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What analytics tools do you use?REWARD $1
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replied the topic What are the best SEO methods created by christopherkates

I agree that tools like semrush or ahrefs can give you a lot of tips on how to improve your site. Although you should understand that this is a complex and long- term process, it is not for nothing that good SEO specialists have such a high rate per hour. Most often, it is easier to hire an agency like which will be responsible for your site optimization. I gave them several sites to work on , and I'm getting good results now, although it's not fast

452 days ago
replied the topic What are the best surfing tips? created by AmandaRosse

I think it will be relevant:

- Keep yourself in shape at all times
- Find the right surfboard. Choose it according to the correct parameters of your body , and also take the one on which you are comfortable. You can check out good offers on the site
- Look for good waves
- Find your surf friends

453 days ago
replied the topic facebook page promotion? created by fy591381

Use good marketing tips to get your first followers. Good content and constant publications are the key to success. You can also use Facebook ads if it suits your goals. If you use Facebook to promote your site and additional traffic, then use of analytical tools is mandatory so that you can track the company's performance. For example, set up call tracking if you have a lot of call conversions to understand which ad companies on Facebook or which publications give you sales. You can also read this article to better understand this topic

474 days ago
replied the topic Promotion in socail networks created by Tyler21

I would recommend that you use many social networks at once to get coverage faster.
Think about Facebook and YouTube-which is now gaining special popularity
Good content, video content, or podcasts can attract people to your idea. Use good promotion methods, or tools such as to gain popularity and views faster

476 days ago
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