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Created by ChessKing, 1432 days ago, 1553 views

When trying to update says "not installed".How to update the program without removing it?
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Aravi1431 days ago

Hi @ChessKing

Possibility that app's .apk file got some fault or corruption. It is better to put a review with low star and wait for 2 or 3 days. Most the developer team solves any problem within that time.


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Pouya1427 days ago

Hi @ChessKing
I think u should STOP any process from that app u want to update some applications they are running in background first u must stop that process (force stop it must be in setting) and try to update them maybe it work
sry for my bad ENG

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jiayi66320161426 days ago


This is an option that operators have added to the system in order to ensure that users do not mess up the installation of unofficial applications and cause mobile phone system disorder. Solution: Turn the phone's location source on.

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Basri1417 days ago

Hi @ChessKing
the reason is mostly that the version you have installed is incompatible with the one you are trying to install.
where are you trying to install your update from?
if it is not google play store then that's it, the site you trying to download from has corrupted apps and you better stop downloading for it
and if you're using google play, then it's mostly because the version you have on your phone is the one which you downloaded from an external site, in that case, you have to find a version which is compatible with yours (you might find it on the site you downloaded your old one from) or you'd have to uninstall the app (which is the case usually, unfortunately)

there's still a small possibility that if both the version you have on your device and the update are both from google play then it's not your fault but the developer, leave a review with your device's information (what phone you got and what android version you're using) and the developer team will solve the problem

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