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Is Hoverboard now a reality? The real hoverboard from back to the future√ answered5
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replied the topic What is the most intelligent animal created by zizou

Humans. Technically

1918 days ago
replied the topic Should I give up on a cheater created by Nuttela

NO- don't give up- wait till your mind and your sanity will give you a personal satisfying answer. whatever decision you regrets- just move on

1918 days ago
replied the topic Why do people like to deceive each other? created by southnew

because we are animals - morals just try to cover it up-

1918 days ago
replied the topic What are some useful life skills we must learn? created by kimi

1) You should know how to defend yourself- or run
2) Knows how to get/provide/produce by any
3)Knows how to be calm at all times
4) Understands that survival is " I " and not for others...

1918 days ago
replied the topic Why will the mind get blank when feel nervous? created by July

the moment we get nervous- our brain will focus on the operations on the organs and balancing of hormones- its like a computer allocating memories when we open a program- with these alone our brain get blank,but you can train your brain not to get mind blank when you are nervous- not an overnight magic but can be achieve with practice.

1918 days ago
replied the topic What is the most important thing to you in a relationship, and why? created by colin

Trust and Confidence- the moment you will loose that- everything will be in the drain

1918 days ago
replied the topic How Do I Lose Weigh Fast created by Nac

Intermittent Fasting- works without exercise- Just read more on this... from 380 lbs.. im now 230- and going...

1921 days ago
replied the topic What is your dream job? created by minice

Techy Jobs is the best- But the greatest is.. HUGGING baby pandas whole day as part of their therapy

1922 days ago
replied the topic Who should pay for dates? The man or the woman? created by Donna

who ever arranged the DATE will be the one who will pay for it-

1922 days ago
replied the topic What do you do when you feel tired? created by AF

hey there... JUST TRY BInAURAL SOUND THERAPY ...its just listening to different it on youtube... im sure you will remember me for this :) cheers

1928 days ago
replied the topic What attracts you to see a film? created by walker16

hi, first it should have good teasers/trailers and effects- even if the movie is not good this will pre empt that the movie is fine- believe me... hehehehe

1928 days ago
replied the topic What other sites like do you know? created by newsite1

i haven't explored ... no intention to explore... am happy with

1934 days ago
replied the topic How do you spend your weekend with your family, any activities suggestions? created by kimi

if the children are below 10 years old... all of the suggestions are ok... when puberty kicks in- its just me and wife..... but i tried this for the whole family activities that still works:

-movie marathon
-skype with a distant relative
-dinner for all with their friends at mc donalds


1934 days ago
replied the topic How to understand fast spoken English? created by carlasss

Just listen and comrehend...and do that often... in less than a week your brain will adjust.. Cheers

1934 days ago
replied the topic What is the biggest prize you have won? created by beststar

I recovered LIFE after lossing it for 3 years!!!

1934 days ago
replied the topic What is true love ? created by aqeel23304

it will just come on a moment when you are not looking for it... believe me.. hahaha.. true love is in the abyss of your mind- you know the answer

1935 days ago
replied the topic Desperate to get an answer created by firesafe2

hello.. I believe that you were made to believe that life is fair....but no.. its not. The good thing though is.. you can be somebody great as long you are working it out... right now I understand what you feel... get over it... the sooner the better and look life in another angle.. cheers to are better than others... just look around you... many don't have food to eat this very moment.. and here you are.... you have pc, food, etc.. you are just disappointed to something...get over it.. move on... life will be great... you don't either want to die. :)... one thing.... BE POSITIVE.. YOU AR GETTING NEGATIVES BECAUSE YOUR MIND IS PRE EMPTING THAT THERe WILL BE MORe BAD TO HAPPEN( change that mindset)...that's crap.. change your perspective and see the magic :)

1935 days ago
replied the topic What are the most comfortable clothes? created by jozued

anything made of natural cotton and natural silk

1935 days ago
replied the topic travelling to korea is a good idea created by Keotarg

just go to south korea- less risk, no hassle and comfy

if you want adventure and risk- you can arrange in the border of china- very risky my friend

1935 days ago
replied the topic How can I control my temper? created by beatrix

all the above suggestions are good...always remember TEMPER is just a state of mind. if you decide to have bad temper.. your body will produce more lactic acid.. which is the vitamins of cancer cells- so sooner you will get cancer ...and having to many lactic acid in your body disables the absorption of nutrients in the cells- which will result to other body malfunctions and later will cause the major organs to be affected- ( Are you getting the math) so control your state of mind :) so you are asking how to control your temper? simple just decide not to get angry over small things period....or die sooner :) cheers

1935 days ago
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