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Created by my_asylum, 1568 days ago, 3855 views

I have updated this question because it seems by many of your answers the idea I was trying to convey may have
been to literal......So I'm restructuring the question to to:

HOW DO YOU THINK AND WHAT IS THE IMAGE YOU HAVE OF YOURSELF WHEN YOUR ALONE ( your car, home alone in the bathroom etc....)

I don't mean your name or your reflection in the mirror, who you really are?
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Aravi1568 days ago

Hi @my_asylum

I am a human and unique of my kind.


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AAA19921568 days ago

me do not like you do not think about this

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yanka4571568 days ago

I am a strong young lady, who is classy,intelligent and kind hearted. I am a very friendly person and I love to help others. One of my weaknesses is that sometimes I'm too nice but I know when to put my foot down in a firm but polite way if someone trys to treat me wrong or take advantage of my kindness. I am also multi-talented...I can sing,dance,draw, and act. I am an optimistic(positive) person and I always try to make the best out of any situation in life.

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yanka4571568 days ago

On a side note although I think this wont ever happen,I often wish that the world will become a better place.But all we can do is try to lift up the positivity that is still left in this world(even though it may be hard to find). We just have to live our life to the fullest and remain optimistic and hopeful.

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BobbyLou1567 days ago

I am a Soul which is not made of matter therefore it will never disintegrate. I have always been and will always be. This Soul got associated with an entity at the moment of conception. That entity grew and grew until it became a Human Body. My Soul will animate this body until the time that the body is not capable of functioning due to disintegration of its physical matter. At that time my Soul will dissociate itself from that body and it will step into another state of existence. I currently have no knowledge of this next state of existence, but I know that it has infinite degrees which I call Stations. The level of the Station that my Soul will occupy will totally depend on the experiences that this Soul has acquired during the time that it was associated with it's Body. Some people call that Heaven and Hell. Since I am not made of Physical Matter, I am not affected by any fire or Physical torment nor will I be tasting any flowing rivers of Wine or copulating with any virgin angels. So, Scientifically speaking all the metaphors that have been relayed to us by the Doctrines of the past were portrayed in such manners so that the mentality of people who lived thousands of years ago could possibly understand and digest.

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joseajduarte1567 days ago


Do you know what you are?
ou are what you is
you is what you am
a cow don't make ham...

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serezha1567 days ago

Hi! I am a Father! And a husband. My family is the main thing for me. My parents created me long time ago. And my wife and daughter are making me better day after day.
Good luck!

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issous1567 days ago

I am as I am, just as the Creator created me

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pustoi111567 days ago

no! you think you know..?

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selcinor1566 days ago

I am somebody, intelligent creation and I am somebody I think I am.

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nuklin1566 days ago

I am someone who loves to learn and get better. I hate being bullied or intimidated and I can't stand anyone doing that to another. I have big dreams resulting from my quest to solve problems. I hate falsehood and will avoid people who lie and deceive others. My weakness is women, I love them to a fault but am working hard on overcoming my cross. I am a Christian and I am working hard towards making heaven.

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