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What would be most stable currency in the future? Reward $1
Created by kmakoynohupa, 1610 days ago, 1816 views

What would be most stable currency in the future??
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Pravy1610 days ago

Bitcoin. And yes you heard me right..

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yanka4571610 days ago

wow yes I was about to say bitcoin too and bitcoin cant be taxed and there's ways to grow and make bitcoin too. I use this survey site to get free bitcoin dollars and then I mine it in this other site the value keeps going up in 2015 1 bitcoin was worth $250 now at the end of 2016 bitcoin has grown to be worth $770 per bitcoin and is still rising. what I like about it is if you have like $100 in bitcoin and u dont use it it will just keep increasing your current bitcoin money so naturally your 100 keeps growing soon $110 $120 etc as the bitcoin value goes up whatever you have in bitcoin automatically grows too so you make more free money on top of your money !!

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Aravi1610 days ago

Hi @kmakoynohupa
No currency. All currency is always affected by international politics and business.

The digital sudo currency like bitcoin and little coins are subjected to market volatileness. But as per the trend of growth of bitcoin, It is predicted to remain stable for decent amount of time. Not going to fall soon.


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BASTER1609 days ago

It is Bitcoin

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jacopo1581 days ago

la miglior moneta sarebbe la NON MONETA , nel senso che il miglior modo per ridare dignità ai popoli sarebbe l'abolizione del denaro ..!!!!@kmakoynohupa

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nihal291578 days ago

You are right bro.

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