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At what point do you realize your self awear and a conscience being? Reward $2
Created by my_asylum, 1624 days ago, 1696 views

How does a person know they're them self or a self awear individual?
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Aravi1623 days ago

Hi @my_asylum

In normal human being, the process of self awareness starts with an average toddler reaches 18 months they will discover themselves and recognize their own reflection in the mirror.

This process improves by the age of 24 months the toddler will observe and relate their own actions to those actions of other people and the surrounding environment.

Self awareness takes various different dimension and new revaluation step by step as you grow up old.


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brendaniel1623 days ago


From my personal experience self consciousness and awareness actually varies from each human being, though it starts at a very early age from what @aravi just explained up there, but full consciousness starts when you fully know that you are existing, most babies don't know they are existing yet, I started knowing I was existing from age 4, I knew my dad, my mum, my sisters and my brothers, and since then I've been conscious and aware of everything going on around me, I can still recall almost everything and every friend I have had since the age of 4, but I have friends who couldn't recall their existence till they were like 10, 11, 12 and some only recall very little, like almost all my friends who went to primary school with me don't seem to even know me or even know if they ever attended the primary school I attended, I've added some of them on facebook and they don't seem to know and we used to be very close in primary school, that's why I said it varies from each human, I knew my self from then but a lot of them didn't know themselves.

Some people know themselves much earlier than some, it varies from person to person....

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Micah1623 days ago

I think i became self award after i graduated from high school. Not that i was not before but i mean self award as in being able to create an identity that i accept as me. who i am and what i want. After taking philosophy at the university of Manitoba, i was left to question my own life. what was i truly. Of course this can go much much deeper. But to keep things simple. i think you are self award once you can make mature decisions and create a path for your future. Because making a decision required much more thought on who you are and what you ought to become.

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pustoi111623 days ago

do not confuse consciousness with memory. If you do not remember myself as a child, it does not mean that you unable to identify themselves as a person. I, for example, the first memory before 1.5 years. when a person is born, he does not know whether it is, hands and feet,his own. I think self-awareness appears as soon as you know what pain is. and more conscious state comes when you realize that you can die.

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mais651623 days ago


"That is the Whole, that is the Whole, the Everything arises from the Whole" Upanishads

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nihal291623 days ago

hi @my_asylum
keep it simple . if you are aware of were you are and what are you doing and the most important thing what you should not be doing . then you are a self aware individual .

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pustoi111623 days ago

it is not easy!
Insects, too, know what they can do and what can not. they can self-identify? awareness of the finiteness of its existence, one of the highlights of understanding themselves.

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capybara1622 days ago

I have a BA in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy.
One must consider the definition of "self-aware", and what that entails.
I generally agree that some rudimentary form of self awarness starts at around 1-2 years, and gets more advanced from there.

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