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What if I have answer to my question can I earn Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 1628 days ago, 1782 views

I mean what if I have satisfied answer to my question can I earn point.
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chakramed1628 days ago

hi ,

the rules are simple i post question ---> you answer me . ig i found your answer very helpful i will choose yours as best answer and you will get rewarded for that answer if not will not get rewarded .

so try to answer others question posted on all section so you get mprr points ans $$ .

hope thats helpes you .


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yanka4571628 days ago

yes you earn amounts of points for answering questions over time they add up and u can soon cash out your points in cash too :)

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yanka4571628 days ago

if you answer someone elses question and they choose you as best answer you can win $1-10 for answering it usually $1 -5 but you also get points for all activity you do on the site

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brendaniel1628 days ago

You cannot answer a question you post, it is called cheating, if you have a question you already have an answer, then it is no longer a question, so you don't need to ask it, just imagine if everyone does the same thing as asking question and giving an answer to thier own questions, then the aim of has been defeated...

So it is not possible for you to do that and even if you try it, you might get banned by the admin....

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Aravi1627 days ago

Hi @selcinor

You can not mark your own answer as the best answer. Because best answer button will only appears against others answer.


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ChessKing1627 days ago

If satisfied with the answer you points not credited.

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zekman1623 days ago

If it was that simple we would all have infinite amounts of money :D

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zrodfects1623 days ago

No as it will be classed as fraud, which in turn would get your account banned and all earnings returned, or further action if required.

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nihal291622 days ago

hi @selcinor
you will earn point for choosing the best answer for your question .

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verden1612 days ago

It appears to me from some of the answers that your questions seems a bit ambiguous. It is unclear to me whether you are
(A) asking if you can provide the answer to your own question (as some have interpreted it) or whether you are
(B) simply asking whether you can earn points by getting a satisfactory answer to your question.
If you mean (A)... then the previous posts correctly point out that you don't really have a question if you also have the answer.
However, if you mean (B)... then the person who provides you with the answer that you find to be satisfactory will be rewarded, and you will gain points for participating in the forum.

If you are looking for rewards, you need to help others by answering their questions and they select your answer as the best one given.
If you are looking for points, all legitimate activity on the site will help you gain them, whether you get a "best" answer to your question or not. Sometimes in a forum like this, it is easy to sometimes misunderstand your actual question due to "interpreting" your words differently from how another "interprets" them. Language can be complex and sometimes thought to mean different things to different people even though the same words are used. This is because each of us ultimately has experiences that cause us to each have slightly different perceptions of the meaning of any individual word, which is frequently compounded when the words are combined. The intended thought presented by a person writing is not always the same as the thought that enters the mind of the reader.

This happens more in written form than it does in person where the person's tone of voice, pitch, and speed of speaking help to clarify the meaning. Even body language would also help to clarify. So when we reduce language to written form, we must be very careful to be as simple, yet as specific as possible so that others will be less likely to misunderstand our intended meaning.

I don't mean to ramble on, I'm simply concerned that you might be incorrectly judged to be cheating, depending on how your question is received, and what the person answering believes to have been your actual intent with the words you have used. I'd hate to see answers unjustly accuse you simply because the question they are answering may not be the one that you intended to imply. I hope that makes sense. There is certainly no offense intended here, simply a desire to clarify.

I wish you the very best, and welcome to the community!

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selcinor1610 days ago

Everyone have it right that was my intent question, am just asking that question to upgrade my point, I must have know that I cannot answer my on question even though I did I can't grade the mark. thank you for your concern Verden

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