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replied the topic What to wear on Christmas created by Dik


it is not a dating site..

1995 days ago
replied the topic How to Download and Install Windows 10 Technical Preview for Phones? created by Rana

Hey @Rana

I do not know which smatphone you have But Please note:

" Microsoft says only some of Lumia phones can download and install Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones"

" Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia 526, Lumia 530, Lumia 530 Dual Sim, Lumia 535, Lumia 620, Lumia 625, Lumia 630, Lumia 630 Dual Sim, Lumia 635, Lumia 636, Lumia 638, Lumia 720, Lumia 730, Lumia 730 Dual SIM, Lumia 735, Lumia 810, Lumia 820, Lumia 822, Lumia 830, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 928, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1320, Lumia 1520 Microsoft Lumia 430, Microsoft Lumia 435, Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM, Microsoft Lumia 435 Dual SIM DTV, Microsoft Lumia 532, Microsoft Lumia 532 Dual SIM, Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM, and Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM."

So check this out to install it :) :

2004 days ago
replied the topic My computer has a message saying it is missing mfc100u.dll created by utricster

Hey , @utricster
You already have got many Answers.. Try this too :)

* Check recycle bin (Perhaps you have deleted it mistakenly) or use file recovery program -Wise data recovery

*Corrupted DLL file... Use antivirus to clean your pc

*Use system restore to undo recent changes

*Install available windows updates

download mfc100u.dll (from here and send it to system .dll-s

Note: Back up your data and Re-install windows the best choice --> if you are not a computer expert or you cannot solve problem


2004 days ago
replied the topic No websites responding except google created by Olpers

"3 Did you before that install any new Software system related (Registry cleaners, Driver updaters or PC optimizers."

ya I did install a virus removal tool... I dont know .. But, after uninstalling it and restarting my firefox .||. My Brower works fine now..
Thanks for such small notice

2005 days ago
replied the topic i have problem in my fridge created by azzromyo

Check the temperature of your fridge..


2035 days ago
replied the topic Do you like the kind of feather accessories? created by jackyjacky

Dude, keep Your girl with you, instead of publishing her on this forum ,

You can get many websites which got pictures of girls. Publish your girl there. Please , Do not ruin this forum


@WiseCleaner_admin :
Please take notice of these pictures,, today is a seducing girl and tommorow is something more naked ?

2036 days ago
replied the topic Suggest me my next phone model. Any price range will do. created by SetupComputer

Dude, since I am not interested in mobile market, so ,I can just give you some suggestions:

*Its useless to buy expensive mobile because (mostly) women do not need it. Yeah you can buy a good smartphone which have got some social media stuffs + recorder+ camera or whatever she likes.(I do not know what is your criteria for buying mobile.. You want to impress her relatives/friends that you bought her an expensive mobile?)

*Its also good if you give her CASH (if it is a surprise gift) from which she can buy anything she wants.

*Always buy new electronic items(mobile in your case) instead of used ones.

Hope it Helped.


2036 days ago
replied the topic Where do broken hearts go? created by beatrix

There is never a situation from which you cannot get rid off.

Share your feelings with your big brother/ big sister or Your relatives, You will feel your pain being shared.

2036 days ago
replied the topic Torn between two lovers. created by beatrix

Love is limitless, Do not destroy your life,

Search for third one . Take this love as serious and marry to leave a peaceful life.

2036 days ago
replied the topic Is it good to do sports in the morning without having breakfast? created by christine

Yeah it is good and healthy to do exercise/workout than eat breakfast,
(its in my routine )

Do Gymnasium/pushups or any other sports that makes you tired and then eat healthy breakfast.

2036 days ago
replied the topic Would you like to travel by yourself? created by jackyjacky

Hey buddy , Firstly, as @AmericanDawg said, Please choose best answers from all your previous posts and do not dump our answers . Dude.. we spend time in replying to answers. And you said you could not find any answer ,but you appreciate it, so choose the best answer which appreciates you . lol

Secondly, your answer, I am against for travelling alone.

*If you get sick/robbed/any other danger. which occurs mostly, than you cannot do anything in a state where no one knows you.

*when going to a trip alone, you will sure be lonely. Who will you talk to and share feelings?

* Also when travelling to other country (especially male), there are alot of security issues (terrorists checking) when travelling alone.


2036 days ago
replied the topic Any suggestions of changing a new title for Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

Title: Euask-Wisely expand your knowledge by asking questions & solving queries.

Description : It is a community where people aid each other by sharing their own experiences and questioning others in order to learn about their perspective. Rewards are given by admin to get more social in the forum.

Hope you like it

2037 days ago
replied the topic What color do you wish you hair is? created by jackyjacky

and reddish

There is a maid who comes at my home, her son has got naturally reddish hair. Maid told me that by working alot in farm her son's hair color has been changed. I loved his hair :)

2037 days ago
replied the topic What color scheme is better? created by Nelson1962


Dude, Since there are many answers out there, I guess you try this feature in windows (this color scheme worked for me :)

*Goto Magnifier, then on settings/options

*Turn on Color inversion (See screen shot below):

2037 days ago
replied the topic Proposal to Display Members who Hit the Like/Unlike Button on Wise Assistance created by SetupComputer

Liked your advise. Here are some of my suggestions regarding this post.

1.There should be no option to upvote/downvote your OWN answer

2.If someone is upvoting/downvoting there should be a reason tag attached (with names) to it. --
(But I Disagree, it will result in hatred towards other downvoters ...and they will keep downvoting your post for useless reasons.)

3. There is one more way,,, just remove Downvote button and add expressions (Like facebook. Still Zuckerberg is thinking on where to introduce dislike button to fb, as it will bring alot of -ve energy to social network --we will see in future :) )
. People do less upvoting ..and they do upvoting (mostly,except scammers) after reading the answer. In this way there will be no need of names+reasons.

4.If admin cannot apply this feature , then I guess its better to remove (both) upvote/downvote feature . It all depends on the correct answer choosen by user. I meant that

"if there are 10 answers, And there is only one answer which matches with the mind of the questioner, than he will choose that answer as correct (Ignoring upvoting/downvoting"----According to my experience, I have seen this situation.

Again ...Everything as its advantages/disadvantages .

I hope your understood my point.



2037 days ago
replied the topic Des aliment pour prendre de la masse ? created by mcommente

Tout d'abord, essayer de parler en anglais . Si tu ne peux pas,
Utilisez Google Translator pour traduire du français vers l' anglais .

* Éviter les aliments junk / fast food

* Manger tous les jours tôt le matin alomonds trempés

* Boire Daily 10-12 verres d'eau

* Ne pas pilules bulding prise de corps

* Masssage huile d'olive une fois par semaine


2037 days ago
replied the topic tomato is fruit or vegetable? created by kimi

Dude , its a debate.

Between what will you get when you know its a fruit or a vegetable. lol.. Just eat it .


For your reference read this site:

2037 days ago
replied the topic What’s something you’ve won and how did you win it? created by moniter

Screen shot is the proof:

By answering questions on basis of my own experiment.
I never copy/pasted any answer. Just did it in my own wordings.
Also I do not came here to earn. I came on this forum to learn.

2037 days ago
replied the topic Which animal would you like to have as a pet? created by Amy

Hey buddy,

To take an animal as a pet ... It depends on your choice + your living place. Also some people do not like to touch animals ,but they do like to see them. Some people buy pet ,but cannot take care of pet. They are alot busy in social life . So if you want pet you needs TIME.

Fish /Hamster/birds -- If you do not want any pet waste anywhere in home and you just like to look and lock them behind the cage or listen to the voices of birds. Feeding them when necessary. Since they are lock in cage you can sleep deeply :).

Dog/cat/rabbit - If you wants them to be together with you . You can hold them ,touch them and even train them etc.(Some people put these pets in cageS I do not know why they do that. These pets are not meant to be in cages).

Note : If you are suffering from asthma/allergic to animals, so I recommend you not to take pets which have fur i.e dog/cat/rabbit .Consult doctor if necessary.

Hope it helps :).

2038 days ago
replied the topic How to get an Afternoon Sleep created by alvindgreat

Hey @alvindgreat Here are Some tips which i have tried and worked for me:

1- Dim light of sunshine in the room

2-Meditate (Search google if you dont know what is meditation) before sleeping (Yoga works best)

3-Apply pieces of Cucumber on the eyes(it relaxes you)

4- completely empty your mind

5- Sleep straight (all your body parts should be in straight line)

Hope it helps

2038 days ago
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