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How to kill a great white shark with your bare hands? Reward $2
Created by BattlePants, 1590 days ago, 2220 views

I'm going on a deep sea fishing trip with some friends to bag some big fish, but it would be even cooler if I got something with my bare hands. Doesn't even have to be a shark, just how do you do it?
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zekman1590 days ago

Hit the shark in its soft spots. Though they make look scary, sharks have just as many vulnerabilities as any human. A properly timed and placed hit with the right pressure on one of those spots will send the shark away quickly, without having to kill it. Make short, quick jabs at the eyes and the gills of the shark to cause the most damage and make yourself seem less desirable as a snack.


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my_asylum1574 days ago

hopefully the shark will choke on your bones when you try to grab it and then someone else can pull it in?
but may not have any arms left but you'll have a bad ass trophy to brag about right?

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