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Which product Forex is expected, price increases in 2017
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ChessKing1607 days ago

По темпам роста на бирже форекс выделяю тройку лидеров товаров:
1.Медь (+20%)
2.Природный газ(+16%)
Соответственно наибольшая вероятность этих товаров на 2017 год.Что касаеться нефти то максимальный рост для нее 60$,об этом я давал ссылки в другом посту.
Что касаеться золота тут изменение цен менее прогнозировано так как она зависит от цены доллара и следовательно не совсем понятной политики США и Европы.

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brendaniel1609 days ago

Energy prices, which include oil, natural gas and coal, are projected to jump almost 25% overall next year, with coal prices expected to average $58/t in 2016, despite a 30% surge in thermal coal prices during third quarter of 2016.

The recent increase in coal prices to above $65/t was attributed to strong demand and tightening supply in China as a result of government restrictions on production and adverse weather conditions.

However, the bank expects coal prices to reduce during 2017 on the back of supply additions and weak demand. “China’s coal policy will be key, given that the country consumes half of the world’s coal output and coal accounts for nearly two-thirds of the country’s energy consumption.”

Metals prices are projected to rise more sharply in 2017 than forecast in July, as a result of faster-than-expected mine closures.

Metals prices rose by 4% in the third quarter, the second consecutive quarterly gain, on supply constraints, strong demand and falling stocks.

“Iron ore, nickel, tin and zinc have risen by more than 20% over the past two quarters on various supply shortfalls, while the two largest consumed metals—aluminum and copper—have seen more modest gains on ample supply and rising capacity,” the bank stated.

Zinc prices recorded the strongest gains in 2016, rising 50% from January to September, owing to ongoing supply tightness as a result of mine closures and voluntary production cuts, amidst strong steel demand.

“In 2017 metals prices are projected to increase by 4% as most markets continue to rebalance. The largest gain is for zinc, which is projected to rise more than 20%, on continued supply tightening from large mine closures.”

Meanwhile, precious metals prices, which rose 8% in the third quarter on strong investment demand and safe-haven buying, have increased by more than 20% this year. Silver led the way, surging 16%, on strong investor and industrial demand, followed by platinum, up 8%, on South African rand appreciation and tightening physical supply. Gold prices lagged these increases, but nevertheless rose 6% to average $1 335/oz.

Precious metals prices are expected to fall in 2017 as appetite for safe-haven buying ebbs with rising interest rates. Gold is expected to dip to $1,219 an ounce from $1,250 an ounce this year.
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Aravi1609 days ago

Hi @kmakoynohupa

Mainly, Oil price expected to raise by 7% next year. Hence according to the same, all from agriculture to mineral ore price expected to see gradual raise.

The price and sales of previous metals like gold expected to fall slightly because of the cost rise on essential commodity and demolition of high value currency in India ( one of the major previous metals consumer country).

The products like coal expected to fall due to revised view of major coal consumer china.

The product like natural gas and medicine expected to rise along with petrol.


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chakramed1609 days ago

The World Bank is raising its 2017 forecast for crude oil prices to $55 per barrel from $53 per barrel as members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) prepare to limit production after a long period of unrestrained output.

Source :


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layls10711609 days ago

Oil price expected to raise by 7% next year

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lexshvets1607 days ago

The world market is undergoing major changes, the coming redistribution of the market. At such moments, the holders of virtual or volatile assets to try to protect their investments and convert them into real money. The real money is gold only.

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