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The Americans chose Trump. Why? Reward $2
Created by savram, 1644 days ago, 2982 views

The Americans chose Trump. Why?
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ChessKing1643 days ago

Американцы его выбрали того что Обама и его предшественники были не решительны, предсказуемы.Это однообразие утомляет,того здесь сыграл психологический фактор,многие американцы хотели харизмы они ее и получили.

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davidesp001644 days ago

Maybe because they see themselves in Trump? He's not afraid to swear and actually stands up for his country? not like that Hillary chick who just wants to start World War 3

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jamesnesky1644 days ago

Simple.. We've got more lunatics in this country than we had anticipated and too many dems fell for the hate Hillary, vote third party gimmick and THAT'S what cost us our childrens future. Our poor, needy and elderly will now be at the mercy of a conservative POTUS.. SCOTUS AND Congress and right wing conservatives see mercy as a weakness so don't expect any type of leniency from these manipulators. They may not start WWlll but there will be many countries (counting allies) who will desert our leadership which just may trigger world conflict.. We'll see. Stay tuned.

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Aravi1644 days ago

Hi @savram

1) USA citizens given 2 options Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. Most of the people disliked Mrs. Clinton due to their past experience with her husband's presidency-ship.

2) Listed as in the below website.


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ha141643 days ago

voting is not random at least on some proportion...Trump or Clinton who is the real president behind the scene?? that's the right question, both of them are only image that Américains want to identify themselves...but this is of no consequence or changement, they all have promises and non will come true...why Trump won that's is a good question because he was lucky enough to win...the future will tell if TRUMP WAS THE MAN or Clinton Could have been the right WOMAN in all cases given their age there will be alot of vice presidents something did not happen since 1974

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Buritto1643 days ago

Трамп нормальный мужик умный

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nuklin1643 days ago

Trump is more sincere and real and manly and has strong ties with Rusia. Without frivolities and ready for business, good for the economy and investment, straight to the point.

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charlesakinney1643 days ago

My question is why everyone is questioning the voters who elected Trump to be the next President of the United States of America? To me I am getting the feeling everywhere I turn that the people who voted for him are wrong or somehow sub-Americans or diseased or whatever you want to call it. I don't think it's the people that elected him that have the problems proclaimed all over the place. It is the people who are questioning the free voting the US has. If you can't deal with it why keep slinging the mud and HATRED against the voters who voted for him? Anything you say about a Trump voter is exactly what you don't want to said to you otherwise if it happens you go run off into the corner and cry like a baby. He is not the President until Jan 20th, 2017. The negative people are the ones who can't even say, let's see what this guy can do. Maybe he will surprise us all. You people have such hate for another human being being elected by the people of this country and you won't even stop calling Trump's voters names or accusing them of being idiots or whatever. Think about it. If I called you something I'd be classified as a racist, bigoted and whatever else you can think of. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw the first stone? Oh and what's this I hear, the 1st Amendment still allows Freedom of Speech but it's not Republicans or Conservatives that want to change it. Liberals want to change it so nobody can say anything even remotely off color. Hate speech? I see only one place it is coming from take a look at yourselves. By the way, Mass changing the Constitution which is the liberal theme because it is old and outdated. Is that not changing the Country in what in times past would be considered a takeover? I may not think Trump can do a lot of the things he says he can do. However, I would like to give him a chance to see what he can do. In an American Pie movie Kevin's brother says at the end of the summer you will see the "Big Picture". Liberals never see the big picture because they are told what to think and believe me I see it every day. They don't read the Constitution, they are just told it's crap. They never read the history of this country because their leaders don't want them to know the real truth. This country has had some very dark moments in its history, by the same token it has been a vibrant, caring and leader among the (oh no) FREE WORLD. Lots of people don't want to see the good the USA has done for the world only the negative. So sad....

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farhanaan1642 days ago

because trump racist against Muslims, and he will start world war 3 possible hehe

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HMD1642 days ago

Americans are moving out from the jew dominated policies

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nihal291642 days ago

they choose Trump instead of Mrs. Clinton .
many hate Clinton for their past .
but i dont think Trump has any good experience of politics ad now he is Mr.President ! . he literally showed off us the bad side of Clinton he never left any chances of putting an impact on countrymen .

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burnt00131642 days ago



I think the answer to this question is far simpler than most people think. It is my idea that Trump was elected because he is new to politics and people are sickened and tired of party machine politics represented by the Clintons. so basically it is out with old politicians and hopefull in with new. Keep your fingers crossed!

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crossedeye20031641 days ago

I will NOT vote for a Murdering criminal to run the country I love

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alienflyer1641 days ago

Narcissim, Stupidity, Arrogance, . .Take your pick . .

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maren1641 days ago

There are 3 reasons:

1) negative campaign used against him - every campaign is good campaign. Is no matter what is talked about Trump, that is good for him.

2) fascism character of mrs. Cinton who talked about war, and financed by ISIS
3) people recognized in Trump himself - or on other way Trump is simple normal man like most Americans

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olja2255881640 days ago

He is not like others. America needs something new, so they made their choise.

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thaison20011640 days ago

vì nước mĩ muốn đổi mới, nên đã chọn ông trump , ông trump là một người kinh doanh không biết về chính trị

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omarwa1640 days ago

There are 1 reason :

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pwellard19741639 days ago

was not going to make any difference both of them was or are going to treat the people like dirt

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capybara1636 days ago

One of the main reasons is that Mr. Trump is PRO-LIFE, as well as a sucessful business man.
Here in the USA, over 57,000,000 unborn children have lost their lives to abortion since Roe. V. Wade in 1973.
Think of all of that lost potential

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toribio1635 days ago

because there are no other options. that's why

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pustoi111635 days ago

I think Americans understand what to expect from Clinton. and many of these expectations are not satisfied. Trump is not very clear to the people, but there is hope, it is possible that something will change for the better. I still tend to think that many voted not so much for Trump, and against the current White House policy. I do not know what will happen, but I'm glad that Clinton failed to buy America.

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Chiron1634 days ago

世界需要〝真、善、忍〞。神要回来,魔要灭尽。The Human beings is wakening.
在历史的过去,宇宙旧势力安排了人类两种社会体系:自由社会和共产魔教社会;历史的今天,创世主已选择了Trump当选美国总统,和中国的习近平成功摘取了核心的地位,类似于President Reagan和Gorbachev,互相配合终结撒旦魔教,法正人间。

Please look at:
【特稿】川普胜选 世界将平稳开启新局


【特稿】九评问世12年 中国巨变在即


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shyextrovert1631 days ago

Why comment on something you know nothing about - FIRST things first President Bill Clinton is very popular among the people so don't say he was not. Despite being popular as our economy was good his sexual prowess and Americans fascination with other peoples sex life while being a bit prudish put a stain (pun intended) on his reputation but overall did not make him dislike. Again he is regarded as one of the more popular and good presidents we have had.

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shyextrovert1631 days ago

You know I shake my head in disbelief as i read the responses. Don't get me wrong it's wonderful that all can express their opinion but it needs to be fully recognized that these are opinions and some actually have factual information that is incorrect. I am left wondering if those who responded even fully get how our President is selected and why there is a movement to change it. Let me first say this was a long grueling race that when it began almost 2 years ago from the perspective of someone that teaches sociology and ancient civilizations I would have bet my life that by the time elections came about the American people would be so frustrated and upset from negative campaigns and divisiveness that most would not know who or what to believe or trust. My fear became reality that people were dealing with election fatigue. That fatigue caused some that felt Clinton was bound to win to not vote and that hurt her big time. I say that despite the fact that more people voted in this election then ever before, the numbers that were not as strong as expected would have been in Clinton's favor. In several states 3 party candidates pulled votes from Clinton as well. Overall however when you look at the vote count currently Clinton has over 2.5 million more votes but still lost. This is because of a system that was put into place by the founding fathers who despite writing We the people for the people did not trust the people in making choices and put the Electoral College in place. It serves multiple purpose and the scenario we are in is one of those reasons and could still make Clinton the President (long shot as most who are electorates are out of political favors and status within the party so its frowned on within their circles to go against their party) Each state has a certain number of electorates based on the population density of that state - this is done in an attempt to balance out the regions and values proportionately. if this was not done people running would focus on the areas with big populations and ignore the parts with less population deeming them as not important. The founding fathers created the electoral college to assure that the people did not get fooled or select someone that was not qualified or fit to serve as the leader of our nation. That is where the question comes into play . Does Trump represent all of America or the majority? I will be flat honest here and say I do not like him, my family was hurt by him financially by him not paying invoiced services that he praised, my family is fearful as the rhetoric he used marginalized each of us for different reasons and that me bias against him. I am not a fan of programs that are not inclusive or policies that treat some citizens better than others or push agendas that infringe on the rights of others. Trumps running mate - Pense is someone who pushes this as he is in favor of gay conversion therapy which is torturing someone because of their orientation of which they did not choose. I get very upset when people say those that are pro-choice are pro-abortion and that is not the case. What that means is its a personal decision that is a hard one to make but he choice of what is best for someone is theirs to make. As a man I will never know what that is like. I do however know the emotional pain someone I know very well was in as they made that decision and was with her to make sure she was not alone when she had the procedure done. She cried like I never knew her to and she questioned her choice even though she knew for all involved it was best in her situation. Its very difficult and to say the woman should be punished as a man is in my mind unforgivable - the experience itself is punishment. getting back to the question it really is not the people that decide the President bu t those electorate delegates that will meet on Dec 19 and cast their choice. They are not bound to their party but as i said the numbers we saw on election night as they project the state determined if the democrat or republican delegates will attend the meeting. In some states as the one I am it has become pretty much a one party rule and the decision was made behind close doors as to the delegates. The call that Alabama was for Trump was made as I was leaving my voting facility and there was a line 3 hours long still to vote. This is not a good thing as it makes people question does my vote really matter and creates the apathy that many around the world see and in some case would die to have the ability to vote. The delegates when they meet are expected to favor Trump but there are some that have expressed concern and have said they will not be voting for him. The people he is surrounding himself with along with the fact that Clinton won the popular vote have sparked the protests that will not give in as they see the numbers showing Clinton as the choice of the people but the antiquated electoral system for a 2nd time in the last 5 presidential cycle not agreed with the people. When you look at all the factors this will be a moment that historians will spend a lot of time trying to explain. You have so many variables that to say this is why is impossible to do as we are still in the moment and the emotions are still too raw. Lastly one can not discount the power of social media like this where as i started saying anyone and everyone's opinion can be heard regardless of the errors intended or not. Fear is a powerful motivator and Trump played on the fears of many and now we will deal with the consequence if the electoral college does not step in and protect us from the selection of someone not fit to serve as our President. Elections always have consequences and there are signs that Trump is now realizing the consequences he is facing and regret setting in.

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Aravi1631 days ago

Hi @shyextrovert

This is the first time I heard positive from a American friend about Mr. Clinton.

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Rogge051630 days ago

For a variety of reasons, including the disastrous foreign policy on issues in Syria and North Africa. Overcoming the establishment also contributed, as well as a step closer to Russia.

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badlandbiker661625 days ago

most of the southern states can t read so trump is 1 syllable easy to say and they can write it out with any mistakes

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