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Gaming as a potential job? Reward $215
Created by MrOwnage, 1617 days ago, 2459 views

Hello everyone. While this "question" may likely not belong in this section I did find this section to be the most "fitting" to put it in. Anyways...

I am now in the tenth class in high school this year (in Hungary this means two more years to go). As time goes on and I get closer and closer to the final year and of course, graduation, I've been thinking a lot about how I could succeed later on in life...

However, along with this I also know that I am not really willing at all to learn. I do it only because I must, but I don't find any real satisfaction in it, and I really don't even care when I get bad grades (like C). That doesn't mean I get bad grades, I have mostly A and B grades, only C grades are in Maths.

On the flip side though, I really love gaming, and after reading online as well I was wondering if there is a good, not-too-risky way to cash in on my skill later on...

Most of the high-skill players mainly play in clans or get sponsors, but I am not part of any clan and the game I am the best at of the games I play is BlazBlue but it isn't really mainstream and I don't know many tournaments that actually have prizes, and Call of Duty but I am not that good at it as BlazBlue.

Also most games (fighters at least) are played on consoles at tourneys (slang for tournaments) so if I don't learn controller or fightstick controls am I basically screwed at this point? I've grown to the KNM (keyboard n'mouse) I basically can't play on anything else.

What do you guys think about this? I also think I am too camera-shy to be a streamer and that is also a luck-depedent job in my opnion, but tournaments for the most part require skillful play to "cash in".

I'd also prefer to avoid the CS:GO type gambling, skin trading and-so-on types of trading where the risk of being scammed is also high.

While I can't offer much cash at this time I did set higher points for compensate. Thanks for answers in advance!
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dholon1617 days ago

Hello @MrOwnage ,
I am also too camera-shy:). But that's not the topic.

Now I prefer you to gain some believe on yourself.
Let me tell you story of mine.
For me, I was a die-hard fan of physics.
And all other subject feels useless to me. As a result, I had got a poor result than my expectations.
I started to explore physics more and more through YouTube. And channels like veretasiam, minutephysics, physicsgirl, Pbs got my attention.
I started to think- I have to do something. I can not let my dream die with me.
This happened roughly 1.5 years ago.
Today I have a YouTube channel with more than 500000 views per month.
And recently I have started developing my own new series of physics. Which is like minutephysics(As I am also too camera-shy).
You can watch very first videos of MKBHD or Pewdiepie for your motivation.
Start from a very small step.
Have faith on yourself. And please don't let your dream die with yourself. No matter whatever it is.

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Aravi1616 days ago

Hi @MrOwnage

Their are some sites that pay you for playing games. But I can't assure you that their games will impress you.

All the best.


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MrOwnage1616 days ago


500 000 views? Damn, that is impressive! My highest view count I had so far is about 900 views (I did start like a few weeks ago only, though). My dream is that in one day I could go partipicate in a large-scale tournament (like EVO) and maybe even get a good place, like the semifinals. I've partipicated in smaller community-run tournaments and I came in second in a handful of them, and me and a friend also have won a (yet small, community-made) "tournament".

Also, two things on topic of fighters. SF (Street Fighter) is so mainstream that the smaller games (like Guilty Gear) either don't get recognition or don't get hosted at bigger tournaments. And also, most fighting game tournament's games are played on consoles. Does that mean that...

-1 : If I don't get into Street Fighter I won't really have a chance to go on smaller tournaments?
-2 : If I don't learn controller controls (Keyboard not supported by controller unless...) I am screwed? I don't know of any good keyboard-to-console converter brands either.

And final question : Most of the "bigger" players (like Xian by Razer) are sponsored by a team or a company, what are the benefits of getting sponsored exactly?

Thanks for the links, but most of them seem like you have to play luck-based games (can't stand those) or puzzle games (not really good at those), and some of the sites actually seem suspicious to me (I do trust you, that is not the problem), like that first link (supposed to be CashDazzle, I get redirected to FreeLotto).

That Exodus 3000 game seems good, but it seems like their payout system has been suspended...

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dholon1616 days ago

You need to solve your 2nd topic. Google it. Make your decision Analytical.
Sponsor means their fans now know about that specific brand's product. And most probably they will go for it.

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MrOwnage1616 days ago

It seems the Titan One USB-type converter I searched online is compatible with all current consoles (by that I mean PS4,PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc...) it's also not that expensive at 60 dollars.

So if a player gets sponsored he/she gets a bigger following? And what exactly those tourney players do when they are not partipicating (because the tournaments are often annual)?

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dholon1616 days ago

They usually get contract with a brand for a limited time limit like 1 or 2 years. Within that time they will get fixed money from that brand. Where it doesn't matter what they are currently doing.

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FixitJorge1612 days ago

Just do it and see what happens. The trick is to not second guess yourself. Set a goal and stick to it. You can do it.

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MrOwnage1611 days ago

Sorry for not replying in a while.

I really don't think I would succeed as a streamer. Streamers are mostly like entertainers, which means that they are often liked, respected for their personality and not their skill (most of the time), the former which I don't really have to "stand out"

On the other hand, I am interested in trying out tournaments but they are all played on consoles and I tried playing BO3 once on controller... I can't get used to that at all...

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MrOwnage1608 days ago

I have been "conducting research" and found something called Patreon.... yes I knew about it earlier but didn't bother with it much till now, and yes I am sorry for late reply.

Basically people there post their stuff (anything, from instructional videos to maybe even game videos) and their fans/viewers (the patrons) can pay to support them, often in exchange for rewards, like requests, hangouts etc....

Maybe I could attempt it after getting a bigger following perhaps.

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