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Is there any legitimate way to capture streaming video, strictly for my own use? Reward $3
Created by verden, 1652 days ago, 1405 views

For such as things that which I've paid for the privilege of watching, and can stream online, but then do not have access to if the internet signal is poor or it is not working altogether for a while. (Which happens to me quite often.) Or just if it is something that I'd like to carry with me to places where I do not have internet connectivity.
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ha141652 days ago


you can select the screen with the software and record it while playing...then if the size you have to re-encode it.

VSDC Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder to Record Screen with Audio/Sound for Free

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Drmgiver1652 days ago

Legitimate? No. Possible? Easily.

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yanka4571652 days ago

From your phone play the song but have easy voice recorder record it its very hd and clear download easy voice recorder on your phone

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Aravi1651 days ago

Hi @jensendan007

If you are good at html and javascript then it is possible to fetch video from a site. It also depends on security level at website.

Or simple way is to record video using screen recording tools like camstudio, ezvid, etc.


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tlredd541650 days ago

I have down loaded a software from googles name clipconverter, it tells you how to down load movies, music and other types of media materials.
Try it and see if it will work for what you are trying to do.

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my_asylum1650 days ago

If your looking for free music look no further then youtube.......I devised a way to record all the free music I could ever want and there's nothing youtube can do about it, I don't suggest to use it to copy right and sell someones music or video but if its for yourself I'll tell you how to do it and its so simple its a joke, and no security encoding in the stream will stop it.

here's how I do it:
I have an external CD burner that's part of my component home system, I simply play the video or album from which song I want to record using
the audio out on my desktop or laptop and use a mini jack to RCA cable you can buy anywhere for $3, plug the RCA end into my CD burner and play the video or audio on youtube and hit record on my burner, goes straight to disc with no bullshit and no pop up from youtube saying there's
an error or that your unable to record media.............if you want to record a video from the net use a screen recorder or get yourself an
inexpensive video capture card and do the same thing with a DVD or VHS recorder.
pretty cool hu?

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verden1647 days ago

Thank you for the detailed options! You covered all the bases for me!

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kidcrowd1647 days ago

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

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sksharma1075 days ago

Thanks for sharing. It's really cool.

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