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Who built pyramid human or Alien i Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 1621 days ago, 2531 views

Who built pyramid human, Alien or God
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slapper1613 days ago

there is evidence that the Sphinx was carved much earlier than previously thought, actually predating the Egyptian civilization itself.

My opinion would be that because it was built many thousands of years before the pyramids, it was actually a different visitation from the alien beings. Their first trip.

The Secret KGB UFO Files documentary, that's deals with the fact that Russian had already discovered the tomb of Alien Humanoid in Egypt and something is beneath the pyramid.

Actually ancient Egyptian writings very often talk of beings from the sky, the sky opening and bright lights coming down to teach them technology and give them wisdom. Many pictures and symbols resemble UFOs and aliens. POSSIBLY aliens built the Great Pyramid. And these solid long lasting construction techniques were adopted by the Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptian legends tell of Tep Zepi, or the “first time”. This is described as an age when “sky gods” came down to Earth and raised the land from mud and water.

They supposedly flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of Pharaohs. And of course, this was all thrown out the window when Christianity came along. Keep in mind that the Gods were the one and only ‘religion’ that there was. No other conflicting beliefs? Why? Well because it was fact, not faith.

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ha141621 days ago


No Human, No Alien, it was build by he who visited earth for his glory :)

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brendaniel1621 days ago

The Egyptians built pyramids with the design of eye in the middle.....

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eXcaLite1621 days ago

Seems to be more human

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capybara1621 days ago

The prevailing concensus is human.
There is little evidence of Alien contact (except for the Roswell Incident)

Don't forget the Egyptians (influenced by the Greeks) were the most advanced culture of the time.
Plus, they had tens of thousands of slaves to do their labor.

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jetaroon1621 days ago

Human by digging the sand down. It was very easier than lifting the stone and laying up to the top. :D

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Aravi1620 days ago

Hi @selcinor

It is built by King of Egyptians for the purpose to tomb the mummified bodies of the royal family along with their wealth, things, pets, etc.

Many people think the same ( human or Alien), when they saw the big structure. But the truth is it is built with the help of 1000 of slaves and the best civil engineers of their country.


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holdfastt11721620 days ago

I think it is Humans, heres why. With each jump in human evolutionary thinking mankind forgets things. So for example ancient civilizations had much better medical practices that say the dark ages did. So i believe that the Egyptians were advanced, and once the iron age came along mankind lost the knowledge that was from before to war and plague.

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nihal291619 days ago

hi @selcinor
humans along with aliens .and i think there are many ancient sculptures which are involved with aliens .


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zrodfects1619 days ago

"Pharaoh Khufu"

This was a human built project that even with precise angles that suggested Aliens could only do this is a myth, just something to put out there to add to peoples beliefs, this was a human only built project built by a very clever team of experts who undoubtedly planned what they needed to get done over however long before starting the build which I believe took some 80 years to complete, quote me if I am wrong but, was the Pyramid hard to build with what tools they had back then, hell yes, harder than you might think considering several tonnes of wait per stone block, but not impossible, as for today then it could be simple as constructing a lego house with today's technology, there are thousands of markings on these individual stone blocks that suggest these were pushed in to place with some sort of object in order to keep things align and in place.

Hope this helps......

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najib531618 days ago

par les humains

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lavaifixa071618 days ago

é só procurar verdadeira piramide !!

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hiflyer1613 days ago

Egyptian slaves built them after having to manually cut and drag the stone blocks to the site. That's the only right answer.

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hiflyer1613 days ago

Why do you want me to quote you if you're wrong?

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maren1613 days ago


[Human by digging the sand down. It was very easier than lifting the stone and laying up to the top. :D]

I think that is answer correct. Something like that is used in building pyramids.

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selcinor1610 days ago

In my own opinion, I thought it might above the knowledge of human of those ages, even the construction of today may not reach up to that, did any carbon dated on that Pyramid and more so we learnt that some pyramid and other terrible structure were built in some other part of the world even in South America, could it possible human built such artifact even in West Africa, I learnt that there were some relics that carbon dated 12000BC meanwhile religion books claimed that earth human existence just 6000 years

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koroleva1610 days ago

Aliens ? Seriously ? Are you watching Marvel agents of SHIELD ?
If aliens build Pyramids I'm pretty sure Asgardians built the Great Wall of China. And remember the destruction of the Twin Towers ? Hulk did it.

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ralphfurgason1607 days ago

The question of who labored to build them, and why, has long been part of their fascination. Rooted firmly in the popular imagination is the idea that the pyramids were built by slaves serving a merciless pharaoh. This notion of a vast slave class in Egypt originated in Judeo-Christian tradition and has been popularized by Hollywood productions like Cecil B. De Mille's The Ten Commandments, in which a captive people labor in the scorching sun beneath the whips of pharaoh's overseers. But graffiti from inside the Giza monuments themselves have long suggested something very different.

Until recently, however, the fabulous art and gold treasures of pharaohs like Tutankhamen have overshadowed the efforts of scientific archaeologists to understand how human forces—perhaps all levels of Egyptian society—were mobilized to enable the construction of the pyramids. Now, drawing on diverse strands of evidence, from geological history to analysis of living arrangements, bread-making technology, and animal remains, Egyptologist Mark Lehner, an associate of Harvard's Semitic Museum, is beginning to fashion an answer. He has found the city of the pyramid builders. They were not slaves.
It is not only the pyramids that amaze, and confound modern scholars. The huge sewage drainage system, the water cisterns, and conveyance systems all argue the ideologies of slave labor. There is ample evidence that for 500 years the Jews being enslaved by the Pharaohs were put to work constructing the huge structures of Egypt, but those projects continued once the Jews were freed. So that description alone doesn't cover the explanation adequately at all! Read the following: for the most up; to date information regarding the building of the pyramids. (Photo) Up to 50 people could have slept on top a pillard porch.

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WindowsOfficial1607 days ago

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selcinor1607 days ago

There is a long wall partition between two sea in Lagos Nigeria, it was built with unrecognized stone and very tick and strong demarcate Lagoon and the sea, no one in Nigeria can explain who built this demarcation wall like drinage, and they believe this is must be the handiwork of some supernatural being. the funny part of it was the two sea hate themselves because one is dirty and the other is clean, can't we imagine some existence of Aliens on this planet before human. I still want to learn about many ancient thing and their source. thanks to all contributors

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pustoi111607 days ago

We employ the method of exclusion. I am human? Yes. I built the pyramids? no. so it's not a man. go on, God could build the pyramids? Yes. God needs them? no. then it is not God. It left version with aliens. this is a joke.
seriously, the pyramid built another civilization, which was, at that time, is sufficiently developed. This humanoid civilization, but has no relationship to modern humans. it is at odds with the official science. Scientists are aware of this, but the truth is many are not satisfied it. as well as, for example, Darwin's theory.
with respect.

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nazarencko130031592 days ago

Мы незнаем как они себя называли , можем лиш знать что они правили нашей планетой намного раньше, наша цивилизация их нестроила

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AhmedMohsen1592 days ago

the egyptions .. " human "

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my_asylum1590 days ago

Nephilim design and human built

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Lujzika0011575 days ago

Ne rabszolgák építették, hanem szakemberek, akiket jól megfizettek, élelmezte, volt orvosi ellátás.Megtaláltá a várost is több helyen. felületes tudás, nagy tévedés.

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Lujzika0011575 days ago

nem rabszolgák. azoknak nem volt tudás. Kőfaragó mesterek. Belüll festeni rabszolga ??????? hahahaha

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