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replied the topic 桌面選取窗格變成虛線,無法看清楚。 created by eric930501

右鍵單擊 計算機→屬性→高級→性能設置. 勾選 顯示半透明的選擇長方形,確定.


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replied the topic What are some useful life skills we must learn? created by kimi

Hey, look here!

On Quora, there is a similar problem:

The issue on the Quora continued hot, and continue to emerge out of wonderful answers.
Most of these skills will be able to learn in ten minutes.I feel that I have benefited a lot from my reading, I wish you can get something from it!

1921 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your time on bus or tube? created by Tadakii

It's better to have time to do something meaningful than to keep shaking your legs, and put something in your bag when you go out:
A small notebook and a pen.
A book you are reading (or a book you want to read)
One Mp3

Almost all of the time you wait, you can sit or stand quietly reading. If you walk or in the car is not convenient to read, you can choose to listen to the content of Mp3.
The notebook will be very useful for you to capture ideas, make plans, and write lists. Use this time to plan your eating and shopping next week. You will save some money because you won't buy anything you don't need.

Hope to help you.:)

1959 days ago
replied the topic How to get back my deleted photos? created by wency

You can use the Recuva software.

You may not be familiar with the software.But I believe you will not be unfamiliar to the CCleaner, and these two software are piriform company's works.Recuva biggest feature is compact and completely free. It only hundreds of KB size can put in the USB flash disk to carry for a rainy day.

Unlike most file recovery tools, Recuva can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives. Greater flexibility means greater chance of recovery.

Download address:


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replied the topic Slow notebook. It is type Dell XPS M1210 created by uhor1959

22 August 2015, Microsoft community the moderator (Department of Microsoft employees said at present has been found and confirmed Win10 formal version of the beginning of the Star menu and Cortana has serious problems, will lead to the failure and is unable to repair itself in the. Microsoft is to solve the problem, but there is no effective temporary solutions.

You have to put back your system into win7 or win8.1. :)

1959 days ago
replied the topic Is PS Vita out of time? created by Nelson1962

The future development of SONY's first party studio will focus on the PS4 platform game works, while PS Vita is no new plan.

This means that PS Vita in the future in terms of the game will be fully rely on the support of the third party game manufacturers.But on the current situation, the game company for PS Vita's enthusiasm is not high.
For the failure of the PS vita, outside analysts think the product either performance or functionality are far better than the PSP. The popularity of the times of rapid development in a smartphone, the PS Vita has lost its own unique, being replaced and phased out is inevitable.

But PSV is not dead.

Through cross platform linkage function, players can use PS Vita to remote experience PS4 game works.And with the gradual increase in the number of PS4 games, PS Vita there is still room to continue to survive.

It is possible to integrate with PC console games and video games.
Win10 has been integrated with Xbox.Although Microsoft is not for the mobile gaming market to make a move, but had to admit that mobile games and console games market in the future will continue to usher in change.
On March 17 last year Nintendo and a famous Japanese tour operator DeNA held a joint press conference.
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at the meeting revealed that Nintendo will launch a new game machine.
The development of code for NX.The specific content will be in 2016.
Satoru Iwata also announced that the existing Nintendo host and NX will be linked to smart devices.

Has revealed The Diddy Kong Racing 2 related news insiders Kevin Callahan, recently published a meaningful blog.Not only in the article revealed the "NX" will be available in 2016 news, and even the price of it,the general level of hardware have been published.Some media analysts Kevin Callahan's blog that the new machine will be from the lineup of games to function, price draw a line to all competitors.On the other hand, from the performance characteristics and price point of view, NX will probably give up the huge GamePad WiiU device.And then think of the linkage with the smart device, will use more advanced smart phones instead of second game screen?

It's a pleasure to talk to you about this topic.

1960 days ago
replied the topic What is the best album released in 2015? created by amili

It can move people very much.Its HELLO is even more shocking.
HELLO on the Youtube line 22 hours of browsing is 20 million 200 thousand. Defeated the Swift Bad Blood24 Taylor 20 million 100 thousand of the record.
Online 48 hours of browsing the amount of up to 50 million, which also means that an average of more than one million people per hour on the computer or mobile phone watching MV cry.
At the peak of the MV per hour of viewing volume even reached 1 million 600 thousand, beyond the Star Wars 7: far from the awakening of the trailer in the peak hours of 1 million 200 thousand per hour of view.

1960 days ago
replied the topic What will you do if you can't turn on your computer? created by colin

If your system is completely unable to start, see the power indicator light, also can not hear the sound of the cooling fan.
First look at each connection is not connected, the power cord is not loose.If not, then almost can be identified as part of the power supply failure.
Check the power cable and the socket is electric, the motherboard power plug is connected, whether the normal power supply UPS.
To confirm whether the power supply fault, the most simple is to replace the power supply, but the general people can not have electrical source and other spare parts.Then you can try to use the following methods (to be careful):
First, the hard disk, CPU fans and CDROM even good.
Then the ATX motherboard power plug with a wire connecting two pins. the side of the protrusion of the plug in front of your own, the upper pin from left the four and the lower pins from the right number of the three, the direction must be correct.
Then the ATX power switch is turned on. If the power supply fan rotation, the power supply is normal, otherwise the power supply is damaged.
If the power supply is no problem directly jumper shorted the motherboard power switch. If normal, that the power switch panel is damaged.

If the power indicator light is on, the fan turns, but the monitor does not have an obvious action.If it is used for a longer time, this situation may be caused by a loose memory or too much dust.You can remove the memory, clean up the connecting fingers and then install it.

If a new assembly on the computer, it should first check whether the CPU inserted in prison or replace the CPU. and the computer is using the CPU damage is relatively rare (except for man-made damage), the damage is generally more with a burnt smell.

If you have just upgraded the BIOS or suffered a CIH virus attacks, which should consider the problem of BIOS damage (BIOS somehow damaged). A lot of methods to repair the BIOS, not much elaborated.
Confirm that CPU and BIOS no problem, you should consider the issue of CMOS settings.

If the CPU frequency is not set up correctly will appear this kind of fault. The solution is to remove the CMOS information, that is, the CMOS discharge.General board has a discharge CMOS jumper. If you can't find the jumper can take down the CMOS battery. Discharge time of not less than five minutes. Then the jumper reinstatement or reinstall the battery.

If the power indicator light, the system can start, but the system at initialization time stopped, and can hear the horn honking (display no response): according to the code calls that we can judge the fault site.
1 long 1 short: memory or motherboard error.
1 long 2 short: the display or display card error. Check the display card and the display plug and other parts are in good contact with the replacement method to determine whether the graphics card and display damage.
1 long 3 short: keyboard controller error. Check the motherboard.
1 long 9 short: motherboard RAM EPROM, Flash error or BIOS damage. Replace RAM. Flash
Repeat short ring: the motherboard power supply problems.
Continuous long sound: the system detects the memory of the problem, reinstall the memory or replace the new memory and try again.

If the system can be activated, the display has a response, but the failure of the prompt, then you can determine the fault location according to the prompt.

Almost all of the crash failures are here,

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replied the topic How to clean the CPU fan of my laptop? created by faire32

You need a brush, a knife, a cross, some cotton swabs, water and silica gel.
First of all, you have to turn on the back of the laptop.

Then you can see your CPU fan and fixed with screws. Some CPU fan screws next there used to be a small button fixed. Unplug your little buttons to vertical to pull, pull hand not around greatly moved, in order to avoid broken pins.Also some of the notebook computer's fan CPU screws with a warranty label. If the warranty period is removed may not guarantee.

Start with the brush to clean the vents, with a cotton swab to clean the fan.
But in fact, the brush can brush off the outside of the dust. The ventilation slot inside the brush can not be.
Direct flush with water.Note that the fan can not be washed in the water, because there is a motor in the fan.

Then wipe the water. The fan with ventilation slots installed. After installed, and then put on the screw. This radiator on the intact. Continue to play well with silicon. Mounted on the radiator and shell, OK.

It's better to tell the laptop model number.

1960 days ago
replied the topic How to overcome procrastination? created by jozued

A Better To-Do List: The 1-3-5 Rule
Assuming that you can only do one thing a day, three things, five little things, so that the day of the List To-do on only 9 things to be done.
There is a need to emphasize that you don't need to fill these nine things every day, but you have to give yourself deadline.

1962 days ago
replied the topic What are the benefits of online teaching? created by wency

1 maximum utilization of resources
A variety of educational resources library through the network across the space distance constraints, so that school education can be beyond the campus education.
Schools can give full play to their own advantages in the discipline and education resources, the best teachers, the best teaching results spread through the network.

2 autonomous learning behavior
The application of network technology in distance education, its remarkable characteristic is: anyone, any time, any place, starting from any section, any course. Network education is convenient, flexible "five no", in the learning mode is the most direct expression of the characteristics of active learning, to fully meet the needs of modern education and lifelong education.

3 learning forms of interaction
Teachers and students, between students and students, through the network of a full range of communication, narrow the psychological distance between teachers and students, increase opportunities for exchange and scope of teachers and students. And through the computer to student questioning types, the number of times the statistical analysis enable teachers to understand students in learning encountered doubts, difficulties and main problems, more in order to guide the students.

4 modification of teaching form
Online education, using the characteristic of computer network information database management technology and interactive function, on the one hand, the system on each network students personalized information, learning process and the stage can achieve complete system track record, on the other hand, teaching and learning service system according to personal data recording system for students of different proposed personalized learning proposal. Network education for the personalized teaching provides a practical and effective way to achieve.

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replied the topic How to Change the Windows Phone OS Nokia Lumia 640 XL created by Mayko

You can change your sysdem to Windows 10 Mobile Build 10240 which has a built-in AoW(Android on Windows) function.

From the C:\windows\system32\aow, you can see most of the components of the AOW, which includes the AoW session manager, OpenGLES Linux compatible library, and a aow.wim mirroring.

It is almost certain that Windows 10 Mobile can be run directly through the appx package apk file.But the due to some reason (probably is a large number of unresolved bug or are still internal discussion of UAP ecological effects) resulted in Microsoft hasn't released the function.

1962 days ago
replied the topic What do you think of Tim Cook? created by twoapple

Compared with Jobs, Cook is mediocre.

Gautam mukunda's new book Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter attempts to answer two perplexing question:
Do we choose which leaders can make a difference?
If there is a difference, we are able to make a rational choice?

Gautam Mukunda studied the political, business and military three kinds of leaders, they are divided into two groups:
"the leader screened out" and "the leader without the screening".
The former is the internal staff that comes up with the normal process of development.
The latter refers to those who do not have much experience of outsiders or get lucky to get a leading position.

Subsequently, Mukunda were compared for the two groups.
For example, in the category of the president of the United States, he looked at the evaluation of the past 60 years historians, found to the highest and lowest is not by screening the leadership, leadership of the screened are mostly concentrated in the middle region of the group.

This study shows that experience means that the average performance.

Is it a waste of time trying to find a leader with deep experience?

Mukunda said, "on such a clear data, I was surprised, too. It indeed confirmed my idea: if you choose a trusted insiders, so most of the time he's going to be like other top candidates. I put such insiders said 'the leader screened out'. They may be good, but they will not be excellent leaders.And those who have not been screened, that is, those who do not have too much experience, always have a good performance."

Excellent performance without the selection, which means that the company should only employ inexperienced outsiders?

MuKunda does not recognize this view, because these people are more likely to mess things up.

While great leaders such as Jobs and Lincoln are not screened, but those that make them highly effective, such as the unique way of thinking and not being bound by tradition, often lead to disastrous consequences.

The leadership not by screening means high risk and high return. Like Tim Cook and Chamberlain this kind of screening the leadership, have deep knowledge to fruitful in a stable environment, but they cannot usually cope with the extreme, not to break the routine, and outsiders to deal with more liberal.

Rich experience of the leaders are apt to be in a stable environment play a role, but in the changing period of great change, also need to rely on new strikes.Selected leaders usually make a consistent decision, even if they make a decision that is right, their leadership is not too big.
Think about Thomas Jefferson (a third term as president of the United States), according to the theory of Mukunda, he is undoubtedly the screening of leadership, because of this, he as the president's influence should belong to the middle.

Cook can get the present results naturally thanks to the previous hit the country, his case is like taking over a still off the rocket, Cook did let the Rockets continue to fly.

But so far, Cook has not been able to bring a breakthrough for consumers of new products.
Although the Siri voice assistant, better display and apple watches, but this is to supplement and upgrade old products. Market in waiting for apple to launch new products to prove they are an endless source of innovation power.

Thanks for looking.

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