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Have you been mock before if you are how did you cope with the situation. Reward $2
Created by selcinor, 1633 days ago, 1976 views

What can you do if someone mock you or taunt you how could you cope.
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koroleva1630 days ago

Everyone lived this situation at least once in life. Don't overthink it, it's not a big deal. In this kind of situation as you feel uncomfortable about what someone tell about you make him know in an intelligent way. Some people don't really mean it and some others do it on purpose to make you feel miserable, in either way, don't loose your confidence. First Laugh as if it were a joke and then do the same, make fun of that person as if it were an other joke, laugh and walk away. This person wouldn't like it. If it wasn't intentional the person would know how bad you felt when she said that and will feel sorry and may apologize. In the other case, if the person meant it, she will see that it didn't work, you are not feeling miserable and you made fun of her and that would make her more angry. After that you won't have to bother yourself thinking about it, she got what she deserved, end of the story so get back to your happy life.

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Pravy1633 days ago

Just imagine that the person taunting you is a sad being in a worse position in life, no matter how he may appear to rich or sophisticated.

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Yuri1632 days ago

The Christian faith help you to endure humiliation without harm to your psyche.

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udinspenda1632 days ago

be patient, treat that person in a good way, this may be difficult, but sooner or later things will change, he will not insult you again even he will respect you, the best way to reply to such people is by making friends

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nuklin1631 days ago

I have seen people who approach life in an unconventional way excel more and this approach has given me tremendous victory cos without being told almost everyone who comes in contact with you can tell a little of your capabilities so needless trying to show off. Better still nature has a unique way of proving your worth just be focused.

You're expected to frown and fight back (conventional) but smile and crack a joke from the jest (unconventional). You'd be surprised at the result and attention.

Finally, believe in yourself and never take any mundane thing very seriously, be positive and cheerfully humorous even in the midst of hatred. Borrow a leaf from the woman who told Lord Jesus " even the dogs eat from the crumbs that fall off the master's table" and what was the Master's response. Good luck!!!

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hiflyer1613 days ago

all I do is remember what their opinion means to me, I realise, nothing. If it's someone I was friendly with I realise I was wrong about them being worth my time, and ignore them until they go away.
The problem's theirs, not yours. Don't feel bad.

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voineaadi1613 days ago

Yes, we all have. It's usually done by small people in order to belittle people who threaten them. Like for example, if someone tries to make you look stupid, that is because they themselves are being frustrated and they want others to suffer. My life experience has been that good people do not try to belittle or frustrate others. Good people are generally respectful, kind and understanding. Try to avoid toxic people, they have no regrets and they will step on you given the chance. Protect yourself more, love yourself more, and you ever had trauma in your past, give yourself the time and the kindness that you need in order to heal. Remember, you have to be your own best friend in life. Peace!

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capybara1606 days ago

I have been mocked before, but upon reflection coupled with experience, it's usually by a person with low self-esteem who may feel challenged by you.

Don't forget (if you are Christian) that Jesus was mocked, beaten, and crucified for His message, by people who didn't understand of felt threatened by His message.

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Lujzika0011575 days ago

Mutass nyagalmat ! Ne lássa, hogy szenvedsz. akkor abba hagyja.

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