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Why cant i reach the places that itch the most? Reward $2
Created by markallen, 1649 days ago, 1539 views

Why cant I reach the places that itch the most?

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kidcrowd1649 days ago

Because the itch place is deep under your skin?

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irusik1649 days ago

Вши заели)

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Logicz1hunid1649 days ago

Hey @markallen
I personally think it depends on the flexibility of each person. Some persons are more flexible and can reach any part of their body, while others are not so flexible and cannot. Thus, they will have to reach difficult itchy spots with the help of scrachers.

Have a great day :)

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Aravi1649 days ago

Hi @markallen

When a person grow old, the flexibility of the body reduces .The truth is, place like back, itch more because the hands don't reach while taking bath. Due to the same dirt behind left behind during we bath. This cause itches.


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Andressa1648 days ago

yes but can and different medium

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voineaadi1648 days ago

Because life has a sense of humor. If you were a dog or a cat, the problems of itching would greatly be reduced, as these animal have an uncanny ability of scratching every inch of their body without a huge effort. Instead, in our case, nature has focused more on things like: creativity, team work, sensitivity to other people's needs, solving complex things. Nature doesn't make mistakes.

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my_asylum1648 days ago

Nature is laughing its ass off because it made us without the ability to do two things?

the first is your question.

the second is a 2 part answer, that cats and dogs can scratch them selves anywhere on their body, the second is they can LICK them selves anywhere on their body while we get pissed off watching them cause we cant.........if that's not a cosmic joke I don't know what is?

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hiflyer1647 days ago

It's all in your imagination. You just don't register how many times you scratch the easy places.

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Alirio1647 days ago

Perhaps, one more reason that demonstrates we are social beings. It´s ok to ask your partner to reach that place that itches the most

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nuklin1647 days ago

You need to do more of exercises and a lot of planning before you leap. So I think you don't exercise and practice, and you don't plan. That's why you cannot reach those places that itch you the most. Good Luck!

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zekman1641 days ago

***Murphy's law*** XD

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luky881641 days ago

cause you're an itchy mofu ?

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