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Will laptop replace desktop PC? Reward $3
Created by kimi, 1667 days ago, 1786 views

Have you noticed that more and more person around you purchase laptops. Will laptop replace desktop PC in the future?
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my_asylum1657 days ago

Laptops will not replace Desktops because there is a power issue between the two....
Desktops obviously have more computing and Graphics power while there are plenty of powerful laptops you don't
get anything more then your power supply puts out. you can only put so much power into a small space like a laptop.
that's why they portable and have battery's and those battery's only kick out so much for so long.
I have built desktop computers with 3 power supply's in them and its not uncommon.

so my answer to your question is no......they won't replace your desktop.

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zrodfects1667 days ago

Home PC will always be around for many years to come, laptops are a convenience only, nothing that replaces anything, they use it as a metaphor like the Microsoft Surface Pro that replaces your home PC even though I have the Surface Pro 3 and a normal laptop, but I still prefer my home PC, just I can't takeit out on the road ahaha, my laptop I do my work I normally do out and about on a laptop, my surface pro is mainly for convenience and it's lighter and less to carry around and I use it as a drawing table, I also use a Android emulator so it's a massive galaxy tablet all in one, Home PC's can be upgraded better, and easier by most everyday Joe's, this means more hardware purchases, most PC owners upgrade their PC themselves more than laptop owners.

As for say my Surface Pro you may as well say it replaces your laptop instead or practically any tablet too..

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Aravi1666 days ago

Hi @kimi

My answer is yes. This is because, 10 years back laptop come to market with very low power capacity and limited processing power. But the convenience had the revolutionized laptop. In today's world laptop comes with equal processing power to desktop. They comes with all the features that exist in a desktop. Their is huge requirement of laptop in students for their collages. The problem with laptop is one prize compare to desktop. Another disadvantage is that in currently companies they find desktop more convenient then laptop due to cost and security. The hardware companies are working hard on the same.

However, tablet and notebooks proving to be cost effective alternative to laptop, with some little drawbacks.

Hence, this is sure that desktop is getting replaced by laptop or tablet or notebooks. But the question is what is going to replace it out of this three ?


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nihal291666 days ago

i think yes but only for productivity use , offices, schools, collages. BUT NOT FOR GAMING !

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nph841663 days ago


Due to the durability of desktops, ease of upgrade, and the fact the form factor is getting much smaller (itx) this probably won't happen. Laptops have a problem with heat when reaching desktop levels of power which render them less capable at certain tasks. There are superusers out there that require cutting edge tech which the desktop will always surpass the laptop on.

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zZionutYTOfficial1663 days ago

hello!!! My name is Ionut...

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evg1662 days ago

не ноутбук,а телефон заменит пк

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Endru1662 days ago

Well I think so! Mobile equipment will be number one in future!

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ha141662 days ago

It depends if it is for gamers or work.
For gamers Laptop cant replace pc, because of hardware issues, you cant reduce graphic card to laptop level. As powerful as gaming laptop GPUs have become, they will always be slower than their desktop counterparts. Nvidia says the 980M is roughly 70–80% as fast as its GTX 980.

for workers, well it depends if you are editing 4k videos online i guess your best option will be full pc...there are several fields where laptop shines and it is your best partner.

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cfitch19691662 days ago

The laptop is definitely become more popular because of the convenience, the versatility, and its constant transformation but the desktop PC I think is still here to stay even though it might not be as widely popular as before due to mobile data, notebooks, etc.

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Alirio1661 days ago

If you want to go mobile, get a Laptop. For your office or home get a Desktop. Both will be here for many years to come.

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omarktm1661 days ago

yes, it's sure!!

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andrey_751661 days ago

Yes , laptop Will replace desktop PC .

Laptop more comfortable & easy and you take it with you everywhere :)

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dmitermol1661 days ago

Я уже заменил и использую только ноутбук, меня это полностью устраивает и удовлетворяет все мои потребности!

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Tabbo801661 days ago

I have a home pc and a laptop, and I usually use both toghether; I think laptop will be really good for work out of house, but PC is the better way to do it at home, expecially if u like to mod it as u wish. The laptop can't be modificated a lot, the PC...yes :)

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wim1660 days ago

Read this:
In some specific situations, there’s a clear benefit either way in your choice of computer. Either you get a desktop for extensive productivity and typing or hardcore gaming, or you choose a laptop for computing on the move. For most casual home use, a laptop will often be the best of both worlds as long as you can cope with the comparatively higher cost. However, it’s worth considering what type of computing you’ll need to do away from your desk. If it’s mainly going to be media consumption and web surfing, one possibility is to get a cheaper desktop as your main computer and then use the savings to get a tablet device.

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ChessKing1656 days ago

На какой винде будет в этом плане меньше проблем?

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ravinskij11656 days ago

Да;Как следует из названия категории, ноутбуки класса "замена настольного ПК" призваны полностью заменить настольный компьютер - поэтому они оснащаются большими экранами, полноразмерной клавиатурой, жёсткими дисками высокой ёмкости, встроенным,оптическим накопителем, полным набором разнообразных разъёмов и портов, а также графическим ускорителем достаточной мощности для трёхмерных игр и воспроизведения видео высокого разрешения. При этом, как и дес ктопы, такие компьютеры рассчитаны преимущественно на стационарное использование, хотя при не обходимости их можно перевозить, например, из дома в офис или на дачу.

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my_asylum1653 days ago

Thank you Kimi

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