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Xbox or Playstation Reward $2
Created by marko1, 1622 days ago, 2298 views

Which is better?
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Logicz1hunid1622 days ago

Hi @marko1
Both consoles are great in my opinion, but in the end I'll still favor Xbox over PS.

These two articles give some great comparisons along with the pros and cons of both consoles:



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badlandbiker661622 days ago

playstation has more games and i love it XBox is alright but doesn t have much for games

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Drmgiver1622 days ago

Current gen, definitely Xbox.

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brendaniel1622 days ago


1. It’s your all-in-one entertainment system.

2. Xbox 360 game backwards compatibility

3. Xbox One supports USB drives for external storage

4. It’s the only console with EA Access

5. Xbox One is going to get so much better with Windows 10.

6. Xbox One S is a real looker in a tidy package.

7. Xbox One S supports 4K video and HDR TVs


1. The PS4 UI is better

2. Games look better on the PS4

3. Sony has VR

4. The PS4 has Share Play

5. Backwards compatibility through PlayStation Now


Xbox One has come on leaps and bounds since launch. The change in focus and philosophy since Phil Spencer became the boss of the Xbox division has worked wonders for gaming, and we’re now eagerly anticipating our first glimpse at the Scorpio. The timely arrival of the Xbox One S will tide us over until Project Scorpio arrives late next year, and puts Microsoft's system on a more level playing field with Sony.

However, it's hard to escape the raw power of the PS4 as a gaming platform. These are, after all, games consoles first and foremost, and Sony took that philosophy with its hardware from the very beginning. Though it may lack the backwards compatibility of Xbox One, Sony is investing in the future with VR tech, and PlayStation VR promises to deliver an incredibly exciting future for gaming. The PlayStation 4 Pro – due to launch on November 10 – will undoubtedly blow the Xbox One S out of the water, while the PS4 Slim is also be available now, just in case you're looking for a console which has as small a footprint as possible.

There's still plenty left in this race, but as things stand the PS4 seems to be the more solid investment.

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nihal291622 days ago

IF YOU WANT TO PLAY GAMES LIKE UNCHARTERD4 GO FOR PS4 . in my opinion if you have a windows 10 pc then you might go for a xbox as it is of Microsoft . PS4 HAS BETTER HARDWARE HENCE GAMES LOOK BETTER.

comparison= 1. OLD GEN =
NEW gen=


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bagasganteng1622 days ago

It may helps:

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Aravi1622 days ago

Hi @marko1

As explained by brendaniel both Xbox and PS have their own advantage and disadvantages. Currently Microsoft is working hard to integrated the features of Xbox in windows 10 itself. So go for PS 4. Also if have any other windows 10 device, you will be able to enjoy both Xbox features.


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pixel_alex1622 days ago

When your Focus is on Graphic of Games choose Playstation 4 . When you are interested in watching Tv on your Console or searching for Multimedia entertainment then the Xbox One is Yours. Best Regards

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zrodfects1620 days ago


I am a collector of over 50 gaming consoles form retro to current, so I love all consoles.

Though I am not a fan of Sony and this is not my reason I would go for Xbox, but Microsoft has been around computers a lot longer than Sony, Microsoft is way larger than Sony and in most cases deliver what they say, Microsoft also knows more about hardware than Sony hands down.

Take the new Xbox One Scorpion that is coming out next year that is to take on Sony's new PS4 Neo, The new Xbox One when released will have a some crazy 6 TFLOPs power compared to Sony's 4 TFLOPs, which is a decent amount difference, the new Xbox One 2017 will be 4k enabled and done with ease, where as the new PS4 Neo although will display 4K but will use some sort of upscaling hardware trick where for example a 2x2 pixel to be extrapolated into a 4x equivalent, though this would still be ok but it will show some slight but very minimal blur instead of in point crispness, where as the new Xbox One will not have this problem at all, movies or games..

Sony's only alternative to is to increase its TFLOPS when released to take on Microsoft but just like the original Xbox One and PS4 both companies did exactly that, by increasing it's power just before release, so I would only assume Microsoft wanted to go as high as possible in time for release and possible bought it down a notch incase Sony has something up it's sleeve which has been many months in development I would bet Sony is up to something when first hearing about the new Xbox One's specs, basically crapping themselves sales wise, meaning we can not rule out the new Xbox One Scorpion could even go as high as 8 TFLOPS, while Sony thinks they are smart and go for 6, because technically both will always be similar, only difference is exclusive content, but if you have a machine that is twice as powerful then exclusives ain't gonna do squat, when you could have games that are similar but form another company. People tend to go for one side when there are exclusives, but the programmers and artists for these games tend to jump companies alot, so this can mean they can do anything on any console, just different name and textures, so if people want to take on exclusives over power etc, then this decision would be just dumb.

Over time now this has happened I would say that Microsoft will have a group of special computer tech heads working on something now for after the new machines to prepare early for super advanced power and something a little higher on top of that closer to release day for Xbox 5 or what ever name they use.

With both consoles having VR (Virtual Reality Goggles ready) I would only assume the new Xbox One Scorpion's graphical power will be a more enjoyable experience, not ruling out both will still be great mind you, again I am not dissing Sony, just experience wise Xbox would be somewhat better.

I am not saying Sony is crap, again not a fan of Sony, but I will still buy both, but if I had to pick one without hesitation, Xbox One for me...

I am already excited to see what the new Xbox One Scorpion is capable of, which is also fully backwards compatible with all current Xbox One games and 200+ Xbox 360 games, possibly more over time.

Hope this helps

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capybara1619 days ago

I have one of the rare reverse compatible PS3's. It saved me from having to get rid of about 20 PS 2 games. There are more games for PS3.
Very stable platform and great graphics.
My son has XBox and all I can about it is "M'eh".

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zekman1601 days ago

PLAYSTATION Definitivno!

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ha141601 days ago


PS4 has slightly better hardware so better looking game but if multimedia features are important to you then don't hesitate to buy an Xbox One instead.

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AhmedMohsen1589 days ago


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Jhony181588 days ago

PS, best console.

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