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replied the topic Canon EOS 80D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark-II/What digital camera to chose? created by nicki1991

We hate to say it, but the best camera is a question that's almost impossible to answer. After all, it depends hugely on what kind of user you are, what your budget is and what kind of images and/or videos you're planning to take.

549 days ago
replied the topic What is the difference between Netflix and YouTube? created by findgood

Firstly the difference between Youtube and Netflix is huge. I cannot understand why it is no obvious for the author. Netflix has a lot of movies and rights for a lot of old movies, but Youtube is a simple video hosting, where everyone can post videoos. Now answering to @jogncartman. Dude, I was also searching ways to get some subscribers, it is very hard to get new subscribers in the beginning. I used this service It is great. I hope it would help you with your channel.

550 days ago
replied the topic Can somebody recommend some of your favorite YouTube channel? created by Arther

I am a fan of Rebecca Zamolo, she does interesting videos with her team, about different games, puzzles, hiding, different challenges. It is truly nice to return from college and take a breather by watching a fun challenge, with an interesting concept. From all of her series I like the most her hiding challenges, because it involves a lot of tech, and spying gadgets. Check her out for yourself, here’s a 24 hour challenge video,

595 days ago
replied the topic How abou the difference between coding and programming? created by Amy

Great explanation guys! There isn't a better way to explain it. But I'll disagree the first with FortressGrump as there are kids that know to program but don't know to code. These are rare cases but they still are. I had a classmate which had a genius mind and as soon as he learned the basics of programming, no one could beat him. He tied the pieces of code just as my grandmother braided. Now we work together as software developers. We build the code and then with the help of, we teach others to program.

616 days ago
replied the topic Youtube channel camera created by layls1071

The search for the best blogging camera warrants an introduction to blogging itself. Specifically about why it is such a good option as a passive income source. Blogging is an excellent way to make a more-than-decent passive income for yourself. Thanks to all the excellent marketing opportunities. Plus, the technical advancements.

These days, starting a blog and monetizing it is no longer rocket science. Hell, if a tenth standard guy can do it, so can you. No wonder so many people are joining the bandwagon and starting their own blogs.
So, guys, I would like to know what polaroid camera do you use

638 days ago
replied the topic What are ways to fight cybercrime? created by sameta00

hey, I guess that the solution is quite simply - you simply have to use casino sites with a good account protection and high level of security. Personally I know that casino sites are vulnerable to hackers, but if you use casino sites that are well protected, then you have nothing to worry about. Frankly speaking, this is the main reason why I'm playing at this site for 2 years and I've never had any problems with money withdrawal and my account was never hacked.

646 days ago
replied the topic Hide my ip adress created by RicardoMilos

You shouldn't think that all the VPNs are like this because they are only way to hide your IP. I think it's the fault of the app that you've used or the IP with which you are connected. There are IPs that have a slow speed. I think that the location of the IP is still important for the speed. Once I used an IP from Africa and the speed was noticeable slower. That's why you should check the position of the IP. You can do it on

658 days ago
replied the topic Free games online created by kaioo5191

I played Drakensang ( before

685 days ago
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