and restored functionality. Remember that None of the various prgrams available are 100 percent effective against all threats. Today's exploits have intelligence that enables detection of your antivirus software and some even code ways around safeguards to gain full permissions and access that allows takeovers of your pc for the exploits purposes.

1694 days ago
replied the topic Which virus software for pc is best created by plunderbunny1986

You might also consider superantispyware free edition to be installed along with whatever you choose for antivirus software. Whatever you don't, do not run two antivirus software programs on your pc at the same time since this can create drains on your processor's speed, result in odd behaviors, and deplete RAM reserves.

1694 days ago
replied the topic Which virus software for pc is best created by plunderbunny1986

Some are better than others, but none of them are infallible. Consider that microsoft technicians once used malwarebytes antimalware to remove a severe infection on my pc. Microsoft's security essentials is free, but it is not up to par. Kasperksy has a free edition with some amazing support services. Kaspersky also offers some seriously effective virus and malware removal tools for free download, as well. So, having rescued more pc's with kaspesky tools, its antivirus gets my vote.

1694 days ago
replied the topic What is the biggest animal rights group? created by AManswers

Animal rights? Peta is big, but last chance for animals has done more for exposures of abuse than peta. Otherwise, i would say that its the ASPCA. The American Humane Society is more concerned about welfare, probably, but they have greatly influenced public policy.

1694 days ago
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