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Time travel in reel Reward $4
Created by omarwa, 1610 days ago, 2324 views

Ther are any articles about time travel
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chakramed1610 days ago

Time travel IS possible and has ALREADY happened, say esteemed physicists -->

Is time travel possible? - NASA Space Place ---->


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brendaniel1609 days ago

Go through this link" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

or simply go to and search for PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT

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Aravi1609 days ago

Hi @omarwa

With the current day technology, it is impossible to travel 1 sec back from the current time. But many theorist believe that time dose not remain constant all the time and it deviates in this massive milk way. They too have some evidence that support the theory.

Based on the same some governments and private organization have already invested millions for the research institute.

The researchers believe that time travel is possible in 4 possible way, (1)Wormholes, (2) Cosmic strings, (3) Supermassive black hole and (4) Travelling at the speed of light


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FixitJorge1608 days ago

No its all theoretical and puesudo science.

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Majjyman1608 days ago

Dont listen to them..

Basically if You really believe in this world Imagine if You could actually do it consciously because I believe humans can do way way more than just time travel :)

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pustoi111607 days ago

we all of travelers in time.
time can be observed, but the change is not possible. if it was the ability to influence the past events, it inevitably would lead to the destruction of the present. including the first experiment to change the past events. in this world, there are laws that can not be changed in pintsipe. the fact that we exist, once again, confirms this.

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ChessKing1607 days ago

Теоритически это возможно при скоростях света приближающих к скорости света или при приближении к черной дыре.В ближайшие столетия проверить это будет весьма трудно как с технической так и физиологической стороны вопроса.

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ChessKing1607 days ago

Theoretically this is possible at speeds approaching the speed of light or when approaching a black hole.In the next century to test this would be difficult from both a technical and physiological sides of the question.

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my_asylum1604 days ago

time is meaningless, its only valid if we pay attention to it, time is just a thing we create to keep everything from happening all at once.
to travel forward in time one has to speed up everything around them while not being part of it at the same time.

to travel backwards in time you would have to "UN-MAKE" everything around you while not being part of it at the same time.
and you better hope nothing is in the way while traveling, if you could do it in the first place ............the logistics would be an insane
job in itself...........don't forget the butterfly effect.

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