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replied the topic What do you usually do online? created by AlexBMW

Great answers. Thanks for sharing, guys. I also don't use the Internet only for work. I check my social media sites accounts, read Weed News, play games, communicate with my friends and relatives who live far away from me. And of course, I watch movies and funny videos.

446 days ago
replied the topic The best free torrent client 2017 created by mazeal

The amount of torrenting sites is really great. Personally I like using them to download movies, music and books. I was lucky to find a list of the top torrent sites on In most cases I choose Torrentz2 or LimeTorrents.

459 days ago
replied the topic Online store for men created by IndianoO

I've recently bought oilfield work boots. I chose a brand and model on and made a purchase on Amazom. I guess, $130 for Timberland Pro is a good price, especially taking into account that they are made from premium leather materials and have thick waterproof lining.

481 days ago
replied the topic Dissertation Help created by evelynwilliams

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task. And it needs much time and efforts. Noone is telling you what to do, you are on your own. And you do it without using the Internet. Sometimes you are just tired and don't understand how to continue the work, and deadline is so soon. In such a case, I guess, the best way out is to use one of the dissertation writing services

494 days ago
replied the topic Real estate websites created by HenryW

I can suggest using This is a great real estate marketplace with its own database. It allows to find houses, apartments, new developments, townhouses, single-family homes, overseas real estate, and investment properties. Also it has very conveniet search parameters. Hopefully, you will also find it helpful!

503 days ago
replied the topic Sleep problems. Advices created by IndianoO

Well, you can try to change your daily routine. It is important to go to bed and get up at the same time, even on weekends. Also do sports and spend more time on fresh air. In case it doesn't work, you might need sleeping pills, but it is better to have a prescription. If you worry about side effects or don't know how such medication works, I suggest reading information on Canadian Pharmacy site as this source can provide you with the description of all meds that are sold there.

520 days ago
replied the topic Online pharmacies created by HenryW

Yes, I tried online pharmacies, and I find a possibility to buy meds online to be great and convenient as I can save time and money. Of course, not all sites are trustworthy, it is important to order meds only on those websites that require prescriptions. Personally I've been using Canadian Pharmacy for more than a year and I'm pleased with it.

542 days ago
replied the topic How to make money online? created by Logos

One of the ways to make money online is to play casino games. Of course, it is risky, but if luck is on your side you can make big money. Personally I visit 코인카지노 casino from time to time. I prefer playing for fun, but it is good to win some money.

545 days ago
replied the topic What browser games are the best? created by termezo

I play World of Tanks from time to time. Also I enjoy playing slots. It helps me to relax after a long working day. In most cases I choose 더킹 카지노 casino because of a great variety of games.

554 days ago
replied the topic Hd movies download sites created by fillmeout

Like may other people I watch movies regularly. Today we have a great possibility to download everything we want from the Internet. Usually I use Torrent sites from the list on to download not only films, but also music, bookks and much more. Hopefully, this source will be useful for someone.

566 days ago
replied the topic How to reduce stress after working in front of computer? created by termezo

There are many ways to reduce stress. Some people play games, other just goto bed earlier. Personally I like going for a walk with my children, and when they go to bed, I watch movies with my husband. There even exist medications that can help, but I guess, such pills should be taken only by prescription. In case someone is going to try them, I recommend to read the description of them first. You can easily find it online. I use Canadian Pharmacy Online for this purpose. Hope it helps!

570 days ago
replied the topic The best site for Invest created by oops95

I should say, there is a good list of sites mentioned here! Thanks for sharing your experience, guys! I can also share a good source This is one of the top crypto monitoring apps with the help of which users can monitor cryptocurrencies across more than 80 exchanges.

594 days ago
replied the topic What is litecoin how to earn litecoin? created by aqeel23304

I can't give a direct answer, but I can suggest visiting This is a good Reddit group where crypto users can help you understand how trading with Litecoin works. I hope it helps!

598 days ago
replied the topic Can the euask introduce bitcoin as means of payment created by selcinor

Today more and more services have become available with Bitcoin, and I find it to be great and convenient. Speaking about places to spend this cryptocurrency, I use a list of sites on . And I agree that it would be great if euask introduced bitcoin as means of payment.

606 days ago
replied the topic Internet help you learn English? created by shahab

Of course, it is possible to learn foreign languages using Internet. There are many helpful sites and apps. Here I can recommend to check a list of sites from as they can help to learn foreign languages fast, some of them include games and humorous chatbots. Also it is possible to become a member of a global language learning community.

608 days ago
replied the topic What online job boards are the most popular? created by Cezario

There are many good sources. I think, the choice depends mostly on your needs. If you want to find a job that allows to travel often, I recommend to check a list of work and travel sites on I hope it will be helpful for you!

613 days ago
replied the topic What's your fave game? created by anhot

It is difficult to say what game I like most of all. I've recently finished playing the Witcher 3 that I really enjoyed. But in most cases I prefer online games. It is convenient that today we can play using not only real, but also digital money. Personally I choose cryptocurrency gambling sites from for this purpose. Does anyone else play with crypto?

616 days ago
replied the topic Recommend me some online slots games, please! created by grems

There is a huge amount of online slots. In order to choose the best, you have to try playing at least some of them. I can recommend checkinga collection of gambling sites from They are checked and trustworthy, and can provide you with many great games.

619 days ago
replied the topic How to hide my i.p address created by rehan05

I think that the best way to hide your IP address is to use VPN. There are many good sources, some of them are even available for free. But I prefer using the paid ones in order to be sure that my data are really protected. I can recommend to try CryptoVPN I've been using it for more than a year and I'm really pleased with it.

620 days ago
replied the topic Change ip address created by Professor13

If you want to change your IP address, I suggest using VPN. It has to be noted, VPN can also help to keep your data in safe. There are many good services. Personally I use NordVPN, especially while traveling. I'm pleased with it, so I recommend it with confidence.

621 days ago
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