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Roswell Incident Reward $1
Created by capybara, 1647 days ago, 1792 views

I'm quite curios to know if you think the Roswell Incident was an actual event regarding ET's in NV or heavy speculation based on evidence, or just a complete work of fiction.
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capybara1647 days ago

I beleive there is enough factual and eyewitness accounts to give it valid consideration.

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ha141647 days ago


mostly speculations, UFO researchers discounted the possibility that the incident had anything to do with aliens.

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ckoch1647 days ago

it was demons

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Drmgiver1647 days ago

It's considerable

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Aravi1647 days ago

Hi @capybara

Till date no scientist can prove UFO true or false.

Scientic too belive UFO exist. But no other planet in our solar system have life.

Their is 2 type of belives:

1) As per Enstine, no partical can travel above speed of light. Nearest plaint is at distance of few million lightyears avalible. I.e, 1 lightyears = distance traveled by light for 1 year. Hence, UFO can't reach earth.

2) Aliens may have tech to travel more faster the light. It is concidered as per another Enstine theory of wormholes. It says particle traveling in wormhole have different time then in earth. It Can travel at greater then speen of light then speed of light without breaking the above said rule. Because of time deviation.

However, gov too keep strong servalance on ufo report to avoid unwanted panic in between people.


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Alirio1645 days ago

When you don´t know something, but still you want to talk about it, What do you do?, You speculate

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nihal291645 days ago

i think that the Roswell Incident was an actual event . many people believe that aliens were on earth in ancient times and now they are returning on earth .many believe that us presidents were involved with aliens. =



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SISTER_J0J01637 days ago

I believe it happened.
I believe it has happened long before Roswell and has never stopped.
I believe they were created, just like we were.
I also believe there is good and evil in aliens.
I do not believe they are demons.

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valery111607 days ago

in my opinion in this event there is some truth,because it has been prooved according to Enstein theory that a spaceship could move faster than the speed of light when passing through wormhole.Another fact that may corroborate the existence of aliens is that we know for sure that government is hiding something from us. When we think about Area 51 it is one such example. It was only in 2002 when US government acknowledged that such area existed. And we don't know even now what they are hiding there.

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my_asylum1605 days ago

Seems a few of you wandered off the original question that was asked..........yes Roswell happened, not long after that event the government
started this program called Project Blue Book, maybe you've heard of it? and I believe Project blue Book ran from the early 1950's to around 1968 or 69? its sole purpose was to investigate UFO sightings, abductions and crashes.
Hasn't it ever flashed on anyone to wonder why the US spent billions to investigate something that doesn't exist according to them?
oh and I'll also ad that Aliens or anyone else that wishes to travel the Universe doesn't need to travel across it at light speed, all they do is open a worm hole through a 2 dimensional universe and go from point A to point B in seconds, why waste entire life times traveling through space when its much more efficient and thousands of years faster to simply fold space in half and travel though a 2D universe instead? really wide , really high and 0 thickness.

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