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replied the topic Best resource for python? created by Pele233

In my opinion the best article with the necessary books and links to sites on the issue you are interested in here / to read, enable the translator on Your browser.

563 days ago
replied the topic Is it possible to combine 2D and 3D graphics in the development of a mobile application? created by relina15256044

Full compatibility is not possible because the 2D mode uses the entire screen, every corner of it can be filled with information. In 3D mode, creating a 3D effect requires spatial reference points (walls, objects, shadows, etc.) that take away part of the screen and reduce the number of working pixels on the screen. Objects in 3D have additional attributes.

589 days ago
replied the topic How do I find a reliable handbag seller on the web? created by MayRich

Choose only proven stores operating in the market for at least 10 years. While the reviews almost not покупались — a major retailer is selling branded bags. The range includes a full range of these products: from clutches and evening bags to backpacks, baguette bags and suitcases. — leather Luxury. In the catalogues of the market accessories, shoes, bags. Collections are complemented by exclusive models of clothing, jewelry, hats, ties. — online Empire a variety of bags: stylish clutches, backpacks in casual style, casual handbags and neck scarves and jewelry.

610 days ago
replied the topic Charging a powerbank for first time created by programmer

In fact, the power Bank is an ordinary battery, the optimal charging conditions for it are the same.The charger should preferably be transformer and not pulse. So You will achieve a longer battery life after charging. Second charging, it is desirable to produce not very fast, not very high current.For your model, the optimal charging current is 500mA. In this case, the charging time will be 12 hours( 20 percent need to take into account energy losses), which is convenient at night. You can take current and less. but then the duration of charging increases proportionally. Third, it is desirable to start charging with almost zero charge( a few percent) and not with 10 percent or more.And fourth, it is desirable not to interrupt the charging and wait for a full charge and only then operate the battery. Sometimes help. Turn off and turn on the charger for a small precharge.

625 days ago
replied the topic Increase ping for game created by Teacher_x

In your case, when using even the highest quality VPN , more than 90 percent of the signal delay will be through the same VPN, so configure your network, use additional applications almost makes no sense. Choose a VPN server where the server is closer to You. to your country it is most effective, but still will not provide the best ping .

627 days ago
replied the topic Choosing the best VPN created by Derril

Checked many VPN services for your browser. The most stable works shareware ZenMate Is a Supplement that works in the browser.

631 days ago
replied the topic Recovery Deleted photo on Android device created by programmer

The most effective methods are described here To view, enable your translator on your browser.

631 days ago
replied the topic Extend laptop SSD memory created by kb9612

Solid state drive instead of hard drive

The magnetic hard drive plays the role of a "tube", which slows down the operation of the whole system, so possibly replace it with a solid state drive. SSD-drive, which costs from $ 100 (120 GB model), is the best way to achieve a smoother and faster performance.

If you stop your choice on the model of the 840 Evo from Samsung, then transferring the operating system and will not cause you trouble because of proprietary Data Migration utility and USB adapter included.

638 days ago
replied the topic Application for video conferencing created by IndianoO

8 applications-alternatives to Skype . For translation, include the translator

646 days ago
replied the topic Reduce internet ping for online games created by ab1936

We Start with the fact that it is desirable to first check the parameters of the Internet connection. If you're using a router, try just putting it closer to your computer. Also take another router and check if the speed will change. If it does not help, connect the Internet cable to your PC/laptop directly. Be sure to check the connection speed. Perhaps it is too low or at least lower than that specified in the contract with the provider. . If the result is much lower than specified in the contract, immediately call the provider and inform him about the problem. Disk defragmentation If the connection is good, you should check your computer settings and how it responds to requests. Perhaps too much garbage, viruses or other features prevent it from issuing a high ping. Therefore, you must first defragment the hard disk. This is done as follows: 1saydite in "Computer" and click on the disk on which there is most information, right-click. 2 IN the drop-down menu, select "Properties". 3The properties window opens. In it, go to the "Tools" tab and in the "disk Defragmentation" section click on the "Perform defragmentation"button. In the next defragmentation window, simply click "disk Defragmentation" again, after selecting the desired one in the block under "Current state". After that, follow the instructions and just wait for the process to finish. Note: If the block under "Current state" near the selected disk says "(fragmented: 0%)", then this is not the problem and defragmentation is not necessary. And if the problem was really in this, we advise you to configure the defragmentation schedule, so that the system itself once in a certain period of time to perform this process. To do this, use the appropriate button in the defragmentation window. Because of this, you will not return to this issue. Updating the driver the network card is known to be responsible For the operation of the Internet. So, it is desirable from time to time to update the driver on it. This is done like this: 1IN the start menu, enter the query "driver". Among the found program, run the one called "Update device drivers". 2 expand The network adapters section. Find there the device called "Network adapter..." 3click on it with the right mouse button and select "Update drivers..." from the drop-down menu. 4. Access the network adapter driver update 4When you select "Automatic search..." If the drivers are found, you will be prompted to install them. Make this. And if not, then the problem is not the drivers. Tip: do The same for other devices in the network adapters section. Maybe the problem is one of them. to table of contents ↑ Checking for viruses and malware Often use the traffic for my work. Because of this ping is growing significantly. Therefore, it is best to check your computer for viruses and remove them. If you have a good antivirus program installed on your computer, for example, from Kaspersky Lab, perform a scan using it. For example, in Kaspersky Free, to do this in the main window, simply click the "Scan" button and in the "Full scan" tab click on the "Run scan"button. Rice. 6. Running a full scan in Kaspersky Free If you have a weak antivirus, it is best to use a special program to remove viruses. However, even if you are confident in your antivirus, you can do the same. The list of the best such utilities is presented in this article. Choose any of them. to content ↑ Disabling other programs Often all sorts of software also takes a significant part of the traffic. Thus, it does not allow to achieve high ping. Therefore, it is best for the game to disable a number of programs, specifically: antivirus; torrent client; the browser; messengers (Skype, Miranda and so on) and everything that uses the Internet. Most programs can be disabled by simply clicking on the "Exit" button in the shortcut context menu in the tray. This means that if the program has an icon on the bottom panel of the desktop, you need to right-click on it. A menu will appear in which you need to press "Exit". This method is particularly suitable for antiviruses. In the same way, you can close Skype and many other software samples. If this option is not suitable, you will have to use the task Manager. This process is as follows: In the same tray, right-click on an empty space and select "Start task Manager"in the context menu. You can also press "Ctrl","Alt" and "Delete"on the keyboard. In the Manager window, click the Processes tab. There is the name you will be able to easily find all programs. On the one you want to close, just right click once to highlight. Click on the "End process"button. In the window that appears, click the button with the same name again. In the same way, do with all the SOFTWARE that needs the Internet to work. к Changing the priority of programs in Addition to the fact that various programs can be forced to close to unload the operating system, other programs can be put in the first place in the priority of the OS. That is, you can make the system pay more attention to a particular process. Due to this, it will spend most of the OS resources and, accordingly, Internet traffic. Changing the priority is as follows: 1 start the online game. Open task Manager. How to do this is described in the first step of the previous section. 2In the "Applications" tab, right-click on the game and select "Go to process"in the menu that appears. Of course, you can independently try to find the right process, but it is much easier. 3For the selected process, press the right mouse button again and select the "Priority"option in the context menu. To do this, simply hover over it. 4Справа will appear with the options, what priority to assign to this app. Click "High". In the window that appears, click change priority. 5 close the dispatcher. Wait a while. The priority will not change immediately. But in any case, the ping should fall, as well as performance. And maybe the graphics will be better. If all this does not help, you will have to go back to the network. But now we will perform much more complex operations than just using another router and the like. to content ↑ Expanding the network channel This process takes place by performing such actions: Press simultaneously the "Win" and "R" buttons on the keyboard. This will open the program execution window. In it, type the command "gpedit.msc" and click OK. Tip: If you are unable to open the local group policy editor in this way (an error appears), go to a folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and manually run the file with that name. Then, in the left pane, go to the "Computer Configuration" (if in Russian, then "computer Configuration"), "Administration Templates" ("Administrative templates"), "Network" ("Network") and "QoS Packet Scheduler" ("QoS package Scheduler"). A small window will Open to the right with the "Limit reserved bandwidth" shortcut. In it, check the box next to "Enabled" ("Enabled"). In the block below will be available the inscription "Bandwidth limit (%):" and a field to specify the percentage. Initially, they installed 20%. Instead, set the value to 0%, as shown in figure 10. Click Apply, then OK. Rice. 10. To set the correct reserved bandwidth, Restart the computer for the changes to take effect. This way you will be able to significantly increase the capacity of your computer. to table of contents ↑ Changing TCP/IP settings In many games such as World of tanks helps to change some TCP/IP settings. Without going into details, let's say that this is done as follows: 1 IN the "Run" window (started by simultaneously pressing "Win" and "R"), enter the command "regedit" and click "OK". 2Дальше consistently navigate to the sections "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", "SYSTEM", "CurrentControlSet", "Services", "Tcpip", "Parameters" (in the left panel). Go to "Interfaces" (double click with the left mouse button on the folder). 3IN the large white box on the right, right-click on an empty space. A menu appears with the only option "Create". Point the mouse cursor at it. 4Появятся options of file creation. Select there "DWORD Value (32 bits)". Rice. 11. Creating a DWORD value in registry editor 5 a new parameter appears in THE list. Will be able to change his name. If not, right-click on it and select rename. In any case, you must enter the name "TcpAckFrequency". 6 after successful renaming, right-click on the file and select "Edit" from the menu that appears. 7IN the box below "Value", enter "1". Always check below under "accounting System" was a version of "Hexadecimal". 8, click "OK". Close all open Windows and restart your computer. Rice. 12. You can also use this editor to change the value of the created TcpAckFrequency parameter to change MSMQ. Read also: Online games – 10 of the most popular portals the Computer is loaded for a long time when you turn on: Solve the problem How to increase the RAM on the laptop: Tips What is RAM in the phone and how the user to free up some memory? to content ↑ Changing MSMQ settings MSMQ or Microsoft Message Queuing is an implementation of message Queuing, which is used in Windows, in particular, to work with the Internet. You can also change this setting to reduce ping. To do this, run the registry editor ("regedit" in the program execution window). Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE", "SOFTWARE", "Microsoft", "MSMQ" and open the "Parameters" folder (on the left).

651 days ago
replied the topic Best online drew chart created by androidly

Canva: online service
graphic design.
Use the canva online picture editor and professional layouts to design images and documents of consistently high quality.

655 days ago
replied the topic Is google now focusing to get users to their platform such as Youtube? created by tech4uonline

On the first positions in YouTube are not those videos that are located in the top of Google. For example, in Google search for "12 angry men" in positions 9, 14 and 15 were found videos from YouTube. It can be assumed that this is the first, second and third videos in YouTube, but it is not.
In fact, the procedure for the issuance of reverse looks. We have seen a similar picture from other results. So I decided to analyze the importance of other factors affecting rankings on YouTube and Google, including the number of views and the number of links to each search engine.

The difference between algorithms and video ranking in YouTube and Google
Of the 424 requests, 336 gave only one video from YouTube in the top 100 Google results, and the remaining 88 – more than one. The largest number of videos in the issuance of all requests – five.

Google is biased to the location of the clips from YouTube are in the top ten results. Thus, 74.9% of all YouTube videos that are present in the example were in the top ten, and 92.6% – in the top twenty. This shows that for Google queries, about 75% of YouTube videos are in the top 10.

Accurate analysis of the effectiveness and the desired result
Business promotion via YouTube channel with Semantics
Notice how often a YouTube video in Google's top is the top 1 on YouTube:

More than half of the requests (55.2%) were ranked in the first positions in Google, but did not occupy the first lines on YouTube. This is a very significant difference in the overall ranking for the two search engines.

671 days ago
replied the topic Being a good web developer created by jah98moz

Front End developer

When you see a website full of life with an attractive interface, you wonder who this wizard who worked with him so professionally. It is at this moment that you think of the front end developer, even without knowing it. Any visual display you work with is produced by the developer's sweat, blood, and tears. A GUI or "Graphical user interface" is a visual front end that displays a screen that allows clients to interact with the software. Any of today's devices with the adjective "smart" will have an interface that runs applications, provides access to websites, and it's all created by the front end developer.

UI designer or "User interface" designer creates a space in which the interaction between man and machine takes place. In terms of skill, this process requires a programmer to combine programming and design skills, and often this person does not have to be a programmer at all.

The UX designer refers to the "User Experience" designer, which describes the path that the user uses and its overall effectiveness. Front end developers should also think about the General usability, utility and experience that the user has when interacting with the software and this particular segment requires by far the most "flexible programmer skills". However, this work can also be done by non-programmers.

Responsive design is a very difficult job. It refers to the process of adapting the interface design to any screen, from widescreen desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Traditionally, the front end developer is a person who is comfortable to work with both design and coding. In other words, someone who is comfortable working with simple design tools and is able to write the structure of a website in HTML and style it with CSS code. At this point, the biggest problem for front end developers is that a website built using only HTML and CSS will be completely static. If you think of stickman on a blank page as a website. HTML will be enough to draw its shape and CSS will be used to style it (thicken, paint it, add clothes, etc.). But to make stickman move and react, front end developer as a consequence will need something else.

As the complexity and improving the web applications, the demand for complete programming language Turing in the interface is increasing with great speed, so for animation programmers - stickman use Java Script which is the programming language on the browser side.

Back End developer

In the past, the back end consisted of a physical computer and software designed to run queries through it. Today, the process has become much more complex: cloud servers are more common, time-consuming databases and microservice applications, but in principle the back end is still the process of combining the server, application and database to solve the problem.

The whole process is firmly anchored in logic, a network of processes and queries that are resolved in seconds to give you, as a user, a certain desired result. Select a flight from new York to Hong Kong and you are in the front end zone, press the search key and you are moved to the back end to properly return you the best, shortest, cheapest flight in no time. Once the results are displayed to you, you will be back in the front end. If the search query gave you a timely and useful result and you have no idea what made it happen, thanks to the developer for completing the search, as well as countless other things that make your life easier.

Have a back-end developer can be a variety of duties. From database creation and integration to security, as well as backup and recovery technologies, back-end developers create the brain of the app.

Back end developers use a variety of technologies to encode the basic computational logic of information systems, specific software or websites. They can include Java, C#, Python, and database languages such as SQL and many others. Back end differ from front end developers in that the work of the back end developer is completely devoid of any visual design and is based on the logic and architecture of the software, the purpose of which is to provide a certain result. Sometimes there are problems with combining back end and front end, which leads us to a person who can handle both parts.

Developer Full Stack.

The full stack developer is someone who works well with both the backend and the front end. "To be more specific, this means that the developer can work with databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and everything in between, also taking into account the conversion of Photoshop projects into front-end code," SitePoint says.

Full stack developers need a General knowledge of the technologies from each part of the development process. This, of course, means that they will not be an expert in any particular field, but rather can offer a better overview of the application possibilities and the possibility of bridging the gap between how the system functions and how it looks and feels to the user. This may not be a requirement for work, but a full stack developer usually also understands business logic, design limits, and user interface. In the early stages of business development, there may be a great need for full stack developers, as their versatility can be useful in product development, but as the company Matures, developers need more and more specific skills.

A Full stack developer can also be a great technician. It has a broad understanding of technology and can anticipate what future recruitment efforts should be or what technologies should be implemented in the future.

673 days ago
replied the topic POWERPOINT TEMPLATES created by Zaza1991

In my opinion the best choice with professional quality of such templates is here

678 days ago
replied the topic What is the best trading platform for new created by a454545

Best trading platforms for trading: Overview

Here in each section stock trading has its own leaders.

1. Investment activity in the of the stock market:

Program Alfa-Direkt: development professionals in the same Bank;
QUIK: the oldest, time-tested and experience of use, and therefore the most popular domestic software development.
2. TOP trading platforms on international stock markets:

Zerich Trader Workstation: provides easy access to major us exchanges – NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX; provides access to futures trading segments.
3. The most popular Forex platforms:

Metatrader 5: the most common software concept for trading on the international currency market – Forex;
Libertex: a program that is recommended for beginners until a sufficient level of experience is gained. However, professionals also often use it;
IFX Trader: a kind of "Metatrader", where the Deposit is reduced, the financial leverage is increased by an order of magnitude and the gold trading position is added.
4. Futures segment of organized trading:

CQG Trader: this software terminal is chosen exclusively by professional, experienced traders. Access to American platforms CME, ICE, NYMEX, CBOT is provided.
We will tell you about the features of each of these software systems.

The program provides placement of buy/sell orders on the resources of Russian stock exchanges: shares, bonds, futures, shares and other financial instruments.
Support operations, margin lending, short selling and unsecured buying.
Support of REPO transactions.
Support of brokerage accounts.
There is a version of the software application for smartphones.
Possibility of demo trading.
You can design the interface yourself, namely: adjust the number of screens on the page; choose analytical charts; display the necessary trading tools.
Orders can be formed directly from the chart; of course, there is a classic "glass".
QUIK software is compatible with almost all analytical programs of technical analysis.
Export of data is done using DDE (MS Excel) and ODBC.
With the help of "QUIK" it is possible to form orders on several accounts at once.
"QUIK" provides an opportunity to exchange text messages with other users and moderators of the system.
Zerich Trader Workstation
In its functional essence, the program is not much different from the functionality of the same "QUIK". Just the specifics of the markets to which access is provided, mainly American: NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX.

Metatrader 5
There are "glasses" of prices for each of the trading segments: spot or futures. In addition, there are 4 modes of order execution: Market, Request, Exchange, Instant.
Total system has the 38th technical indicators; 21-them timeframe; 17 styles of displaying Custom Indicators. And most importantly, what should not be forgotten – 4 zoom modes!
Auto trading (robot, developed with the help of the MQL5 language).
It provides for the possibility of trading currency, energy, stocks, index instruments.
A distinctive feature of the platform is user simplicity and versatility.
It is possible to use financial leverage.
The personal account can be accessed even from your smartphone (and trade, of course, too).
IFX Trader
The platform provides the opportunity to work with 107 currency tools clean.
There are 34 types of CFDs on shares of us issuers.
The minimum Deposit is $1 (!!!), and the leverage is 1:1000.
Instant transactions; instant Deposit/withdrawal of funds from the platforms.
Promotions with prizes up to $50 thousand.
24/7 support.
CQG Trader
There is a full range of charts and indicators (technical analysis tools).
Possibility of aggregation with the system of your own trading robots.
Direct connection to international platforms CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE, EUREX.
Multilingual interface.
Naturally, all systems share such features as instant transfer of orders to the site; recalculation of margin account balances; availability of technical support with the possibility of consultations.

Choosing the right and in your opinion the best platform for trading should be based on its advancement, that is, from how it is comfortable for you and whether it is too difficult. So, if you are just a beginner, the professional platform will be a burden to you and, most likely, will not give any advantages. Here it is necessary to "take the burden on their own", that is, from their own experience.

You can further consider the platforms that work with binary options, which can also make good money!

680 days ago
replied the topic USE online from ACCESS created by Abolfazltarrah

A detailed answer to Your question, read hereСпособы-совместного-использования-базы-данных-Access-03822632-DA43-4D8F-BA2A-68DA245A0446

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replied the topic How to merge several folders into one? created by relina15256044

To do this, you will need total commander. Put all the folders from which you want to get the files in one. Open this folder - in it you should see all the folders from which you need to transfer files. Press ctrl+b and all files will be displayed without folders and subfolders. Then select all the files and copy or move to the desired folder. There's another way. Open the place where all photos are stored - press alt+f7, the search will open and enter the format of the photo file in the search bar, for example jpg and click "start search" when the search is completed, click files on the panel, and then all files will also be shown without folders in one place. You select and copy or move them. In Explorer, too, can be so do. For example, you have a photo folder and all folders and subfolders with photos are stored there. You open this folder, use the search for this folder and again enter in the search file format, such as jpg, when the search is completed, select and copy or move.

The most reliable first - throw off all the folders with pictures in one - press ctrl+b, then all the files will be displayed without folders, but you need total commander. there is also another way.The option of using the RAR archiver. Right-click on the folder from which you want to merge the files. Select "add a archive...". Next, select the compression method - "no compression" (to increase the speed). Archive. Then right-click on the archive select "extract to folder...", select the overwrite mode "Rename automatically", in the tab "Advanced" select "extract files without paths".

680 days ago
replied the topic SSD on laptop cheap laptop created by Johny_Bonny

If You are not lucky enough to buy a hard drive on the stock from a certified seller, you can certainly buy a disk, but in all other cases it is better to buy a new laptop, because You have a guarantee that it is the original. In addition new laptop with similar settings than it will be better than the old, such as weight or extra ports.

680 days ago
replied the topic Kayıt Defteri açılmıyor created by Ameedi21

Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni açın

Yöntem 1-Çalıştır penceresinden

Muhtemelen kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni açmanın en kolay ve çok yönlü yollarından biridir (Windows XP'de çalışır/7/8/10). Tüm adımları adım adım yazacağım:

önce win + r düğmelerinin kombinasyonunu tıklayın (artı basmaya gerek yok);
köşenin alt kısmında küçük bir "Çalıştır" penceresi görünmelidir; Burada bir "Aç" satırı olacaktır (aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsünde bir örnek);
Çalıştır penceresi
Çalıştır penceresi

şimdi "Aç" satırına regedit komutunu yazın ve Enter tuşuna basın;
Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni Çalıştır penceresinden açın
Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni Çalıştır // Windows 10 penceresinden açın

değişiklik paket izinleri hakkında bir soru penceresi görünüyorsa-Evet'i tıklayın";
Bu uygulamanın değişiklik yapmasına izin ver
Bu uygulamanın değişiklik yapmasına izin ver

Aslında, her şey! Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni açmak zorunda kaldı. Değişiklik yapabilir...

Yöntem 2 - komut satırı üzerinden

İlk önce komut istemini açın-Başlat menüsünde çalıştırmak için bir kısayol bulmanın en kolay yolu (Windows 10'te aramayı kullanmak için uygundur, aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsüne bakın);
Windows 10'te Komut satırını çalıştırma
Windows 10'te Komut satırını çalıştırma

komut isteminde regedit (hepsi aynı komut ☻) yazmanız ve Enter tuşuna basmanız gerekir. Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi açılmalıdır.
Komut istemi-regedit komutu
Komut istemi-regedit komutu

Yöntem 3 - sistem klasörü aracılığıyla

Windows sürümünüze ve ayarlarına bağlı olarak, regedit dosyası çeşitli klasörlerde olabilir:
C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (Windows 10'te en yaygın varsayılan seçenek);
C:\ Windows\System32
C:\ Windows
Sonra her şey basit: Explorer'ı (veya diğer Komutanı) açın, sistem klasörünü açın ve regedit dosyasını bulun, normal bir program olarak açın. Örnek aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsünde sunulmuştur.

Explorer üzerinden regedit bul
Explorer üzerinden regedit bul

Yöntem 4-Windows arama yoluyla

Windows 10'da, Başlat menüsünün yanındaki büyüteç simgesini tıklayabilir ve regedit arama çubuğuna girebilirsiniz-bulunan sonuçlar arasında, düzenleyiciyi başlatmak için bir kısayol görürsünüz (aşağıdaki örneğe bakın).

Başlat menüsü üzerinden regedit arama
Başlat menüsü üzerinden regedit arama

Buna ek olarak, Explorer'ı açabilir, ardından Windows sistem diskini (genellikle C:\) açabilir ve arama çubuğunda regedit yazabilirsiniz-bir süre sonra Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni (aşağıdaki örnek) başlatmak için bir bağlantı görürsünüz.

Explorer'da sistem sürücüsünde regedit bulma
Explorer'da sistem sürücüsünde regedit bulma

Yöntem 5-spec kullanarak. yarar

Kayıt defteri ile çalışmak için yardımcı programlar-yüzlerce! Bu makalede, dikkatinize en iyilerinden birini sunuyoruz (mütevazı bakışınızda).

Reg Organizer

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Sistem kayıt defterindeki düzeni sağlamak için çok kullanışlı bir yardımcı program. Çöp ve hatalı verileri ondan kaldırmanıza, birleştirmenize ve sıkıştırmanıza, fotoğraf çekmenize (herhangi bir programı yüklemeden önce ve sonra kayıt defterindeki değişiklikleri karşılaştırmak için) vb.

Ayrıca, Windows yerleşik düzenleyiciyi açmadan kayıt defterini düzenlemenizi sağlar. Yardımcı program tamamen rusça tercüme, Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit) destekler.

Reg Organizer'ı yükledikten ve çalıştırdıktan sonra, Araçlar menüsünü açın ve Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi bağlantısını tıklayın (aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsüne bakın).

Araçlar-kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi / / RegOrganizer
Araçlar-kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi / / Reg Organizer

Aslında, kayıt defteri ayarlarıyla klasik düzenleyicide olduğu gibi çalışabilirsiniz. Ayrıca, Reg Organizer'da ek araçlar olduğunu da ekleyin: daha kolay arama, fotoğraf çekme, Sık Kullanılanlar vb.

RegOrganizer yardımcı programında kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi
Reg Organizer yardımcı programında kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi

Kayıt defteri kilitli ve açılmazsa ne yapmalı

İlk olarak, panik yapmayın
İkincisi, reg Organizer yardımcı programı aracılığıyla kayıt defterini açmayı deneyin (5 yolunda önerdiğim, yukarıdaki birkaç satır).

Üçüncü olarak, avz antivirüs programını bilgisayarınıza indirin (sistemi normal bir çalışma yoluna geri yüklemenize yardımcı olacaktır).

Avz hakkında (nerede indirilir, hangi artıları ve ne) makalelerimden birinde öğrenebilirsiniz:

Ardından, Avz'yi başlatın ve Araçlar/sistem kaynakları menüsünü açın - bu menüde kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni başlatmak için bir bağlantı olacaktır. Açmayı deneyin (örnek aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsünde gösterilir).

Avz servis programı-düzenleyiciyi açmaya çalışılıyor
Avz servis programı-düzenleyiciyi açmaya çalışılıyor

Açılmazsa, dosya menüsüne girin ve Sistem Geri Yükleme bağlantısını tıklayın (aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsüne bakın).

Dosya sistem geri yükleme,//, AVZ
Dosya sistem geri yükleme,//, AVZ

Ardından, geri yüklemek istediğiniz tüm seçenekleri işaretlemeniz gerekir (bunlar arasında ihtiyacımız olan şey, yani "kayıt defteri reaktörünün kilidini açma", aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsüne bakın-sarı etiketli).

Bu arada, AVZ birçok durumda yardımcı olur, bu yüzden bir öğe ile sınırlı kalmanızı tavsiye ederim...

Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni açma
Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi'ni açma

Aslında, bilgisayar kurtarma ve yeniden başlatma işleminden sonra, aynı avz yardımcı programında (ve anti-virüs sisteminizde olmasına rağmen) virüsler için kontrol etmenizi öneririm.

Avz'de bir virüsten koruma taraması için, diskleri belirtmeniz, bulunan virüslerin tedavilerini belirtmeniz ve Başlat düğmesine basmanız gerekir. Örnek aşağıdaki ekran görüntüsünde sunulmuştur.

Avz'de sistem anti-virüs taraması
Avz'de sistem anti-virüs taraması

Aslında, böyle bir kurtarma işleminden sonra-Kayıt Defteri Düzenleyicisi normal modda açılmaya başlar.

Not: ayrıca bir seçenek olarak, sistemi güvenli modda çalıştırmayı ve düzenleyiciyi altından açmayı deneyebilirsiniz.

Bu yardımcı olmazsa, Windows'u yeniden yükleme seçeneğini dikkate almaya değer olabilir.

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1. Problems with the update service

Why not installed updates on Windows 7, there can be problems in system service updates. The system services will get by searching the start menu. Write a key query "Services" and run this section of settings.

In the window that opens, you will see a list of system services, among them you need to find a service with the name, respectively, "Windows Update". This service will be at the bottom of the list because the list of services is sorted alphabetically by default. Double-click to open the service properties window.

Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
Initially, this service should be started, but it may be that just the same problem lies in the fact that the service was initially stopped. This arrangement, in principle, is not surprising for pirated builds of Windows, when Windows Update is disabled distribution collectors deliberately. In this case, you just need to start the service.

On the contrary, the system update service that is running must be stopped.

Not closing while the window of service properties, click Win+R keys to launch Run command and enter:


Click "OK" or Enter.

The system folder "SoftwareDistribution"will open in Windows Explorer. All its contents must be removed.

Then switch to the properties window of the Windows 7 update service and start the service again.

All: now restart your computer and can be sent to Windows 7 update to manually start downloading updates and installing them. Quickly get to this section of system settings can by typing in the search box menu "start" query "Windows Update".

In the center window that opens, start checking for updates.

Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
And install all the updates found by clicking "Install updates".
Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
To install only individual updates, click the link "Important updates so much is available" and remove the check mark from unnecessary.
Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
Then go back to the main window of the Update center and start the process with the same button "Install updates".

2. Problems downloading updates

One of the common causes of problems with Windows 7 update failures are in the process of uploading them to the computer. The specifics of downloading system updates is that they are first downloaded to the cache and stored there until they are installed on the system. Failure to download, respectively, entails the inability to install updates. Alas, when you download the new update files are not overwritten. You must first delete the update files that are in the cache with errors, and then only begin to download them again.

To clear the update cache, use the command line. In the search field of the start menu, enter the key query "Command prompt", call the context menu on it and run as administrator.

In the command prompt window, enter 3 commands, pressing after each Enter:

net stop wuauserv
ren %windir%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.OLD
net start wuauserv

The cache is cleared, you can start manual work with updates. In this case, we also restart the computer, and then try to install the updates again, as mentioned above, at the end of the first paragraph of the article.

3. Problems in the system registry

The lion's share of failures to install updates in Windows 7 falls on error 80070308. The reason for this may lie in the incorrect operation of the registry. To solve this problem, you can make edits to the registry. Click Win+R to call the command "Run". In her field, enter the:

And click "OK" or Enter.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, select the COMPONENTS subkey and delete the PendingRequired item in it. The delete option will be available in the context menu.
Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
All: now you need to restart your computer and, as in previous cases, proceed to the manual installation of updates.

4. Fix It utility for automatic Troubleshooting

For various system problems, Microsoft has created a special utility Fix It, it is an automatic remedy for various problems. You can download the Fix It utility to troubleshoot specific update Issues
on the Microsoft website by the link
Updates are not installed on Windows 7: possible causes and solutions
Run the fix It installation file.

The utility will create a system restore point by itself.

Then the automatic Troubleshooting process itself will be started directly.

Upon completion of the utility close it.

And we're trying to manually install the updates again.

5. Lack of Internet and blocking access to Microsoft web resources by antivirus or firewall

The natural cause of problems with downloading updates is the lack of the Internet, in particular, errors in the proxy server settings, if the connection to the world wide Web goes through such. From the same area, the reason why updates are not installed on Windows 7 is to block access to Microsoft web resources by antivirus or firewall. Before messing with the settings of the latter in order to identify whether this is the reason, you can simply turn off the antivirus or firewall for a while and start installing updates manually.

6. No space on disk C

The lack of free space on the system drive C is another natural reason why updates are not installed on Windows 7. After all, for the full functionality of Windows update is required after all, and as much as 5 GB of free space on the hard disk. Therefore, before the system warning about the lack of free disk space, this problem can make itself felt, in particular, an obstacle to downloading and installing updates.

7. Recently, if you install a clean original Windows 7, then begins the eternal search for updates, but no errors writes, I solve this problem so:

install MicrosoftFixit50123
and reboot, then install Windows6.1-KB3102810
for 32-bit systems
for a 64-bit system, then I reboot and start searching for updates, and everything goes in normal mode.

8. And the last. Often, the cause of incorrect operation of Windows 7 Update is corruption of the system component store

You can easily repair a damaged component store using the DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth Command,

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