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Cheap gift ideas? Reward $1
Created by grems, 1248 days ago, 4070 views

For Valentine's Day. What do you usually get?
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Ganea891248 days ago

Everything romantic where u are present with her/him is good ... don't go for cheap ... is one of the days from the year when he/she needs to feel like a king/queen so do it right.
And by the way, you do not need gazillions in order to make someone special.

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nathanq1248 days ago

Mix CDs with favorite songs.

A full body massage (maybe with a happy ending)

Cook their favorite meal

This is a stranger one, but getting her another of the EXACT SAME makeup she uses and is getting low on... Wonderful

Manicure/pedicure - especially together

Favorite flowers in a pot, if she has a green thumb. Or a bouquet if she doesn't.

A photo album / scrapbook

A handwritten letter

Hide sticky notes in her stuff (in books, coat pockets) for her to find, with favorite memories and things from your relationship. She'll be finding them for months if you hide them well, and she'll smile every time.
Good luck :)

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Volikes1246 days ago

As for a small and cheap gift, I recommend you to try making something yourself. For example, try designing some custom lapel pins or accessories. The service from will help you with it and you will get the best results. I think you will like this idea!

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jmsocial20171241 days ago

Uma caixa de bombom, um bom cartão romântico e muitos beijos....

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voineaadi1235 days ago

Netflix offers a free 1 month trial.
Go for that!

You can watch the best documentaries together in Ultra HD for 1 month.
Better than multiplex!

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Flashwind1230 days ago

...But this gift can be the most expensive to the one who gave it.

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Face12341230 days ago

Tudo romântico onde você está presente com ele / ele é bom ... não vá barato ... é um dos dias do ano em que ele precisa se sentir como um rei / rainha, então faça isso direito.
E, a propósito, você não precisa de gazillions para tornar alguém especial.

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Phil1230 days ago

a card and some good chocolates. Forget flowers, they can't be eaten.

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Djek1228 days ago

Общение с любимым человеком

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galken1227 days ago

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sandipguchait1226 days ago

you can choose anything like small items

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igor1226 days ago

Playful slap on the ass !

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Habinar1186 days ago

Laser correction is OK but it's expensive. So you'd better not stare at the TV-box for too much or wear blue light blocking glasses at least.

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dannie1179 days ago


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badmaan1166 days ago

Valentine is definitely chocolate

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leontardif1136 days ago

wildflowers from roadsides, woods, etc.

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canewiliamsan1131 days ago

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canewiliamsan1131 days ago

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smith21129 days ago

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smith21129 days ago

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smith21129 days ago

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smith21129 days ago

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IOP4IK1124 days ago

take her somewhere abroad

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sloperun3az1124 days ago

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leontardif1123 days ago

For something lasting maybe a flowering plant that comes back every year, like miniature rose bushes, come in all sorts of colors, nice in the home, easy to maintain plus you can winter them.

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vasizbtz1106 days ago

Excellent info. I will certainly check out the remainder of your forum site.
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Jay211088 days ago

The most cheap present is a present thay you made yourself.

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johndill1026 days ago

wow cheap gift need think about it

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johndill1026 days ago

I remembered recently my father had a birthday, so I gave him a desk in the office, he had long dreamed about him, since he did not have much money, he went to furniture sales and chose not expensive, but high-quality table. The father was very pleased with the gift.

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Horald221019 days ago

Inexpensive and memorable gift it can be a weekend in the Ukraine in a wonderful city of lions with a rental car The person to whom such gift will be presented will never forget it, and emotions. And emotions are priceless.

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johndill1019 days ago

Emotions are really priceless. And you can not argue.

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rohansharma968 days ago

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rohansharma968 days ago

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rohansharma968 days ago

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nikituz928 days ago

Classic! Flowers and chocolates

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petterson7676927 days ago

This is a wonderful constrain. I enjoyed the accruement lot. I acquisition scoring this communicator. Thanks for cropped this mensurable nub.

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RapRat854 days ago

I want to make a gift for my girlfriend, to buy her a dog. It`s not a problem nowadays. I faced the problem that can`t use an airline with a dog abroad but found a solution very quickly. Just try to use airlines emotional support animal and after this, you can fly with your animal everywhere.

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bredd794 days ago

I can recommend inexpensive gift ideas for various events like wedding, birthday, festivals & anniversary, etc. Expensive gift cannot be a good idea to buy because if you get costly items but someone doesn't require it just useless for them, Well, In most case people go for cheap wedding favors because either they don't have gift sense or financial weak so here ( check some incredible unique & cheap wedding favors.

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tonnyken1617 days ago

Your feedback helps me a lot, A very meaningful event, I hope everything will go well

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Faridoshka502 days ago

Hi, I do not like to receive gifts, but I like to give. This year I gave my mom a certificate for kitchen repairs from . She was very happy with such a gift and had long dreamed of a modern kitchen. So before you give something, you find out what a person needs! Have a good day and good mood.

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