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In what country safer than all to be? Reward $2
Created by savram, 1645 days ago, 1728 views

In what country safer than all to be?Îò elements and other neprevidennykh situations?
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nihal291645 days ago

The World's Safest Countries
Rank Country Global Peace Index
1 Iceland 1.192
2 Denmark 1.246
3 Austria 1.278
4 New Zealand 1.287


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brendaniel1645 days ago

According to the global index, Iceland is the safest place followed by Denmark for more info read this

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Aravi1645 days ago

Hi @savram

Iceland is the world's most safest country.


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vickyph841645 days ago

maybe Canada

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ChessKing1645 days ago

Если иметь ввиду безопасность от стихии,то безопаснее страны дальше от моря и гор.Канада,Исландия,Новая зеланд не подходят.

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igor1645 days ago

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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hageuy1645 days ago

That's right, Iceland still the safer country in the world.

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lexshvets1644 days ago

ISRAEL !!! Ready for ANY situation!

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aniawa1644 days ago

I guess it depends on how you define “safest”. My definition would include a freedom from fear of being harmed or hurt and not being in danger. My assets would not likely be stolen, taken away or given away.
Given this criterion, I would pick Iceland. Iceland has always scored the lowest points for homicides, number of people in jail, and terror acts. Their economy is (and has been) stable, so my assets would be relatively safe. My greatest fear about living there would be that my home would melt away (lol).

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capybara1643 days ago

Lowest per capita murder rate in the world.
Guns are strictly controlled, and Law Enforcement is strong.

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mask1643 days ago

The safest place can always be the one where culture and the people are quite morally rich and having patience and honesty in the people there and not the one apart from other continents. India has a record for its culture as the most durable culture and hence is safest because its a business hub, so none may find himself/herself lonely under Modi government. The thoughts had already been shared by Shri Vivekananda at Chicago in 1893

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my_asylum1642 days ago

The safest Country in the world is the one you feel most comfortable in.

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farhanaan1642 days ago

I Thought You Should Come To Indonesia, for There's a safe country and the scenery was great for relaxing

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HMD1642 days ago

No country is safe unless UN & US revamped.

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Washington230219931642 days ago

Em minha opinião e com os estudos mostrando também, a NORUEGA é um bom país!

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selcinor1641 days ago

South West Nigeria is safe to live because the tribal people a peaceful and accomodating.

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alienflyer1641 days ago

The Moon . .

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nuklin1641 days ago

From my experience, no country can be said to be the safest owing to the different criteria for judging safety but people have not stopped talking about Canada.

Recently a family made a post on facebook how they intend to hire anyone who could work in their large farm and have a chance of owning a piece of land. That’s to show you the level of warmth visitors receive over there and the extent to which there are job opportunities.

No society is crime-free but Canada has recorded 8 consecutive years of declining crime occasions and the best level of minimal incidence in 40 years.

There’s so much publicity for work offers and migration opportunities to Canada lately; here is the take:
• Respect for rule of law,
• Tolerance for and patience with newcomers,
• Pervasively middle-class attitude,
• Limited number of illegal firearms (especially handguns) in circulation.

A friend told me you can equally raise kids properly in Canada. As for the standard of living and taxes: they’re generally on the average but you know the standing rule is: where the tax is high so is the minimum wage. Good luck!
For more:

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Walphai1640 days ago

Slovenia is the country you are looking for, because it won't be affected even if europe, russia and the US become politically instable or become war zones

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