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Is there a light at the end of the road? 5
1309 days ago, last commented by rembanad
How to Live? What is the thing that makes you look forward to tomorrow?√ answeredREWARD $45
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replied the topic Windows 10 1903 Task manager show wrong ram speed created by Maxbrady

Ram speeds can change depending on the requirements. Check your bios for keeping the setting to keep static ram speeds.

511 days ago
replied the topic Playstation 3 or Xbox 360: Which is better created by capybara

Ps3, no questions about it.

511 days ago
replied the topic Are there good essay writing companies, that can help with official papers? created by Neww772

Goto and find different authors for your essay.

605 days ago
replied the topic Error establishing a database connection created by Abolfazltarrah

You missing sql database connection. Check if the server is able to connect to the database. Check if the user ID and password for the database is correct. A simple Google search for the database connection error will tell you what to do.

605 days ago
replied the topic How to get rid of Miners? created by konjokradica

Are you sure it's used for mining? You can delete any high resource using applications from task manager. Just sort the apps. And then end task.

605 days ago
replied the topic Should I buy a ps3 or ps4? created by sheetal1

You answered your question yourself. Buy a ps3, play the games you want and then sell the ps3 and wait for ps5. That's what I would do.

605 days ago
replied the topic I am searching cheap business hosting service in USA created by AdwitaRai123 for VPS & for shared hosting. The best and cheapest deals. I have been a 5 Yr long customer and hardly had any issues with them.

605 days ago
replied the topic Adding a device window immediately disappears upon clicking created by Maxbrady

Try using any driver pack or updating the particular Bluetooth driver from Windows. I would probably guess that the particular driver instance in Windows 10 is crashing the system.

605 days ago
replied the topic How To work Google Pay QR Code? Google Pay Customer Support created by gocoreover

I do too so pay me.

606 days ago
replied the topic Remove unwanted ads, pop-ups & malware created by Kingtomb

The best way to deal with popups and ads is to block it via the host file for Windows. Google how to disable ads via the host file.

783 days ago
replied the topic Is a ping of -28ms good? created by abdulrahma

Well i was taken aback when I saw the - 28ms. Anyways 28ms is OKish. OK for gaming but lower ping is preferred. For browsing and stuff you will not notice much difference.

784 days ago
replied the topic Invalid File Extensions created by johntillett

Even if you found the answer, could you be a darling and Mark my answer as the best?

897 days ago
replied the topic Give up the internet for a year? created by shahab

I would do neither.
Kill myself as I can't do both.

897 days ago
replied the topic Technical task to complete created by shahab

My first hardest technical troubleshooting would probably be when I first encountered system files missing on the windows xp. It was important as I had my important files at that time. Mind it I was just 14 yrs then. The days I spent trying and testing things out. I didn't have Internet then.

The fix, I stumbled upon Windows system restore. :)

897 days ago
replied the topic Backup Solutions created by brijeshjoshi

If your on WordPress, try any free backup plugin with good reviews. If you want to go on the paid route, try WordPress jetpack services for backup.

897 days ago
replied the topic Computer sleeps after one minute created by dxbus

Is there any other software which can control the power options? The motherboard tweaking software? I would recommend having a look at those options too first.

If there aren't any software which can do that on your PC. I would check how to disable the sleep option from the registry settings. A quick Google search would help that.

964 days ago
replied the topic My pc is not restart bios and boot proplum wat can i do? created by selvaraj


997 days ago
replied the topic Windows10+Ubuntu18.04.1 created by DenisLesage

Yes you can.

998 days ago
replied the topic How to create website(guide)? created by termezo

WordPress has many types of themes for multiple purposes. A simple YouTube search from setting up hosts to setting up WordPress will be the best guides you can find. I learnt all I have from YouTube and Google search related to specific topics.

1000 days ago
replied the topic Domain and host advice? created by termezo

From my 7 years experience in working with the cheapest hosts and domains.

1000 days ago
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