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A little question about humans and machinesREWARD $2
1662 days ago, last commented by luky88

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replied the topic What songs can make you cry? created by Rice

John Lennon - Imagine.
Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner
And classic music also could be really really nice for that

1662 days ago
replied the topic What kind of entertainment do you do when bored? created by ZezuZaza

When i get bored i am going to the theatre because bicycle riders willingly breaking their body parts there(that dish is available if bicycle riders love to gather at the theatre in your city as well) and a lot of actors walking around playing their funny roles they buying tickets with important faces and hella lot of details even in clothes they wear could bring me a lot of intertaiment. Last time i got bored i were dancing with sectants and eating fruits with them tho but you shouldn't do the same thing over and over again

1662 days ago
replied the topic Which electronic device have you used for the longest time? created by BTW

Neuro system - cant even imagine my life w/o that device as long as i know myself
Good thing its a hight tier bio technology and you not paying much for using it

1662 days ago
replied the topic What's the best thing you can buy for under $10? created by beststar

You can pay to the homeless man for the information about rich people walking around and rob them.
Or you can buy a gift and spend some time or even life with one more humanbeing :)
You can even use 10$ to light up a torch and guide humanity through the fog of ignorance.
The priorities is yours and the decision is on you.

1662 days ago
replied the topic How To Find A Pure Love ? created by Rasofficial

You should tell "smart to the left, beautiful to the right" Take the one who struggle -> run

1662 days ago
replied the topic Можно ли объяснить эффект дежавю? created by MaRin4ik

Бывает, что твоё абстрактно-сравнительное восприятие просчитывает довольно точно, что должно случиться и тебе кажется, что такое уже было. А может случиться и так, что в расфокусированном состоянии ты увидишь образы, схожие с теми, что твой мозг синтезировал благодаря огромному количеству отпечатков в нём.
Так это явление понимаю я.

1662 days ago
replied the topic Почему, ударившись головой, мы видим искры? created by MaRin4ik

По нервам постоянно пульсирует электричество, а когда ты стукаешься головой, происходит короткое замыкание и часть искр через глазницы, а иногда и уши вылетает наружу.

1662 days ago
replied the topic Philosophy and Faith created by capybara

Easy! God can took any form he wants. If he can lift all boulders - he create you. You can't lift even a small boulder!
Goal achieved in its absolute way.

1662 days ago
replied the topic Politics - Hillary Clinton created by Hambone531

I hate her because i hate info garbage! When people getting pushed by the force of money to the top of media clown fiesta it involves a loads of info garbage. And low tier manipulations that works because it took some effort to spot them. Those manipulations is a disgrace in front of real manipulation art. Eyes bleeding and my heart shatters. It involves most of president baron suleiman expert opinion stuff, not just Hillary tho.

1662 days ago
replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen

Good president?

1662 days ago
replied the topic Is our dreams related to reality? created by boyz

Bright pictures of your awaken activity collapsed into one ball with deep emotions, faces of people you love and hate And shown to you in form of whirling pterodactyl sodomia... They are related to life and attempts to understand why you see this and that is like trying to untangle server wires, especially if there are plenty of things happening in your life

1662 days ago
replied the topic How to become millionare? created by raza49712

500.000 best answers could make it

1662 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

Human is #1 but its too obvious imo so...
Im afraid of angry or defending animal! That is the more common way to meet them and more likely to happen. Also insectsis is pretty annoying because they are just doing their stuff w/o condition affecting them.
If you interested in particular animals then i choose every poisonous buddy who torture you with pain and paralysis.
The more lucky but more colorful way to die in fear is being ripped by a big kitty slowly and playfully.

1662 days ago
replied the topic How to start a conversation with a stranger? created by walker16

Be sneaky! Identify the condition of the object and think what she/he might be interested in that moment(interested in talking not doing!). Then you start the flow of the conversation, softly with no pushing forward too much (you can feel how you should be doing it, some people like personal zone interventions)
And then its all about your purview and correcting that flow. Once its engaged you remove that useless post from ur head and enjoy.
There would be no thing like conversation if you could just use the instruction to do that! Everyone has his own cockroaches and that is awesome part.

1662 days ago
replied the topic How can we live longer? created by Donna

Step one: Leave the place where everyone programming each other that they will live till 80yr maximum~
Step two: ???
Step three: profit

1662 days ago
replied the topic важное вивашей жизни created by Romych

Самый важный момент в жизни, это когда ты перестаешь задавать ей этот вопрос и начинаешь её жить.

1662 days ago
replied the topic Who are your Real Life Super Heroes ? created by WhitePhoenix

Everyone who shine with pure chaotic neutral knowledge w/o making other people kill each other

1662 days ago
replied the topic What would have happened if Putin was President of Russia created by anuska

In that case Putin could be created artificially!

1662 days ago
replied the topic Girl just commited suicide, what make people commit suicide? created by selcinor
If you need my opinion - every new personality has his own trigger's for that. Avoiding being alive looks like "a way" especially for young people. It can be a lot of little stuff like Superior microaggression at existence crysis period. Wrong reasoning. Lack of reasoning. Less smart ones can kill themselves for the glory of comfortable life. Other people overrate the reactions in their body and commit suicide for love, idol, favorite kitten, religion, or because water flows wrong way. It... depends...
And ya i think Women is more likely to torture her brain to the death

1662 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about the ''Human RFID Implant''? Is it really a good thing to get? created by cutishael

This idea is totally fine. The chip will make people life easier and faster! HOWEVER nowadays its more like wearing a collar with a leash by your own will. IMhO humanbeings should atleast remove money (& any other enslaving tool) before using that kind of technology.
*harsh example*
If you obey the law, pay taxes and your mental condition is fine then this Chip would solve a lot of routine stuff for you.
But if you found an alternate energy source and want to break through oil domination, then this Chip will help to restrict you from doing any kind of activity ASAP.
The "IDentification thingy thing" removes human factor. I find it dangerous especially in the world where you got judged by other people.
I am a little paranoid with that tech since the paths of chip usage could be bright or cruel.
Chip is just a tool and you should understand what its doing to you by URSelf
It collect information about you.--> Its about time this tool will become necessarily to use.
And then BOOYA your barehanded children gather Uranium for Rothschild's Doomsday machine

1663 days ago
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