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Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? Reward $2
Created by pustoi11, 1622 days ago, 2251 views

Imagine that once in a lifetime, you had the chance, you can talk to absolutely anyone, alive. who it is and why?
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serezha1592 days ago

Hi! I'd like to talk to Nikolay the II (Romanov). I think he was one of the greatest persons in the world. L'd like to get to know what was his thoughts about his people and country. It seems to me people of that times were more honest and braver. I'd like to hear his point of view.
Good luck!

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Pamela1621 days ago

James Cameron and/or Dr. Robert Ballard. Because I have been interested in the history of the Titanic for many years.

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Aravi1621 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

I will talk with god. Because, If I am able to collect some proof, then millions of years of human search will come to an end. I hope you will accept that he/ she is alive.


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pustoi111621 days ago

only living people. otherwise, it is the most obvious answer.

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Aravi1621 days ago

Hi @pustoi11

Ok sis, then I will ask for a chance to talk with Sir Tim Berners-Lee. He is the man invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989.

A man who worked for CERN and made many mile stone for online artifice called websites. He wrote the first web client and server in 1990. about 20 years after the first connection was established over what is today known as the Internet. At the time, Tim was a software engineer at CERN, the large particle physics laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland.


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Nyikango1621 days ago

I would talk to Dad in every single moment I have in his and my life

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TKS1621 days ago

I don't consider any body as a special person to talk with. I would prefer to talk to anybody if only he is keen to listen. But it is safe to be a good listener.

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ChessKing1620 days ago

Каждый имеет подсознательное желание поговорить с своей душой.Обдумывая какую то проблему мы молча обращаемся к своему эго.Человек материален а его душа духовна и это гармоничное взаимодополнение.
Другое дело что духовное в каждого свое.Это может даже быть и бог.

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zrodfects1620 days ago

It would have to be Stephen Hawking, what he has gone through in life to where he is today only living basically by one nerve in his face yet he still has more energy then teenagers these days, rarely negative thoughts like the younger generation, even through his illness he still powered through with his passion and determination..

A true role model that very little people could ever know what he has gone through or have the know how to look up to without being too self involved as most people do these days..

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nuklin1619 days ago

I would talk to Obama because he knows a lot and I would want to tap into his wealth of knowledge, argue with him on the rationale for some actions he and the US government have taken that has affected not just America but the world at large.

I would also want to verify some bits of information about world politics, the conspiracy theorem and why if possible these occasions have persisted and the solution to some socio-cultural events.

Generally, I would want to learn a lot from him and then make my judgements based on my established doctrines of life.

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my_asylum1617 days ago


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Meerkat1617 days ago

my collage crush. its always nice talking to her and I really like her voice

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Icuska1616 days ago

Mindenkivel beszelni,aki tiszteletet nyujt szamomra.Szüksége van társaságomra.

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hiflyer1613 days ago

Me, myself, and I.

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voineaadi1613 days ago

I would talk to Arnold Schwarzenegger because he has been a great example of self achieved success through the sheer power of will. His parents did not support him, his friends made fun of him, opposition everywhere. He made it BY HIMSELF, he was a maverick, a bad-ass, and he has succeeded in all areas of his life. big time! For me, that's the definition of a hero, along with a whole bunch of other qualities, like: empathy, kindness, respect, high ethical values, thinking outside of the box just to name a few. True hero.

Arnold's Six Secrets To Success:

Heartwarming. Earthshaking!

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slapper1613 days ago

Jonathan Goldsmith : He is best known for appearing in television commercials for Dos Equis beer, from 2006 to 2016, as the character The Most Interesting Man in the World.

"Dos Equis' pitchman is Jewish actor living in Marina del Rey - Hollywood Jew".

If he isn't I don't know who is

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slapper1613 days ago

he is the the son of a NAZI

Arnold's father was member of Nazi storm troops

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voineaadi1613 days ago

So what? His father was a Nazi, not him! That doesn't say anything about Arnold himself. He is a great man nonetheless.

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wunduful421610 days ago

I have always wanted to have a conversation with cicely Tyson. I think she is one of the best female actresses I have ever seen. The way she played in those slavery movies seem so real you would think she had been there for real.

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capybara1606 days ago

It's a toss up between Joan of Arc, Henry V, and Albert Einstein.

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Jazzman1604 days ago

My Mom self explanatory....

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afdess1603 days ago

Call will of God because he is the only one with whom I feel safe talking to him he is the only one who can help me and solve my problems

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WAJID1599 days ago

Dr.Zakir Nike from INDIA

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Waelzme1594 days ago

I want to talk to president SISI of Egypt I practically want to know what he has installed and future plans for Egypt in his mind ........

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MickelMalik1589 days ago

The God

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Dipto1581 days ago

If I ever get a chance I'd talk to Taylor Swift. I can't really explain the reason. Because somethings just can't be explained.

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Lujzika0011575 days ago

Albert Schweitzer, Albert Einstein, Luciano Pavarotti, APÁM !Ő nagyon hiányzik.

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