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IPTV i there any great company? Reward $1
Created by nikke, 1025 days ago, 890 views

I have tried a lot of companies that deliver channels but none is very god, the channels frezes and it is no fun to watch. Paid a lot for sensation iptv nothing works and the support is terrible.

Have anybody tip for a god iptv company?

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Champman1025 days ago

Hi, Im using at this moment GENIPTV, its a iptv service with more then 10000 channels and vip. They have all premium from the USA, UK, GERMANY and so many more. This service works great and i never had a problem with freezing channels or buffering. If you need more information just mail me and ask me what you wanna know. ( )

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ChessKing1025 days ago

Perhaps you have incorrectly trimmed your Android console.How to set up IPTV on Android smart console
In order to set up IP-TV on the smart console you will need to download one of the applications in the Play market:

P. S. In our opinion, this is the most easy to configure and most stable program of IPTV.
If your console was purchased in our online store, the above-mentioned applications are already installed on it.
I want to note that different providers may be different way to install IPTV list. For some, the sheet is set by entering a URL link, while others-download the file through the program. With the installation of the file is easy-download the file from your computer to a flash drive and transfer to the console, or download directly from the Android box. The URL link is a bit more complicated. You can manually enter it into the program, and you can send a link to your e-mail, open mail on Android console and copy it from there.
Consider each program separately.
How to set up the IPTV program on a smart console?
Open the program
IPTV settings
Click on + and choose the appropriate way - enter a link or add an IPTV file.
smart iptv setting
We will choose a way through adding a URL-link-enter the link and enter the name of the IPTV-list and click OK.
IPTV hd setting
We see that our list is loaded - all channels are sorted by categories.
iptv smart tv setting
Select the channel you are interested in and click on it - you will be asked which player to play it, select MX Player
setting up IPTV set-top boxes
Ready! You got to set up IPTV on Android smart console!
Now consider how to set up IPTV in Kodi, aka Kodi or Qodi.
Yes, would not face unexpected errors, before we recommend to remove the one that was installed by the manufacturer, and then download the original version of KODI from the Play Market.

Go to the program and repeat all actions.

iptv m3u setting
Now, in the item location, select :
Remote path (Internet) - and enter the location address of your IPTV-list.
iptv smart tv setting
Turn on the add-on, and restart the program.
Ready! IPTV setup in Kodi is complete!

Setup Lazy IPTV on Android console:
Open the program and add a new IPTV-list-click on + in the upper right corner

Select the method of adding IPTV-list (in our method - link)

Enter the link and click save.
Ready! The Lazy IPTV setup on the smart set-top box is complete-we see the list of channels.If it's not about the settings, try this test playlist here -180 channels, downloaded file insert in player.

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